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  1. I have radio operator plates on the truck, the rv and the Jeep. They all have the exact same license number. Looks as far from commercial as I can get.
  2. Good way to use the skills you already have.
  3. “We took out my moms bush and branch so now she has to relandscape her entire yard.” Her mom must not be too Intelligent either or they Drove over her entire yard.
  4. Where is “Shopping at Lowe’s” on this chart. Probable same as grocery shopping although at Lowe’s I see everyone attempting to avoid close contact.
  5. If the lights unplug just replace them with a 12v bulg with the same plug configuration. Or you can unsolder them and resolver new bulbs in.
  6. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    If you already have the silver leaf I wouldn’t change. If you are comfortable with the software then why change. If you like to play, you can download this device and see if it will work with silver leaf. It might benefit some people that are having trouble with their gauges.
  7. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    See you post above for the amazon link
  8. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    there are two versions of the software. Trucks and Motorhomes. I use motorhomes since I don’t need the functions of the trucker version.
  9. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    A,Avon is your friend. Just make sure the color of the splitter is the same as your diagnostic port.
  10. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    Jack this is the one you need. You can turn of the Slower data stream you don’t need. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CS1HUXI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    Review the device. There are several models. Since my truck has a 6 and a 9 plug port I purchased the 9 plug model in green that uses IOS, Android and Windows 10. I needed a Y cable and since my port is black I had to use a black Y. The green will work on a black port but the black won’t work on a green port. There is 1 pin on the green that is larger. This makes me compatible with all 9 pin ports. I can even use another cable to mate it to the 6 pin. It is very adaptable. Just make sure you have the correct combination. It works great on the Y with another device such as a Tucson brake controller.
  12. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    Yes. iOS, Android and windows 10. You need to buy the proper device. One is comparable with all three but others are not. You also need to have the correct plug. If you nerd a Y cord, it needs to match the color of your plug. A green cord wont plug into a grey connector. I found out the hard way.
  13. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    I have a scan gauge for my Jeep. The problem is that you are limited to only 4 gauges at a time.
  14. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    Once you get it hooked up, go to repair. It will show you everything it can monitor. There are lots that the computer monitors that we don’t have gauges for. I doubt if anyone has a load or torque gauge. To get a dashboard, it is probably best to download one and then modify it to fit your needs. I don’t need to monitor every little detail. I still have work to do. I took screen shots of the repair page so I can make changes that will work.
  15. Ronbo

    BlueFire scanner

    I have no negative input. I did have to figure out how to manipulate the gauges. Once you do it is easy. They have a forum and will answer questions pretty quick. The map is more of a placeholder right now. It doesn’t track your position. They have several different devices depending on your operating system and how many pins your connector has. Available on amazon.
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