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  1. Nope, not me. I went from Farmers to National General to Progressive.
  2. Big5er

    Dog Ramp Ideas

    I have seen two dogs (Trash, a chocolate lab who belonged to Jim Brumfield and my own Bullet, a chow/lab mix) who could not put enough pressure on their hind quarters/hips to walk up a ramp. Both, on the other hand, had no issues with the PetLoader. I watched Trash struggle up a ramp, took my PetLoader over and he made it right up. Jim ordered a set that day and had them delivered to the rally in Kansas while we were still there. Nothing against the AKC or your daughter, just first hand experience with 2 old dogs who couldn't walk up ramps but had no issue with the large step platforms of
  3. Then find a different agent. You do not need a cdl for a non commercial vehicle. Texan Ins in Pasadena got my policy through Progressive. Stop giving them "extra" information, although you may have ruined that possibility through Progressive already. Dont say "I'm buying a commercial truck to convert". Tell them you are buying a large truck, class 8 if they insist...period
  4. Cory, Jim's list is fairly inclusive, the only thing I would add is a copy of the trailer registration just to show that the entire combination is yours. Don't you hand with some Nevada cops? They could point you in the direction of the section of Nevada law that states your truck can be registered as a personal truck or MH or whatever Nevada lets you do. Simply print a copy of that section and carry it. Registration is reciprocal. If Nevada says you can do it, then other states have to accept that. Check your PM for my cell number, since you obviously didn't keep it
  5. Big5er

    Dog Ramp Ideas

    Ramps still put strain on the dogs back and hips. Steps, like the PetLoader, are much better for the dog.
  6. Damn, Dave was a good guy. I have missed him at the rally. I'm sorry to hear he has left us.
  7. I know several NH owners who have had issues. NH just makes fewer trailers than DRV, so fewer reviewsl
  8. Well that does blow a large hole in my theory
  9. Who says it is even wifi related? It could just as easy be a device to measure the water level.
  10. My Thomas Payne junk lasted 2 years. I've ordered Lambright as a replacement.
  11. Don't you think this might see more action in the RV's for sale section???
  12. Big5er

    Onboard air

    Look on the back side of the dry tank. There is probably an un-used and capped access port.
  13. Big5er

    Hitch Placement

    One other consideration is that our rv's weigh less than a commercial trailer. A bobtail truck rides rougher than a truck towing a loaded trailer. Our light weight trailers do not even begin to get into the trucks suspension, hence the advantage of a air ride hitch. Moving the hitch back puts more weight into the suspension, improves the ride and let's the air suspension on the truck do its job. My HDT, bobrail, rides better after the bed was built and installed. It rides very nice with the smart and trailer.
  14. Vern, my passenger side tank has a small (3" or so) plate which is the where the fuel gauge is mounted on the other side. It is held on by 5 or 6 screws. I drilled and tapped a pickup tube into it for my generator. Right next to it was a 3/8" (?) plug. I removed it and used it for the return. I can take pics tomorrow if you want.
  15. I'm not sure I understand your post. There is only so much bandwidth available. You open your post with "In this day and age"..well, in this day and age more people are working from home, schooling from home and are plain stuck at home so they are streaming more and more. That uses up the bandwidth and slows down everyone. You also mention that "places like comcast" should be forced to cut their prices. Forced by whom? Under what communist/socialist law is that legal? It certainly isn't legal here. Are cars too expensive? Should car dealers should be forced to cut their prices too? And what d
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