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    You guys make me want to keep my OLD Holiday Rambler Presidential. I believe my minor problems pale in comparison. Replaced the Landing Jacks this week. ShortyO
  2. An expensive solution would be to upgrade tire size to 235 75 r17.5 load range j tires. ShortyO
  3. Judy and I will arrive on Saturday 13 Oct. ShortyO
  4. I am Insured by American National. Local agent who works to get me covered. I believe that an ANPAC agent is a corporate member of ESACPEES. ShortyO
  5. I have enjoyed visits to "Golden Spike Tower" in North Platte, NE and the town of Minden, NE. The Golden Spike Tower looks over the Union Pacific Bailey freight classification yard while Minden is a Huge Museum of early Nebraska. See you in Hutchinson, ShortyO
  6. I replaced mine four years ago. I don't remember the job as difficult or time consuming. ShortyO
  7. I would head north to Chama on 64-84 , take a left toward Dulce on 64 then on to Farmington. I am right now sitting in Chama. ShortyO
  8. Sitting at Rio Chama RV Park in Chama, NM until after Labor Day. We finally found COOL Weather.
  9. Dave, I expect the road conditions in South East New Mexico did nothing to soothe the "Mr. Cob". US 285 from Ft. Stockton, TX to Roswell, NM is TERIABLE. ShortyO ps we are at Sundance RV Park in Cortez, CO.
  10. Paul, I had the exact same cooler failure on my truck 3 yeqrs ago. The Roadranger transmission was a Fuller invention in the 1950's. When I was a truck mechanic in 1958 they had 2 sticks. Later they went to a button to change ranges. Shifting one of the older Mack's with 3 sticks for the transmission was really fun to learn. The most sticks I ever saw in the floor was an Oil Field IHC with 2 transmission sticks, 1 Brownie stick and 2 winch stickst. hen it had a winch control knob on the dash. On top of these it had an air starter. I quit mechanicking for a living when I joined the US Marine Corps in 1960. ShortyO
  11. wtgeodog

    Coolant Lines

    I lost an AutoShift due to the transmission cooler rusting thru and dumping the transmission oil onto the pavement. The truck came from Eastern Canada. ShortyO
  12. Sitting at Wind River RV Park in Riverton, WY. We hoped to escape hot weather but it was 99 on Saturday when we arrived. We will be here through Thursday then to Ft. Bridger, WY. ShortyO
  13. Mark, I would like to add BS Trailer Sales 1900 East Wyatt Earp Blvd. Phone# 888277-2537 Dodge City, KS 67801 to the trailer repair list. The service was great, swift and the owner was quite friendly. We broke a spring just west of Dodge on Saturday. I called and left a message stating what I needed on Sat. Monday when I called to confirm if they could take care of me they said" I thought that was you sitting in our drive". Anyway they replaced two springs and had me on the road by 2:30pm.Great people to deal with and fair prices. ShortyO
  14. i was talking to Dave (Georgis Hybrid) about "Q" and he said they were going next Jan. Seems that they were going to boondock south of town on Free BLM sites. MP 99 is south of "Q" on the road to Yuma. ShortyO
  15. Thanks Pete. While pondering the situation with a fellow RVer from home, that is what we thought also.
  16. We have stayed at Rice Ranch RV Park twice. The sites are "BIG". We parked backed up to the fence on the west side. The park is nothing special (all gravel) but good power and water. The "Big Tent' is just across the road. We have also boondocked just off of mp99. No need to worry with the rig size there. ShortyO
  17. I hope Maupin's has my tires in stock. I am running Yokohama RY023 BS Trailer Sales has been recommended for the spring. Should I replace both rear springs at this time? ShortyO
  18. A sharp tap with a hammer on the bolt head before attempting to loosen bolts when they have been exposed to road salts can usually break the rust bond enough to avoid breaking them off. Old Oil Field trick. ShortyO
  19. Sitting at Gunsmoke RV Park in Dodge City, KS with a broken spring and ruined trailer tire. Hope to be able to effect repairs on Monday and continue trip. Chama< NM via Riverton WY. S&*^ happens. ShortyO
  20. I had mine replaced in July 2014. Parts= $1582.00 Labor $1142.00 Total Cost= $2725.57 They also had to replace the pitman arm on mine The box itself cost $965.00 with a core charge of %325.00 ShortyO
  21. I have a "TireTracker" system and mounted the repeater in the front compartment of the 5er. When I was towing a smart4two behind the trailer I needed the repeater for the smart tires. FYI TireTracker and TireMinder sensors are interchangeable. ShortyO
  22. Carl, Set your tire pressures for th heaviest wheel weight and forget about temp. rise. ShortyO
  23. If the grandkids are interested in trains a stop in North Platte, NE with a visit to the Golden Spike Tower should be included on the way to S.D. . From there a detour to Gillette, WY an south on 59 to Douglass would allow 75 miles of almost constant coal train watching. ShortyO
  24. Take 65 south to Cheyenne then I-25 to Ft. CollinsAlternate: One rout would be I-80 to Gillette then 59 to Torrington then I-25 to Ft. Collins. Alternate: 65 to Cheyenne then I-25 to Ft. Collins ShortyO ShortyO
  25. I have RK boxes with drop down doors under my bed. I put stair tread tape on the inside of the door and use the open door as a step. ShortyO
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