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  1. Check the local RV Resorts if you can store your trailer at one of their properties for a short term. Cypress Woods and Cypress Trails come to mind. Just call them and ask, all they can do is say yes or no.
  2. Vanleigh was started by one of the Tiffin grandsons and one of the Tiffin sons (an Uncle to the grandson, not his father) I believe. Not sure if their HQ and manufacturing are in Red Bay, but if not they are probably nearby. Like the Class A Tiffins they may have a repair facility and campground. They probably have the parts available right there. Not to far from TN for you. I would call Vanleigh and determine if you can go direct to them for the repair. Time to take Lazy Days out of the picture. They are too lazy to get this done quickly for you.
  3. How long of a stay? Daily or weekly should be no problem. Monthly more difficult. Campgroundreviews.com is a great site to use.
  4. It's a great park with excellent staff. A week visit should be no problem, month may be more difficult.
  5. When I purchased my toy hauler, prior to my Class A, I was still a CA resident. I went to DMV in San Diego to get a 5th wheel endorsement, kinda like a motorcycle endorsement, only a written test, no driving test, to my existing CA license. No one at the DMV knew what to do. They had to call Sacramento to find out what written test to give me. After completing the written test I was giver a 5th wheel endorsement. No driving test or medical exam required.
  6. I have my mail forwarded 2x a month, on the 1st and the 15th. I use FedEx 2 day. It costs about $7, or approximately $14 a month. So if I change to once a week it's only an additional $14 a month.
  7. Your problem is with Dell not FedEx. Have it delivered to a FedEx Office (similar to a UPS Store) near your location and go pick it up.
  8. I agree with the others regarding an inspection for any purchase. If buying from a dealer you may be able to negotiate a 90 day or better yet one year warranty. Private party most likely will only sell as is. You already made a wise decision to join Escapees. Good Sam will get you a 10% discount at numerous camp grounds on nightly stays (not weekly or monthly whose rates are already discounted) and a discount on anything you purchase at Camping World. Beware of buying or servicing an RV from CW. Many bad reviews. Passport America is popular but limited in the number of campgrounds and has different rules at each. No weekends or holidays,, off season only etc.. PA is also only good for short stays of one or two days so as a fulltimer it only helps when traveling from one location to another. Being disabled and a veteran qualifies you for a free pass to federal facilities and half off at most, such as National,Parks, US Forest Service etc. but most have a 14 day stay limit. Boondocking on BLM land is free. Good luck, safe travels and welcome to Escapees
  9. My domicile is So Dakota using the Escapees address. My health insurance is thru So Dakota insurance broker who is a Escapees commercial member.
  10. First post Aug 17 and no followup since. Guess she wasn't that concerned.
  11. I've been a member about 8 years and have been very active but I too was classified as new.
  12. I like Ace Hardware best. I always get personal service the minute I walk in the door and am greater. They usually have what I need at a fair price.
  13. Follow up on repair. Went to Freightliner. They determined that a new SRC box was needed for the exhaust system. 5 Year warranty but my rig is 6 years old. $12,000 estimate. They were able to complete repair under a warranty recall at no cost to me. Glad I went to Freightliner and not the independent shop.
  14. I thought The Ranch was a Rainbow Park not a Co-Op. How can a lot be sold in a Rainbow Park?
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