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  1. Big5er

    Onboard air compressor

    I used my HDT to remove and reinstall all four trailer wheels (8 lug 17.5" wheels) last week using my Ingersoll Rand 1/2" impact. Taking the lugs off was easy, putting them back on was a bit slower, but very doable. I simply plumbed into one of the many available fitting on the tank and ran a line to a QD on my bed.
  2. Ditto And mostly from my computer, occasionally my Android tablet.
  3. Thanks, I believe I did. You stated "Verizon continues to throttle service around 20 gigs. I have heard the number is actually 22 gigs but I have not seen confirmation of that". Period. You didn't claim that it applied to "your" plan or "some plans". Well, not on the plan I had. So obviously they do not throttle "at 22gigs".
  4. Read Dutch's explanation above. If you read the details on Verizons sight it plainly says: " In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic after exceeding 50GB/mo/line." That is NOT throttling.
  5. Less than 2 years ago I was running a verizon tablet and PDANet as my sole internet connection. I frequently went over 200g a month and saw no network throttling, so I have to disagree with you.
  6. ".............................................., Darryl is right." Phil, Aug. 2017
  7. Carl, gremlins with the Xantrex are what cost me everything in the refrigerator and freezer, including $5k worth of medicine. Those gremlins are also the reason I replaced the Xantrex with a Magnum.
  8. There is a reason that an issue like that is an out of service violation for commercial vehicles. It's called "unsafe".
  9. Big5er

    Nine seat in HDT

    and it still won't seat 9. I can't imagine stuffing nine people into any non custom, stretched (like a limo), HDT. I think they would be better off with another vehicle following. Something like a van or SUV.
  10. Correct. It is either a "Commercial" Drivers license or its just a Drivers License.
  11. Glenn's answer should have been "yes". The rest of his info is correct.
  12. Texas requires you to have the proper class (A,B or C) of drivers license for the type of vehicle you are operating. Texas has Class A, Class B and Class C Commercial drivers licenses and Class A, Class B, Class C and Class M (motorcycle) drivers licenses. As long as you are exempt from the CDL requirements, you just need the proper class of DL. Also, air brakes is a commercial DL only thing so for your purposes it is immaterial.
  13. You are associating a CDL with "commercial". But you are correct in that the law in Texas says you need a CDL...but that does not make you "commercial", ie DOT number, markings etc.
  14. Nope...never said that. Maybe you misunderstood??
  15. No Glenn. You can register it as a unicycle if you want to. It's based on what it's doing. A motorhome can be commercial...or not. Even a moped can be commercial in the right situation.
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