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  1. If you continue to work for your employer, even piecemeal work, you will have to file a non resident income tax return for the amount earned in CA. Owning property in CA does not make you a CA resident. I have 3 rentals in San Diego and am a So Dakota resident. I file a CA non resident tax return on my rental income.
  2. The ban only involved commercial filming/video that was intended to generate income from sources including but not limited to, in a movie theater, television or YouTube. Personal recording for family use, news media etc did not require a permit.
  3. The pandemic has made me stay at home more. Getting bored at home I tend to snack more. Snacking more tends to make me gain more weight. I’m told catching the virus makes you loose weight? So far I’ve been healthy and fat.
  4. I too was a CA resident on Kaiser before I went full time. I switched my Domicle to So Dakota. If you are on Medicare there are two options for a Medicare Supplement policy in So Dakota. One is United Health thru AARP. The other is Mutual of Omaha. Both are nationwide coverage as all Medicare Supplements are. Do not get get a Medicare Advantage plan as they are HMOs. In addition to Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans you will need a part D plan for Rx. I chose Silver Script thru CVS. I used Gerald Heinrich of Heinrich & Asso. an Escapees commercial member as my broker for all my health
  5. Salome is not far from Quartzsite and many Escapees are there for the RV Show. Perhaps, if you need help, someone there may be available.
  6. I wasn’t hijacking the thread Kirk. I was suggesting he check out SD as an alternative to TX. Much easier rules and less expensive.
  7. Sorry, it’s been awhile and I haven’t gotten back. I did ask around and got a referral from a friend in my park. Got the service done, $250 ($200 parts and $50 labor) and all is well. The service tech is not local but comes here for a week every year on his way to Quartzite.
  8. As a former resident of San Diego I chose the Escapees So Dakota address (same letters SD, LOL LOL LOL). I liked SoDakota better because the sales tax was less, only 4%, no vehicle inspection required,no special drivers license, and lower cost insurance. You need to be in the State one night to get your drivers license but all vehicle registrations can be done by mail and your license is good for 5 years. I purchased my RV in AZ and did everything by mail, I already had the So Dakota license. You could fly to Rapid City, spend a night in a motel, and go to DMV in the morning and get everything
  9. Just a word of caution, do not use camp ground wifi to do your banking. Make sure you have a secure connection. I use my cell data on my iPad to go online onto my bank web site when I pay my bills online.
  10. I am selling my 2011 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide. It has a 110ci motor, new battery and seat, factory theft alarm and dealer installed LowJack. D&D Fat Cat 2 into 1 exhaust with a ThunderMax Auto tuner electronic control module. AM, FM, XM, CD, iPod with 6 speakers all handle bar controlled, and a detachable sissy bar. I’m asking $15,995. I’m at the Escapees Co-Op in Benson AZ.
  11. You have to remember that domicile and residence can be two different locations. Domicile is where you have your drivers liscense, vehicle registration, auto and health insurance, and you are registered to vote. You can only have one domicile. Residence can be anywhere you stay for a given period of time and you may have multiple residences. Additionally you can have any mail address you want and as many as you want. Having a mail forwarding address in TX, FL or SD in itself doesn’t make that your domicile. Additionally, State income tax is due to any State in which you earn an income. If your
  12. You don’t need an escrow if the seller has a loan that will need to be paid off. The sellers bank will act as the escrow. The sellers bank will not release the title until it receives the funds to pay off the loan. Just ask them for a 10 day payoff. After you have signed the purchase agreement you can instruct your bank to wire the funds to the sellers bank to pay off the outstanding loan. Of course if you are buying for more than the amount owed you will have to give the seller the difference. Get the keys and possession of the RV when you pay the seller the difference, but not until you have
  13. I am at the Escapees Co-Op in Benson AZ. The office announced that the local County Health Dept was making a list of all residents of the park that wanted to be vaccinated. So many signed up for the vaccine that they are now limiting the vaccine to anyone over 75. Hopefully everyone even those under 75, can eventually be vaccinated in the near future.
  14. Unless you are on Medicare most health insurance is limited to your State of residence as “in network.” You will have coverage out of State, to cover emergencies for example, but you will be paying more for out of network. I have been told that FL does have some medical insurance that will cover you out of State, I believe Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL is one. Others on this Forum will be more helpful regarding FL than I am.
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