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  1. It’s not just National Parks but also State Parks. My son lives in Omaha NE. I have a Class A towing a Jeep with a Harley on a lift behind the motorhome that I wasn’t even going to unload. The local Nebraska State Park, which charges residents $4 for a day pass, wanted $8 a day for a non resident and one pass for EACH of the 3 vehicles, the RV, the Jeep and the Harley. That’s $24 a day for the entrance pass. The camp site went up from $16 to $30 non electric or $35 electric only. That’s $59 a day for an electric only site. I could go to a private RV Park with full hook up and a pool for that p
  2. Well as long as you are going into the business of polishing up RVs my Class A needs a good wash. I waxed it last time so just a wash 🧽 is good. Lol lol lol
  3. I lived in San Diego for 35 years before going full time. The beach pollution problem has been ongoing forever. We would call it Tijuana brown trout, lol lol lol. As long as you stay north of downtown SD the water was ok. As far as camp grounds, SD is one of the most expensive places. Chula Vista Marina, SD KOA and Campland by theBay average about $100 per night. There are many other camps near Mission Bay and along I-8 in La Mesa and El Cajon but I have never stayed at them. If you are retired military Admiral Baker Field in Mission Valley has a nice fam camp. There are 2 Indian Casinos, Puma
  4. Naw, it’s getting too hot in AZ already. You’ve had a real cold winter down there in TX this year.
  5. I’ve looked into TT before but my kids live in NE and WI and they don’t have many parks in those locations. My brother lives in ID and not much there either. Good luck selling and hopefully an SKP member will benefit from your offer.
  6. Thanks guys for the info. I asked about running the genny because even tho the Aqua Hot runs on diesel I know the thermostat needs power. I figured that the batteries were enough and the alternator would be charging them too so no need for the genny, but thought I’d ask. Well I got to Omaha and man it’s cold. Running the heat 24/7. May snow tomorrow. Should have stayed in AZ one more week.
  7. What is it called so I can search for it?
  8. I have a Class A with Aqua Hot for heat. I know that in warm weather I can run my generator and roof top air conditioning while driving for comfort. Is there any reason that in cold weather I shouldn’t run my Aqua Hot with or without the generator?
  9. Is there a cord for a Samsung phone or tablet?
  10. I think this is a great idea. I would also like big rig sites, 50 Amp, level sites but a pool would be an additional benefit to me. I am handicapped and use the pool to exercise. It may cost a little more but it is worth it to me. Not every park needs to have a pool and if you are not looking for one just go to another park.
  11. BLM in AZ has closed an area off I-17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff due to trash, and human feces caused by homeless campers. Another great area lost.
  12. When I had a fifth wheel toy hauler I replaced my 4 month old China Bombs, after two of them blew up, with Mitchelin XBS Ribs. A little more expensive but very good tires. The side wall is reinforced. Had them for five years before I traded in the toy hauler for my Class A. and they still looked new. Additionally I almost never had to add air.
  13. Not sure but I would think that rural areas, rather than urban, should have a greater demand for medical staff. Rural areas will have camp grounds nearby with available spaces. Urban areas have a larger population to draw upon and fewer nearby camp grounds.
  14. They elect them to a position with zero authority.
  15. I only use my data connection on my iPad. I volunteer in National Parks in summers and many do not have cell service. I also would love to get rid of DirecTv at $125 a month. I will be following mobile Starlink but will wait a year for all the bugs to be resolved.
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