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  1. Getting to know the new trailer. Working on re-decorating the trick to match…
  2. Software "features" that no one knows how to work or wants.
  3. Vertical pinbox from RVH, then maybe check the local vinyl shop for options on decals before I try ordering them from the coach manufacturer.
  4. Bringing her home. Going to need new decals on the truck, now...
  5. Our old friend is off to a new life. It's been a good coach for us. Now to pick up the new one next weekend... Next comes the project of new decals to match the trailer on the truck...
  6. Av8r3400

    $105.00 Mistake

    A must have for an HDT, IMO. With this bit of kit you can extricate a mildly stuck semi with a Jeep. Yankum Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope
  7. Honestly, I drilled 8 holes in my frame for my fender brackets with my DeWalt 20v drill. Lots of step-ups in size to the final 1/2" diameter. The hardest one was the first 1/8" pilot hole. I used good cobalt drills and lots of cutting oil. It really wasn't a big deal.
  8. Yes, that was something I really wanted to get. Oh well, sometimes you need to make concessions. Have you done any modifications that you recommend?
  9. Registered! See you there!
  10. They had it for a while down in KS. Through the tail end of much of the Covid BS that cause many delays in raw materials and such. It was there longer than I would have liked, BUT, we didn't need the truck through the winter, the delays were out of everyone's control and Jack and company did a great job in the end. I am very happy with the results.
  11. Av8r3400


    I got a policy quote from CoachNet, not a bad number but it was an "inclusionary" policy, so I think not (thanks TwoToes). I generally believe in self insuring this type of thing, but thought I would investigate a little. I have time to research, yet. The coach has a 1-year factory warranty to start with anyway...
  12. Av8r3400


    Tried researching them without much luck, who did you get the warranty through?
  13. Thank you all! Truck first: Wheelbase is about 205". Bed total length is 7-1/2'. The flat is 4-1/2' from the drom to the hitch. Our new trailer is a Grand Design Momentum 397TH. We really like the layout of this coach and the living space that's usable with the garage full. We are gaining quite a few things: another 18" in the garage, a dinette in the salon, King size bed, and a second bathroom we will probably never use, to name a few... We already have an appointment to take it down to MORryde for full independent suspension installation this winter (this was always part of the plan). The two items we are missing on the trailer we would have gotten if we would have ordered are: Insulated glass and a heat pump on the center AC. We can live without the insulated glass, and since we may eventually add a third AC in the rear, we will take the center one and put it in the back and add the heat pump AC to the center.
  14. Av8r3400


    Background: We have road side policies through Coachnet for the HDT and RV. The number we were quoted by the RV dealer for extended warranty was crazy high, so we opted out. Has anyone ever done an RV extended warranty through Coachnet or Good Sam? What are your experiences with this? Another company? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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