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  1. I don’t know if this is true or not since you can’t believe everything you read on the internet but I saw a report that during the Obama administration H1N1 infected somewhere around 6.5 million people and now during the Trump administration Covid-19 has only infected 2.5 million. There were no shut downs for H1N1 and very little reporting. Just something to consider. This is not meant to be a political statement nor do I know if the numbers are correct.
  2. I was moving from one rental to another years ago and had a week in between moves. My roommates and I just rented a U-Haul truck for the week and parked it in the hotel parking lot. Just put a good padlock on the rear door.
  3. Not sure what State you live in but before I went full time I lived in CA. When I paid off several vehicles in the past, the bank would mail me the title marked paid and signed off. I would have to go to DMV myself and remove the lien from the title and reregisture with no lien. The bank would only send me the title which they had signed off.
  4. BFG KO2 AT is the best tire out there. I had them on my F-350 when I had a 5er. When I got my Jeep Wrangler it came with the BFG Mud Terrain tires. They are better in sand and mud but not so good in snow and ice so if you think you may be in snow and ice stay with the ALL Terrains.
  5. I went with SD. No income tax, low sales tax and estate tax, register by mail, no inspection, no CDL required. The only negative is health insurance is limited. I now have Medicare so that is not an issue any more for me.
  6. If you purchase a new rig google the names of the most favorable dealers for that manufacturer. Tiffin owners have 3 particular dealers they like, same for Newmar. You can go on the owners forums and find the names of those dealers. They give the best discounts for a new rig. Buying used you have to shop around and find the rig at any dealer and do your best negotiating a price. As far as warranty. When I bought my Class A I got an extended warranty and it was in effect Immediately. I was lucky I got it because even tho the rig was only 11/2 years old and only 5,600 miles it had sat awhile,the original owner died and the widow was selling. I got new tires and batteries on my dime but within the first 6 months all 3 air conditioners went out. My extended warranty paid for most of the cost for replacement. If the seller won’t let you get an independent third party inspection walk away. There are plenty of other rigs available for sale.
  7. docj, I have an all electric Class A. No propane at all. My dryer is done in about an hour. It is a small load so that may be why it is so quick. I set my washer to 50 min and the drying of the first load is done just after the washer and the wet clothes (second wash load) goes right into the dryer.
  8. docj, my washer takes between 15 min to 1 1/2 hours to wash depending on what I set it at. I usually use 55 min. My dryer takes about 1 hour. When the wash is done I put it in the dryer. An hour later it is dry. Sometimes I start a second wash. When the second wash is done the first load in the dryer is done and I put the second load of wash in the dryer. A hour later the second load is dry. So it takes me only 3 hours total to do two loads. Not 5 or 6 hours. I highly recommend the stackable units over the combo unit. The only advantage of the combo unit is if you start a load and leave for the day it will be dry when you get back. No one has to be there to transfer the wash to the dryer. But that only works for one load. I usually start a load at dinner time. By the time I am done eating I can start a second load. Before I go to bed I put the second load in the dryer and fold the first load that is now dry. When I wake up in the morning the second load is dry and gets folded.
  9. Maybe not but I’ve always wanted to see what was there
  10. I just got it too, while I was reading this thread. The message is from JoshRoehl. I did not open it.
  11. I will be there after the 1st of Aug and was planning on doing a drive by.
  12. I like grilled Spam on a French roll with melted mozzarella cheese covered in marinara sauce. Kinda like a meatball sandwich. Not the kind you get in an email.
  13. Newmar makes a handicapped RV, with wheelchair access, lower kitchen table with wheel chair access, bathrooms with wheelchair access, etc. check on their web site to see if it is still available or search for a used one.
  14. X2 with Kirk. New member, no info on profile, no info on what our info will be used for. I won’t be clicking on your link and giving you any info about me.
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