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  1. solar system was stolen, damage to property". Not COOL! As much as I'd like to have a remote place to myself, I wouldn't feel secure in that area now, knowing that thieves have found good loot and, like wolves, will be back because they found good loot. They will be back because they know that you will be replacing the stolen system with a new system ready to be stolen again.
  2. As a full timer I went with a Medicare Supplement Plan. Advantage Plans are mostly HMO and if you travel you are almost li always out of network. I have a SD address and the choices were limited to United Health Care and Mutual of Omaha. I went with Mutual of Omaha and have never had a problem getting medical services. My Part D is with CVS who are almost everywhere. I am not limited to CVS and sometimes use Walgreens.
  3. Twotoes

    New Logo

    Nice, but in my case I would add but never enough cash, lol lol lol.
  4. Because some people’s livelihoods depend on the income generated and they can not afford to be closed. If you have a problem with that just don’t go there. I haven’t gone out to a bar in a long time. If I drink, and I rarely do anymore since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I drink at home. I also don’t go out to restaurants anymore. That’s my choice. Everyone has the freedom of choice and we should not impose our will on them.
  5. I have had a coin shortage ever since I retired 6 years ago, lol lol lol.
  6. As far as low cost camp sites, the Escapees HQ and Camp grounds are in Livingston near Houston. Not sure if that would be too far from work for you? You can also check on campgroundreviews.com for other camp grounds in your area. As far as finding used trailers for sale in a camp ground, sometimes you will see one, but not many. However, a camp ground is a great place to talk to owners of trailers about what they like or dislike about their trailer and what problems and repairs they have encountered. You can get a wealth of information and reviews from actual users to help you make your decision on what brands to look at and eventually purchase. Owners love to talk about their RV good and bad. Drive thru a few camp grounds, stop and talk to the owners.
  7. I am solo and no one to spot for me hitching up. When I had a 5er and a Ford F-350 my back up camera was in the handle of the tailgate that was down and all it showed was the ground. I used the head rest of the center position in the back seat. As long as the head rest was lined up with the king pin in my inside rear view mirror I knew I was centered and just kept backing up till the king pin caught the hitch jaws. Easy pisey
  8. I didn’t know there were several choices. I use whatever Escapees recommends. I pay a flat rate of just over $7. It takes about 3 days.
  9. I almost never use the USPS or buy a stamp. I use Escapees mail forwarding and have them FedEx my mail right to my campground 2X a month. It’s only a $1 more than Priority Mail and it is delivered right to my site so I don’t even have to go to the camp ground office to pick up my mail. Most everything else is sent via email. I think I buy maybe 6 stamps a year.
  10. I believe Federal gun laws require that to purchase a handgun you must be a resident of the State where you are making the purchase but to purchase a long gun you do not, but the long gun must be shipped to a FFL in your home State where you would take possession of it.
  11. That would not be a separate bedroom in the eyes of the court. I lived in a house and was willing to sleep on the couch and give my son my room but the court rejected that proposal. I am a attorney. I practiced for 20 years in Calif before I retired. I did a lot of Family Law. And I went thru a divorce myself. You do need to consult a lawyer yourself in your home State and not rely on a public forum for legal advise in so important a matter. Most attorneys will give you a free half hour consultation. And with Covid-19 you can even do it on the phone.
  12. I used to go scuba diving in Baja Calif Mex a lot. We just camped out on the beach. We would dig a deep hole in the sand, set up a tent with no floor over the hole and put a beach chair with a hole cut into it over the hole in the sand. That was our out house. When we left we would take down the tent and burry the hole with sand. We left the beach cleaner that it was when we got there.
  13. A lot depends on the law of the child’s home State, and the State where the divorce is filed, usually the same State. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJA) says that the child’s home State is where the child lives or has lived for the past 6 months (to prevent parental kidnapping). Most Courts will look at “the best interests of the child” meaning a separate bedroom for the child, which does not exist in a motorhome or travel trailer. You should still be able to get visitation for short stays and holidays. All the above assumes that you and the mother can not agree on a custody sharing arrangement and the Court must get involved. Your best way of handling this is to negotiate with the mother and jointly draft your own custody agreement and not get the court involved.
  14. So true. Maybe I will go for 3 years now?
  15. I’m sure Willie is more worried about the IRS and his back taxes owed than a little joint in the ash tray.
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