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  1. I think i got it sounds easy enough thanks will let you know how things turn out might be a few days thanks again
  2. Brake application gage feed line? please clarify. i tried that and got windshield washer fluid out of it.HA seriously pictures would help maybe a plumbing diagram
  3. Was working on a motel hanging doors when my knee gave out. There was about 50 construction workers working on it scattered threw out the building. So you didn't know what was coming around the corner at you . So these guys would wear there mask and get threw screening and temp checks .Then get inside the building out of site of superintendent and take them off . Needless to say coved was in the building. I guess it was good luck for me that my knee gave out when it did It got me out of there before i came down with it .Now i have a new knee and it is getting better each day
  4. Well i guess i am a little out of practiceA a little more info might help .ha I have a 08 vnl780 volvo
  5. Well hey guys its been a while since i have been on he forum .Been kind of busy just like every body in the world we been dealing with the covid issues if this wasnt bad enough thought i would throw in a total knee replacement DW didnt have enough to worry about. ended up walking away from my job dec 7 jan 4 had a new knee hope to start looking for work in a week or to . old knee flat gave out. Got my 2nd covid shot today once it sets in should be good to go Ok enough about me .the question i have is I want to tie my hayes brake controler into the johnson bar on my truck. dose any body have a diagram or directions on how to do this.
  6. So how to respond. well I will put it this way .yes it would be extremely expensive if you where full timing it but once IN a while more like once in a blue moon it doesn't hurt to take a weekend and splurge a little . If you cant afford $65.00 for a over night treet once in a while you sure as heck cannot afford a HDT
  7. Brand new Northern Quest Casino Rv Resort in Spokane Washington big rig friendly yes at least 20 ft of lawn between rv sites luxury sites concrete pads with propane fire pits and bbqs also comes with patio furniture felt a little out classed the Volvo needed washed and they had a detail company washing rvs This is a very nice place you can rent a sanitized golf cart to take yourself to the casino.
  8. So we hauled our new to us jeep Rubicon to Spokane this weekend via I90 what a rutted up mess Seemed like we where all over the road.Hit one rut got stabilized then hit another and get thrown back over to the other side of the lane. The question I have could the jeep be amplifying the ruff roads? This is how I have it tied down .Two ratchet straps tied to the rear jeep axle crossing each other goings to D rings in the bed on the front strap over each tire straps go from D ring over the tire to a strap winch bolted to the deck. The question that I have will a strap with RTJ hooks hooked to the jeep frame and winched down to load the suspension help with the excessive bouncing?
  9. Shock preferences for a vnl780. Any one brand better than the other? And prices what do you all run and why?
  10. Yup. Pine Near RV park in Winthrop WA. Have been to just about every RV park listed in Washington state in the hhrv guide I know there has got to be more than what is listed in Washington any body have any ideas
  11. Sure glad we got this straitened out . Let me rephrase this. Other than Heavy Haulers RV camp ground web site (THAT never seems to get updated) Is there another resource to look for big rig friendly RV Resorts.
  12. Other than the hdt resource guide( that seems to never get up dated) is there a ap or a computer site that specifically lists big rig friendly rv resorts and camp grounds?
  13. Yet another reason to cover your tires and wheel to protect them from the sun and heat . Plastic chrome hub covers. The heat will warp the plastic and the chrome hub caps will fall off. Learned the hard way will be getting new wheel and hub covers.
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