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  1. Just bought a horse that was in Rockford.
  2. "I would second the motion to avoid I-80 as much as possible, especially east of Des Moines, Iowa". We live south of Grand Rapids Mi. and spent a Month in Co. and Utah last year. On the way back we went I 70 to 470 around Denver and picked up US 36 just East of Denver. HWY 36 was awesome, cruise set at 65 with no traffic all the way to Hannibal MO., then I-72 in Hannibal, north on I-57 to Hwy 24 in Gilman IN. Once on Hwy 24 you can take Hwy 421 or Hwy 31 north to I-94. It might take a little longer this way......but all it takes is a traffic jam in Chicago to make it up. Hwy 36 is a
  3. Greenville is probably the quietest private campground we have visited. It has a few long term campers working in the area, who are very friendly. It is a 200 Acre farm so it has lot's of area to walk and everyone has there dogs on leash. All you hear are Cows and Birds with Zero road noise. There is a swimming pool that looks very nice but is yet to open for the year. The pull through sites are 110 ft plus, they are rustic, a Little narrow, made with millings and are not level front to back. This wasn't a big deal but had to get out all the blocks to level up. It is a working farm with
  4. Checked into Greenville Farm Family Campground Haymarket Va. Around 1:30 pm today. The owner said someone just left with the same setup as us, HDT with a smart car on the deck. If it's someone on the forum.....Sorry we missed you. Safe Travels Bob & Kay
  5. Are you staying at Hidden Ridge Near Hopkins Mi. by chance? Gilmore has a cruise-in every Wednesday evening usually over 100 cars along with Hamburgers served with adult beverages. If you are there on a Wed look for us, we will be driving a Dusk Rose (pink) 57 Thunderbird. Bob
  6. Safe travels! Looks like you enjoy Vehicles...If you have time while you are in Michigan make sure you Visit the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners MI. https://gilmorecarmuseum.org/.
  7. Radar274

    Dog Ramp Ideas

    2X Fits in storage compartment behind passenger seat.
  8. Radar274

    Ohio insurance

    Rick, We live on a farm but aren't actively farming, we lease the ground now but still have a small farm policy to cover the outbuildings, equipment, THE invaluable rusty 2000 F350 and the Volvo Motor/home. I assume you are still living on the farm but aren't actively farming. If so maybe you could put it on a small farm policy. We did this a few years ago and found it easier with no restrictions on bobtailing. The 2 trucks cost around $1500 with Auto Owners. The only issue with Auto Owners is they want to write all of your insurance (personal as well). It was a PAIN in the A double
  9. There was a topic years ago. I search for it but couldn't find it. Big5er schooled all of us on how to organize it and what was needed. I had to use it a few times and it comes in handy. Maybe he will chime in. Bob
  10. Yes she competes in AKC, her last Rottie was #1 In the country Competing in the Utility Class a few years ago. His Brother is still alive, he and his handler are retired K-9 PO (Drugs) and he is still used to demo Drugs and Schutzhund with his handler. Don't know Charlie but might know his breading, we have been in Rots since 1970. Our Dogs come from Canada now Esmond Rottweilers, their dogs have been to Westminister for Breed, Obediance and Agility. We try to volunteer at the shows if we can.... That way we don't wear out our chairs and our Arms doing 12oz. curls. Wife ordered a Double X
  11. Cory I know you like to do your research, so look into Variocage (NOT CHEAP). We don't currently own one but will in the future, SO I am guilty of do as I say and not as I do..... and can't give you any first hand experience. My Wife competes in competitive Obedience all over the country with 2 Rottweilers. Many of her friends she trains with, use these Crates. Here is a good Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP3iACjUDkk. Their website is https://mimvariocage.com/. Safe Travels Bob
  12. Take a look at Arlo pro security cameras, they are an affiliate of Netgear. I haven't personally worked with them but my nephew is very happy with his. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for.
  13. Radar274

    Volvo questions

    We haul using a 730 with a 2.47 rear end, we pull a 42ft. fifth wheel carrying a RZR S 1000 or a JD Gator sideways. The 12 gear I-shift that is matched up with the 2.47 rear end does not have Overdrive. I think but am not positive most of the 2.47 rear ends have direct drive I-shifts without Overdrive. The sweat spot for this truck is around 66-67 mph turning 1,350 rpm. This produces a little under 8 mpg depending on the head wind and grade. The RZR without the front and rear bumpers is 106" long. Our bed width is 101 so we carry 2 inches over on the drivers side and 3 inches on the pass
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