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  1. I was friends with married couple from Calif. The wife did not work. When the husband retired they bought a new Class A and a new tow vehicle and went full time. He established SD domicile and registered both in SD. They use FL as their winter home and she established a FL domicile and registured her car in FL. Neither SD or FL have income tax so they only file a federal return.
  2. Twotoes


    I am heading to Muskegon MI in mid Sept and looking for recommendations on places to stay. I have a 43 foot Class A.
  3. I believe that there are several Banks and Credit Unions in or near Livingston, TX, Escapees HQ, that are familiar with Escapees members banking needs , especially full timers.
  4. I use the Escapees So Dakota address as my domicile. I am full time. All my mail however is sent to the Livingston TX mail processing center. I use So Dakota as my official address and TX as my mailing address.
  5. Thanks Kirk for posting a copy of the email.
  6. I just got am email from Escapees HQ notifing me that there is an email scam going on involving Escapees members. Members are receiving an email from someone claiming to be a Escapees employee alledging that your membership is going to be canceled and requesting personal financial information. DO NOT REPLY. That's all I know. Contact Escapees HQ for more info.
  7. Before I went full time I was a CA resident. I purchased a 5er in Dallas TX. The dealer gave me temporary TX plates good for 60 days. I didn't get back to CA until about 120 days so the dealer got me an extension on the temporary TX plates. When I got back to CA I went to DMV and they verified the VIN # and issued me the CA plates. The dealer had already collected the sales tax and sent it to CA.
  8. I was a CA resident most of my life. I went full time 8 years ago and use the Escapees So Dakota address. I had rental properties in CA that I just sold. I have used a CA CPA for 8 years to file my Fed Tax Return and a CA non resident return on my rental income. Never filed a So Dakota tax return. SD like FL has no income tax. Never had a problem using a CA CPA as a non resident.
  9. I was there last year 2020 in May and June and everything was canceled. Even the office was closed. Glad to hear it's business as usual now.
  10. As someone already stated many RV Parks have breed and number restrictions on dogs. Most allow 2 or 3 dogs but 4 or 5 may be a problem. Breed restrictions will be more severely enforced than number.
  11. Yellowstone and Grand Teton are very busy with lots of traffic and delays to even get in, not to mention crowded camp grounds. It will be a zoo without advance planning even just driving thru. I have heard rumors that the lines of vehicles at the entrance stations are hours long. You could easily take I-80 to Cheyenne and then I-25 North towards Casper to Hwy 18 East into So Dakota towards Hot Springs. From there it is easy to connect on I-90 at Rapid City. Wind Cave National Park is at Hot Springs as well as Angastora State Park and just to the north is Custer State Park. Mt Rushmore is just up the road on the way to Rapid City and I-90. Lots to do and see in the Black Hills.
  12. I have registered my Class A, Jeep, and Harley in SD by mail. The Jeep and Harley with the help of the selling dealer. Escapees does not, I believe, assist because the address in SD is not set up to actually handle that. Some folks who use other mail forwarding services like America's Mail Box will pay an extra fee and have them do it, but save your money and do it yourself by mail and phone.
  13. Escapees has a Park in Hollister (Turkey Creek) right next to Branson. It's only about an hour drive south from Springfield.
  14. I have been full time 7 years now and usually volunteer in a National Park for several months in the summer so my drives are to and from my winter stop to my summer stop. I usually stay in AZ or FL for several months for the winter stopping to visit my grandkids in the Midwest on the way to my summer stop. I average about 7,000 miles a year
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