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  1. GREAT INFO Thanks a lot everybody
  2. Yup. Pine Near RV park in Winthrop WA. Have been to just about every RV park listed in Washington state in the hhrv guide I know there has got to be more than what is listed in Washington any body have any ideas
  3. Sure glad we got this straitened out . Let me rephrase this. Other than Heavy Haulers RV camp ground web site (THAT never seems to get updated) Is there another resource to look for big rig friendly RV Resorts.
  4. Other than the hdt resource guide( that seems to never get up dated) is there a ap or a computer site that specifically lists big rig friendly rv resorts and camp grounds?
  5. Yet another reason to cover your tires and wheel to protect them from the sun and heat . Plastic chrome hub covers. The heat will warp the plastic and the chrome hub caps will fall off. Learned the hard way will be getting new wheel and hub covers.
  6. We are going to try to make it next year. If I see him again I will try to talk him into coming. By then he should have his truck put together. We will see. Hey Chad is ambassador taking reservations for next year?
  7. As a Hdt owner I didn't realize how much we influence people .After having a ruff day at work I came home to an interesting suprize there was a young man in my driveway that I had met a couple of years ago he had answered an advertisement I put out trying to sell my commercial fifth wheel at that time he came over to look at it and got really interested in our truck. Two years later he is standing in my drive way looking like a proud owner of a freightliner . He had so many questions how to license how to insure. It was a lot of fun helping him out. I brought up our truck forum I hope he gets involved with the forum that way you guys can fix what I screwed up.Ha I hope he reads this and wish him all the luck and welcome to the HDt family.
  8. What a screwed up year couldn't make it to the wcr this year do to the work situation and four weeks ago we got hit with a $4,200.00 domestic water bill needless to say we have a new water line from the meter out at the street all the way into the house 4 separate leeks. This thing decided to go all at once. Truck has been sitting all year . That is going to change .We are going to live up to our call name. We are going to hook up the trailer and runaway. Like the song says I've got a quarter heads Carolina tails California. Honestly any where would be great
  9. yes . I have done a lot of concrete forming over the years .(actually I am what you would call a turn key carpenter. A carpenter that can do all phases from foundation to handing over the keys) I am a journeyman carpenter. Foreman and sometimes superintendent certified welder equipment operator and cdl truck driver.
  10. Good news going back to work Tuesday. Sure going to be interesting we will see how this is going to work .Mandatory face mask and social distancing and temperature checks. To little to late for the rally but at least I wont have to sell the truck. If the rivers don't rise and the pandemic don't take a turn for the worse we will try to make it next year.
  11. Thought we might make it to the rally but it is definitely not going to happen .Been laid off since January. Thought we where going back to work till the pandemic shut us down again. Only have 575 hrs to go till I can retire from construction. Its not looking good they say once they lift the stay at home order we will have so much construction that we wont have enough people to man the jobs. This means over time and a lot of it. We will see I wont believe it till I am on the job site pounding stakes and driving nails!
  12. ME thinks he would of gotten away if he driving a Prius. Just kidding
  13. With all do respect to the guys that can afford a huge shop with big elaborate tools. It is not the size of the shop its how you use it. For the people that is interested in owning a hdt and want to do your own work. You don't need all those fancy tools . My shop is a two car garage with a concrete drive way to park the truck on while working on it. Although it sucks working on the truck out side but I managed to build my bed out side in the snow.I would get spoiled working in side. May sounds low budget but I don't have a lot of over head to deal with you would be amazed with what you can get done with a peanut grinder and a buzz box for a welder. The less over head means more diesel we can buy which =s more camping trips.. But one thing the fact I built my bed in my drive way I took my neighbors In consideration I worked on my bed during the winter months because my neighbors where inside hibernating and didn't have to worry about setting there shrubs on fire from welding sparks also didn't have to worry about the neighbors kids watching me weld and didn't have any complaints from grinding noise. Yes I built it in a residential neighbor hood some city's have ordinance against this keep it clean cover with a tarp don't make your drive way look like a junk pile. And shouldn't have a problem.
  14. runaway parents


    Hi Chad good to here your doing ok .Sounds like your world has been turned upside down two . Construction for me has been shut down since January. First month was because of lack of work. Just when things where picking up and we where getting ready to go back to work every thing got shut down. Vickie has been like a rock she works at the hospital she was screening patents until they figured out she was at hi risk so they moved her off the front lines and got out of harms way. She is doing ok for now. I still worry about her. You all stay safe out there. Stay healthy
  15. runaway parents


    Thought I would check In and say hi how is every body doing. Just sitting here looking at the truck and trailer looking forward to the day we can get it out and use it again, It is sitting there all ready to go. I hope every body is doing ok. Work is still shut down around here doesn't look good. We will see .Hopefully things will turn around soon. You guys and gals stay safe and healthy out there.
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