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  1. We occasionally use the Gas Buddy card but wouldn’t call the 3-5 cents discount substantial. If you use diesel the TSD Open Road card/app is a much better discount. If not, Gas Buddy is better than nothing for gasoline. Vicki
  2. We got ours on the 22nd also (direct deposit) which was actually about two weeks or less after the IRS started accepting returns. I can’t remember the exact date our return was accepted. Vicki
  3. Indiana is now vaccinating those 60 and over so we have appointments for our first shots on Friday. Mark is getting his through the VA and mine is at a health clinic. Vicki
  4. Rover


    We use our regular checking account and have for about a year now without any problems at all. Vicki
  5. We have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by the lack of condensation in our 2015 Forest River Blue Ridge fifth wheel and with the ability to heat it during cold weather. It does have dual pane windows but evidently is also insulated very well. Depending on the temperature and whether we have hookups or are boondocking, we use a combination of an electric heater, our fireplace and the furnace for backup overnight. And then a buddy heater/furnace when boondocking. But we have had absolutely no condensation whatsoever. Something we use to battle constantly in our Winnebago Minnie Class C. Vicki
  6. Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year 🎆 Everyone!!
  7. Our fifth wheel sustained some damage from some flying debris on I-12 in Louisiana. Can anyone recommend a good body shop for RV’s in the Livingston (preferable) or even the Houston area? We’re hoping we can get into the park to stay long enough for repairs. They don’t answer the phone and have not returned my call yet. We are also needing new tires and are going to upgrade tires/wheels from 16” to 17.5”. As fulltimers, we are right at max gvwr and have already upgraded our suspension and axles. We regret not doing the wheels then, but at that time our tires were only a couple of months old and we couldn’t stomach buying new ones that soon. But they are not wearing well and we need to make the change. TIA, Vicki
  8. When the fake leather on our theater/recliner seating started pealing and cracking, we replaced it with cloth covered theater seating from Rec Pro. We have been very happy with it. Vicki
  9. Mark and I workkamped with Southern Cross this summer. Feel free to message me if you’d like to chat or have any questions. Or if you have any questions I can answer here. Overall it was a good experience and we would do it again. They have asked us to return in the spring (actually wanted us to stay thru winter, but we wanted a break) and we are considering returning. Vicki
  10. Originally paid $650, asking $250. Will ship UPS ground. You can send me a private message here or email me at vlshorter (at) gmail.com. Thanks, Vicki
  11. This is a common misconception. The Postal Service receives NO TAX DOLLARS. They are mandated to be self sustaining via postal rates and services. That is why the requirement to prefund the health and retirement accounts are such a burden and particularly unfair when said requirement is not placed on any other agency. Vicki
  12. Yes, the TSD app shows locations that accept the card and the current discounted price on your route. We have used it for several months and have saved a lot! Vicki
  13. We registered just shortly after it opened up and will be arriving early. We will be coming from Indiana as the Indiana Chapter is hosting the Tri-Rally with two other states. In fact, we had to change the date of the rally to a week earlier to ensure that everyone that wanted to attend Escapade would have enough time to travel there. Vicki
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