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Replacement furniture

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5 hours ago, Mr. Camper said:

Since it's just Mrs. C and I we didn't need the original furniture so we bought new recliners we preferred and gave the RV made couch and recliners away.

"Gave the RV (factory) made couch and recliners away".

Ditto the above....plus:  Replaced the "freestanding" (but bolted to the floor) dinette table and four chairs (with storage under the padded seats) with a "drop leaf" table.  It seats two, but with leaves extended is a round table seating four.  The "factory" chairs were replaced by two "basic" padded chairs. Found an easy, inexpensive,  excellent match from a furniture store. *If* we needed to seat four, we would add two of our (outside) folding chairs.

FYI - for those considering couch removal:  Depending on the style:  remove the back, couch fits thru the door (in two pieces). Nice to have an assistant.

If there is ever another RV in the future, I would try to order w/o living/dining area furniture.

BTW:  The drop leaf table occupies the space where the couch was.  Re-positioned the two replacement recliners = lots more room!  The table is  *not* anchored to the floor, has never moved.  Easy to reconfigure the arrangement if we desire.


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We replaced both our recliner and sofa with leather pieces from Ekornes Stressless.  Yes, they were expensive but they're both in excellent condition after nearly 10 years of daily use.  Furthermore, a spring broke in the recliner's seat and it was replaced at no cost to us even after nearly 10 years!  To me that defines what it means to stand behind your product!

As for the dining table it has gone through several iterations. At present we have a 5 foot counter height butcherblock as both a table and auxiliary work surface.  We use fancy "bar stools" for sitting at the counter to eat. 

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12 hours ago, PAylor said:

The living room furniture is starting to wear out (I never liked it anyway).  Would love input on replacing the couch and recliners.   

If price is not an object, Lambright Comfort Chairs in Topeka, IN (about 30 miles east of Elkhart) makes fabulous furniture.  We had a rebuild done in summer 2019.  We bought the Hide-a-bed sofa with pulldown center console, two Lazy Relax-R recliners and a two drawer cabinet/table.  We couldn't be happier

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21 hours ago, Twotoes said:

I need new kitchen chairs, mine have no spring left to the padding. Where can I find some?

We got new foam and fabric and installed these ourselves with new staples.  We liked our kitchen chairs and now they match the rugs better.  Upholstery shops have the foam and can usually cut the pieces using your old foam or the chair bottom as a template.  

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14 hours ago, docj said:

We replaced both our recliner and sofa with leather pieces from Ekornes Stressless.  Yes, they were expensive but they're both in excellent condition after nearly 10 years of daily use.

We're on 20 years with our Ekornes. Just ordered two for the new house.

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We also replaced our original couch, even tho it was still good, with Thomas Payne recliners. What a huge waste of money. Didn't last a year before they started peeling. What junk.

Went to furniture store, told them what we wanted the new recliners for and they helped find what we wanted size and feature wise and they installed them for us at no charge. Just had to bring the RV to them. 

Oh yeah, did I mention they are electric recliners w/adjustable head rests, also electric.


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Years ago I removed a swivel chair in our motorhome. Not as easy as it seemed. There were 4 bolts holding it down. Those bolts had been installed from underneath the floor. The heads of the bolts were then coverup up with the basement headliner. So those bolts stayed. The only way around the problem was to cut the bolts off at carpet level. Or ignore them and put the new furniture over them. We ignored them.

And a caution. There's a reason things are bolted down. It's because they can tap you on the back of the head in an accident. (Motorhomes). Have you ever considered the loose items that can tapped you on the back of the head in the event of an accident? Like those fancy stone sink inserts.

Just saying? Be aware of loose items.


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