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  1. I don’t use private camps much at all but I have pre warned a couple about my rag tag outfits that “look ok going by at 60mph”. They asked for a picture and the response was “cool truck” etc The rusty hub cap was totally ignored.
  2. I test rode 2 Zero electric motorcycles at a dealer demo. One was a rapid upright nekked type and the other was an enduro style on/off road police bike, about the size of a Suzuki DR400. Very popular with law enforcement in parks and event venues - ride up and down stairs, walkways etc. Anyhoo I had my black gear on. I'm like, "I wonder if the blue and reds are connected?" Well now don't they work a treat in congested traffic to get folks to move over a bit so you can split through. Some drivers even put their phones down. An electric road bike does not fit my needs due to short range. I could see owning an on/off roader.
  3. Alberta's "rat free" policy and progam
  4. Link to a story Some motorcycle oem's thinking on making electric motorcycle batteries swappable across makes. This would work for box shaped RV's - forklift at the battery swap station depot, slide the battery out of the basement tray, slide in the charged one.
  5. Glenn I forgot to mention like all battery tools yes it will need charging because the last user didn't 🤣
  6. While we are talking foreign countries: Canada's electricity generation (2018) by "fuel type" according to Canada Energy Regulator website Hydro / tidal: 67% Uranium: 15% Natural gas: 9% Coal/coke: 8% Wind: 5% Biomass/ geothermal: 1% Solar: <1% Petroleum: <1%
  7. Ray on the Love Your RV channel did a video about installing a thermometer between the tank and insulation with remote read out.
  8. Are those trains the battery electrics or the plug in to the grid versions?
  9. Those water heater switch panels are designed to confuse rookie rv'rs'z right? ... um ... what does "I" and "O" mean on a switch again?
  10. My Carriage has this ^ and then I also have a portable small Dyson for mattress vac'ing, flies off the windows, etc when I don't feel like rigging the central vac
  11. My grand dotters market excess barn cat kittens over in our university cities with ads stating "good mousing genetics". 50 bucks each.
  12. I really like my V8 Ford 3 fitty with 6.2 gasohol / 6 spd TorqShift for a tow/haul won ton. Not sure if that engine is available in the rv world? I've always been too chicken to venture into the world of Ford diesels. Bullet riddled or not.
  13. Paccar MX engines also use(d?) hydraulic egr valves actuated by engine oil. Heat is the enemy of electro magnetical actuators.
  14. I help a bit on a local farm during harvest. Last night I was tasked to take the "ol International" tandem truck and take a dab of wheat off the combines that didn't fit in the sem eye at the end of the day. Gas engine, 5 & 4 tran missions. About 300 rpm gear split, and the kind of horsepower on tap where you shut off the headlights to add that hp to the wheels when you see a hill coming... As they say "weren't those gears ground at the factory?" 🤣
  15. noteven

    Remove ET hitch

    I wondered why I have that virus looking sticker on my avatar- looks like I’ve been outted as a “collaborator” by the bots. I might have to go underground for a while I’ll say hi to him for you if I see him.
  16. I had a camper with SeeLevel external monitors. They worked very well.
  17. One day in 1976 I was driving a 1970 Freightliner COE, Cummins Super 250, 4 speed main, 4 speed auxiliary transmissions, five axle semi trailer tanker, hauling gasoline. I kept a count going on a clipboard on the doghouse. I made somewhere around 1400 shifts in a 200 mile trip. 🤣
  18. I’m not entirely sure I think it is a free ride for EV’s.
  19. rpsinc - that equipment looks more organized than my milk crate system.
  20. So if a person had a trailer built on axleless suspensions and air brakes behind a HDT http://dallassmithcorp.com/products/lo-floor-trailer-chassis-modules/ you could kneel it on the ground and drive in and out the garage under the rear lounge, or store more stuff Air suspension allows over inflation to raise the trailer for low speed off road clearance Air brakes on normal axles would be nice
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