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  1. Leon Kirby's wife, Anita, drove it alone in their rig. All the worry is crazy. It can be done, just watch the road and not the scenery.
  2. I can only speak for the state I worked in for 34years.. Texas. The others, well that would be a long long internet search. And something that I bet 98% of average street cops wouldn't even know about. Your traffic or commercial enforcement officers probably would, so the odds are definitely in your favor to not get caught. But you can bet that I'm not the only cop (now retired) in Texas that knows.
  3. Yall had to know I'd butt into this conversation...there are some states that make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with "one or more tires removed".
  4. Gotcha, I misunderstood your purpose with the chart
  5. The 453's are 4" wider than the 451's were.
  6. We aren't subject to the FMCSA regulations or definitions.
  7. As much as I want to say "who gives a damn", Darryl is right 😁😁😁
  8. Not in my state. The freedom hauler is still an "attachment" and not part of the original trailer. I have never seen the definition of a trailer anywhere that say it has only one attachment point as opposed to two or how it is attached for that matter. Just like a "flip axle" on the back of a commercial semi trailer. It is a separate unit. If it's not permanently attached, its a trailer, IMHO and 34 years of LE experience. Even on their website they tell you on some trailers you may need a hitch (and they recommend the Hensley) to attach it to your trailer in some instances. And if Oregon is as strict as others say here, I wonder what the overall vehicle length for an RV is??
  9. I'm with Glenn, never had anyone refuse to change mine in Texas. Maybe we just have more knowledgeable "technicians" than the place in Tennessee?
  10. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Rick, I'll do that if I get up this way again. I'm doing some driver training and then moving on to the next job. Rod, I don't have to worry about parking. The girls and I are in the company truck, doing the animal friendly hotel thing. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations.
  11. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Too bad I'm only here for 2 days...then on to Iowa. I'd love to catch up with some good friends.
  12. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    The year and a half old job. Sitting in a hotel in Louisville, Ky right now.
  13. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Carl, we're doing great thanks. The new job is just keeping me busy... but I'm having fun. Hope yall are well too
  14. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    well, since the conversation WAS about boats and not sex partners, I'll let you perverts have some fun. I should have known not to trust you guys to stay out of the gutter LOL
  15. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    I've spent my entire life paddling "real" kayaks. I've never seen an inflatable that could maneuver like a a solid boat or even a skin on frame. The thought of leaving my 17ft carbon fiber boat behind has distressed me for many years. I'm leaning toward a pakayak. I just can't bring myself to buy an inflatable.
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