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  1. Originally paid $650, asking $250. Will ship UPS ground. You can send me a private message here or email me at vlshorter (at) gmail.com. Thanks, Vicki
  2. This is a common misconception. The Postal Service receives NO TAX DOLLARS. They are mandated to be self sustaining via postal rates and services. That is why the requirement to prefund the health and retirement accounts are such a burden and particularly unfair when said requirement is not placed on any other agency. Vicki
  3. Yes, the TSD app shows locations that accept the card and the current discounted price on your route. We have used it for several months and have saved a lot! Vicki
  4. We registered just shortly after it opened up and will be arriving early. We will be coming from Indiana as the Indiana Chapter is hosting the Tri-Rally with two other states. In fact, we had to change the date of the rally to a week earlier to ensure that everyone that wanted to attend Escapade would have enough time to travel there. Vicki
  5. We purchased a an extended warranty with them and have been pleased. We have filed 3 claims so far with no problems whatsoever and have pretty much received back what we paid for the contract. Any other claims here on out will be gravy. When we shopped originally they had the best coverage and at the best price. Vicki
  6. I can send it to you if you want to pm me your email address. We plan to go to whatever the current location is when we get back from visiting family in Indiana around the 10th of January. If you are still around then, maybe we will meet up. edit to add: I think you can find the last newsletter on the Facebook page too Vicki
  7. Rover


    With Medicare and TFL, I usually don’t have to pay any deductible. TFL has covered the Medicare deductible each year. I think one year I had to pay a few dollars toward a Tricare deductible but don’t remember why. Vicki
  8. The website was originally listed as a resource on the SKP Boondockers BOF newsletter. It was just recently redone thus the reason for the email blast to everyone. I had created a logon on the website before but had to register again after the redo. If other SKP Boondockers get onboard and use the website to communicate, I could see it being pretty useful for meet ups and finding good locations. Vicki
  9. There was an update on Facebook that said the truck and trailer was seen being driven across the Mexico border and the man driving was not James. No other information was available. No hits on their passports. Vicki
  10. We had a Class C for 12 years and a Class A before that. We knew that when we went fulltime we were going to have to have either a Class A or a fifth wheel. There just was not enough storage space in the Class C, especially basement storage. And we had a large C at almost 32’. Vicki
  11. We started out tent camping with the kids and then bought a VERY used Starcraft popup 1972 (I think) in 87 or 88 for $400. It didn’t even have the crank up top. You had to lift the top and slide metal arms to hold up the roof. The canvas was just barely usable but we managed to tow that popup with a mini-van on a 2 week trip out west that included Corn Palace, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Painted Desert, Crazy Horse, Grand Canyon, and Disneyland. How we crammed that all in two weeks, I don’t know. But we had a great time! After that, we bought a newer popup then a 24’ Fleetwood TT from a friend that was like new. They had never used the bathroom in it and still had the protective plastic on the carpet. After a few years with it, we bought an 85 Pace Arrow MH (no slides) around 97-98. Then 2004 we bought a new Winnebago Minnie C that we kept for 12 years until we got our current retirement fifth wheel rig. Once we started camping, we have never been without some type of means to camp. The funny thing is I had to talk Mark into camping in the first place. He never did as a kid and said he gets enough of camping in the military. I kept telling him it wasn’t the same thing as camping with the military. Took me over a year to convince him to try it. Vicki
  12. Ray, I would agree with you on not finding a better plan. It just seems like it wasn’t that long ago when generics were $0. When you take 21 prescriptions and three of those are non-formulary that they only fill for 60 days at a time (but charge the same as 90 days) it adds up pretty fast on disability / retirement pay. Thank goodness Mark gets his at the VA. But we have it much better than many people and only hope the copay doesn’t keep going up each year too much. Vicki
  13. Ughh! I just read that Express Scripts copays will increase again January 1st. Generics $7.00 to 10.00, non-generic $24.00 to 29.00, non-formulary $53.00 to 60.00 And an increase could be possible each year through 2027 due to a law passed in 2018. Vicki
  14. We are camping this week with Escapees Indiana Chapter 51 Fall Rally. There are also some Escapees from the Michigan Chapter joining us. I think we have close to 30 rigs. Fun times! This winter we will be joining up with the Escapees Boondocking BOF and moving around Florida staying out of the snowy north. We also belong to other groups or have friends we have made on the road that we meet up with to camp together. Vicki
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