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  1. . . . or so someone claims on another RV site. I don't doubt the guy, but how could this have happened? The guy has a dual-output Xantrex 485. He said he had shore power and was running his ACs. Then he turned on his inverter and all hell broke loose. The only thing I can think of is (1) one or both of the 485's dual outputs was mis-wired so that one or both outputs back fed AC or (2) the inverter had a catastrophic failure. Otherwise, this should not have happened, right?
  2. Thanks for clearing up the forest from the trees. The purists here are probably 55+ so their hearing is already down to 14 kHz with a fair chance that they also have tinnitus. So unless they hardwire a jack to their brain, the glory days are gone. Now back to the show . . . XM makes the journey much much easier, especially the ability to get NPR anywhere. When we traveled with FM only, searching for public radio on the far left of the dial, we’d always seem to find that religious station trying to out power the public station. And when XM gets tiring, there's alway that audiobook via AUX.
  3. Check Starlink's current availability
  4. PDF - Texas 17-4 (8/2021) It looks like (a) and (d) are "solved" by Travis Carr's advice to "carefully set up their domicile records to prove that they do indeed have a “physical presence” in the state, showing their intent to call Texas their home. Having doctors, banks, storage, fitness club, and so on in the vicinity helps prove their intent." However, if you don't actually live in TX, how do you get around (f)? For those of you who have houses/property in another state, do you pay taxes on these or avoid taxes by claiming a TX domicile?
  5. It's been a whole 13 days since SB 1111 went into effect, too! The Winnebago Vote
  6. First, where (City, State) will you be hosting?
  7. Officially, not yet, but that hasn't stopped some people.
  8. That's what I thought until we got to TX. We tried to use a medical facility near Corpus Cristi, but we were told that they don't accept "federal" insurance (ie Medicare). On that same note . . .
  9. Your argument isn't helped by the numerous writing errors you made (see below). Look into an online writing course like this one. "You're the scary ones" not "Your the scary ones" "Did you check to see if you had it and now have the God-given immune antibodies?" not "Did you get check before to see if you had it and now have the God given immune antibodies now?" "vaccinated Norwegian" not "vacinated Norwiegen" "socialism" not "socializm" "veterans" not "vetrans" "You still have the freedom of choice" not "you still have the freedom choice"
  10. Interesting YouTube video from Scientific American.
  11. According to Cherie at MIRC, ispMint is another AT&T reseller, but has no info besides that. Google reviews (all 11 of them) seem to be divided between saying ispMint is the greatest thing since sliced bread to "dreadful". We had Verizon Visible for a year or so, transferred the Visible phone SIM to a 8800L hotspot, but service still sucked so we dropped it. We also used HughesNet Gen 5 satellite service which was ALWAYS available and fairly fast, but it was huge and pricey. Now we use an AT&T Mobley (lucky us) and just acquired one of the new Verizon plans. I second Bill Joyce's recommendation to check out MIRC. Here's their latest review of the BEST cellular data plans: BEST Cellular Data Plan (as of Sept 2021).
  12. SB 1111 was signed into law in June. Looks like only Latinos took notice until now.
  13. Apple's expected Fall release of OS15 has two new features: 1. CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) detection in photos stored in iCloud and 2. iMessage scanning While the intent is laudable, after I watched the following video I was persuaded to turn off this Apple scanning instead of just ignoring it: Apple Scanning Your Photos (How to Disable)
  14. Make sure to light it as evenly as possible.
  15. Well, for 2007 at least, different names for the same thing . . . Four Winds Kodiak = Chateau Kodiak Four Winds (models 31F & 31P) = Chateau Four Winds 5000 = Chateau Sport Four Winds Siesta = Chateau Citation
  16. Anyone install a Kelderman Air Suspension system on their Class C? If so, how is it?
  17. Check out Tucks' Truck and also the Starlink Reddit (new) or Starlink Reddit (old) for more info. We've had a fixed home Starlink setup since March and would love to take it on the road next year, but I have reservations . . . mostly about losing access when we return home from the road. So I'd consider buying another unit just for the road. We'll see how Starlink shakes out over the coming months.
  18. Here's a chart summarizing Verizon's new data plans: If you're interested in any of Verizon's smartphone unlimited plans, this link goes to a chart that summarizes Verizon's current Unlimited Smartphone plans. Finally, you can check to see if your hotspot device is compliant with Verizon's new data plans. You'll need your device ID (IMEI 15-digit number).
  19. Verizon News Announcement and MIRC Right On Top of It Since I have a Verizon Unlimited plan, I could add a 100GB hotspot Pro Data plan $60/month. AT&T & T Mobile have cheaper 100GB data plans, but it's a far cry from the $180/month I used to pay in 2016 for a 40GB Verizon data plan.
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