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  1. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Rick, I'll do that if I get up this way again. I'm doing some driver training and then moving on to the next job. Rod, I don't have to worry about parking. The girls and I are in the company truck, doing the animal friendly hotel thing. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations.
  2. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Too bad I'm only here for 2 days...then on to Iowa. I'd love to catch up with some good friends.
  3. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    The year and a half old job. Sitting in a hotel in Louisville, Ky right now.
  4. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Carl, we're doing great thanks. The new job is just keeping me busy... but I'm having fun. Hope yall are well too
  5. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    well, since the conversation WAS about boats and not sex partners, I'll let you perverts have some fun. I should have known not to trust you guys to stay out of the gutter LOL
  6. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    I've spent my entire life paddling "real" kayaks. I've never seen an inflatable that could maneuver like a a solid boat or even a skin on frame. The thought of leaving my 17ft carbon fiber boat behind has distressed me for many years. I'm leaning toward a pakayak. I just can't bring myself to buy an inflatable.
  7. Big5er

    Hood Removal

    I just got a "friend of a friend deal" quote to paint my whole truck and bed......$15k. It needs doing so it will happen, I just need to find the vaseline first.
  8. Big5er

    Hauling a Canoe

    Mark, I have a 17ft kayak and have been studying this question since I bought my truck in 2010. As much as I hate to say it...It ain't happening with tall truck and a long boat.
  9. My credit union refused to loan money for my HDT no matter how it was registered. They say the VIN says it's a tractor and that's all they care about. So I paid cash.
  10. Big5er

    Smart car tires

    Performance? This IS a smart car we are talking about. It's not exactly what I would call a performance built car to begin with.
  11. Big5er

    Smart car tires

    So go reasoned of the smart car forums and find out. Trust me, someone at one of them has the answer.
  12. Big5er

    Smart car tires

    None. It rides better, too.
  13. Big5er

    Smart car tires

    And that is why I changed my rims. I have the same size tires and wheels all the way around so I can rotate my tires. I put 195/50/15's and 6" wide wheels on all 4 corners.
  14. Big5er

    Solar on truck

    I have considered using that same panel on my truck, but was planning on just flat mounting it on top of my drum box. I "assumed" it would work well enough since it was mainly just there to maintain the batteries. Am I wrong?
  15. I have always been happy with my Pressure Pro. After 16 years I finally upgraded to the new version. It makes changing trailers simple. It will let you create numerous trailers (just install sensors on each one) and simply select which trailer you want to tow. Would be great for someone with 1 tow vehicle and numerous trailers. If I remember correctly it can handle 144 sensors.
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