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  1. Big5er

    Onboard air

    Look on the back side of the dry tank. There is probably an un-used and capped access port.
  2. Big5er

    Hitch Placement

    One other consideration is that our rv's weigh less than a commercial trailer. A bobtail truck rides rougher than a truck towing a loaded trailer. Our light weight trailers do not even begin to get into the trucks suspension, hence the advantage of a air ride hitch. Moving the hitch back puts more weight into the suspension, improves the ride and let's the air suspension on the truck do its job. My HDT, bobrail, rides better after the bed was built and installed. It rides very nice with the smart and trailer.
  3. Vern, my passenger side tank has a small (3" or so) plate which is the where the fuel gauge is mounted on the other side. It is held on by 5 or 6 screws. I drilled and tapped a pickup tube into it for my generator. Right next to it was a 3/8" (?) plug. I removed it and used it for the return. I can take pics tomorrow if you want.
  4. I'm not sure I understand your post. There is only so much bandwidth available. You open your post with "In this day and age"..well, in this day and age more people are working from home, schooling from home and are plain stuck at home so they are streaming more and more. That uses up the bandwidth and slows down everyone. You also mention that "places like comcast" should be forced to cut their prices. Forced by whom? Under what communist/socialist law is that legal? It certainly isn't legal here. Are cars too expensive? Should car dealers should be forced to cut their prices too? And what d
  5. Can someone post a link to this new plan? I'm on their site and I do not see any data only plans? Even their online support people can not tell me how to view the data only plans on their own page.
  6. Carl, come to the National rally (like you should have) and stock up at Rose Auto Supply in scenic downtown Hutchinson. πŸ™‚
  7. I guess you forgot about the Cutter vaccine for Polio in 1955? 40,000 people got polio from that vaccine. How about the H1N1 vaccine in Europe that they discovered was causing narcolepsy after they administered it to 650,000 people? How is it that we haven't developed a vaccine for AIDS yet? It took 10's of years to develop vaccines for HPV, Hep B, Chicken Pox, Polio and God knows how many others but we managed to cure Covid 19 in 8 months? We still do not have a fully functional Flu vaccine and you condemn others for being skeptical? It amazes me the number of people that believe
  8. Brad, what model Rand McNally??
  9. Wow, talk only about what you think needs to be discussed or go away. The cancel culture has hit the Escapees forum.
  10. The only Nextstar station I watch regularly on Dish is WGN. I won't lose any sleep picking another channel.
  11. Nope, the 2018 is gonna last for a while I was referring to the 2010. I am in the process of changing the single mud flaps to a solid one all the way across, but if that doesn't work......
  12. It is not the authorities that have issues with your truck not having fenders over the tires. It is the front and underside of your trailer. The flying road debris (sand, dirt and rocks) will sandblast the paint and gellcoat right off your trailer. After a trip to South Dakota from Texas the front of my old trailer was rock chipped like crazy and I have a full bed on my truck. The first time I notice the same on my new trailer I will be spraying color matched Rhino Liner on the front.
  13. Yes, I understand that we are NOT commercial vehicles but the Fed Regs governing the equipment required in any truck tractor that is equipped with air brakes state you must have a warning device that "gives a continuous warning to a person in the normal driving position when the ignition is in the β€œon” (β€œrun”) position and the air pressure in the service reservoir system is below 60 psi. The signal shall be either visible within the driver's forward field of view, or both audible and visible". So, if you only have one it must be visual. We let deaf people drive, we do not let blind people
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