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  1. Normandy Farms in Foxboro is your best bet for the Boston area. Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD is great for D.C. Liberty Harbor in Jersey City is basically a parking lot but it will serve your needs as it's all about Location, Location, Location. We stayed at Philadelphia South/ Clarksboro KOA and finally, Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA for Maine. We've stayed at those places. I hate to bring this up but be wary if the government shuts down without approving a debt extension as you may have some national parks that will be closed. Just have a good Plan B in case it happens.
  2. If you haven't bought this yet, save your money. It was advertised as a suspense/horror story. Not usually my cup of tea but Patterson normally has good reads. This should have been labeled as pure science-fiction. If you like sci-fi then be aware that this is about 422 pages and you'll be halfway through before there is any semblance of a plot and not a credible one at that. Just a warning.
  3. We have the Goodyear Endurance tires on our TT. We bought this tire just 6 months ago and as our previous Goodyear tires, with proper maintenance they will last.
  4. We also have the Verizon Jet Pack, however our plan is unlimited data. It's expensive but since we only pay when we activate it and stop it when we get home it's worth the cost. No worrying about data on any of our devices.
  5. I just finished "The President's Daughter" by James Patterson. Just started reading "The Noise" by James Patterson.
  6. If anyone is traveling and needs to find a physician I'd recommend you use www.healthgrades.com/find-a-doctor. All you do in enter the specialty and city you are in. A list of all physicians in the area comes up along with patient reviews, and also what insurance they carry as well as if they are taking new patients. It also provides a list of the physician's other specialties and services they are board certified in. Hope this helps.
  7. There is a Beginning RV thread if you are new to RVing, but if you are new to the site then as Ray,IN said jump in any group and add your 2 cents. Welcome.
  8. While I certainly agree with OK roads as being bad, the prize has to go to West Virginia and Missouri (a tie). To be fair those states get my vote for worst because of their interstate roads. We travel interstates only when absolutely needed. On the flip side the best roads (US Highways, State roads and even county roads when needed) have been Michigan, Florida, and Arkansas. New Mexico gets an honorable mention when it comes to US Highways throughout the state.
  9. Michigan is a big state, with lots of varied outdoor activities. The best parts in our opinion are up the coast along Lake Michigan, anywhere in the Upper Peninsula, and down the coast of Lake Huron. Not knowing how much you want to travel each day is another difficult thing to tackle. Let me tell you the places I'd want to stop and you can go from there. Ludington, try (Poncho's Pond RV Park). Traverse City (Holiday Park Campground), Manistique (Manistique Lakeshore Campground), Munising (Pictured Rocks KOA), Newberry (Kritter's Northcountry Campground), Brimley, (Sunrise View RV Park), Alpena (Camper's Cove RV Park), Tawas (Oscoda/Tawas KOA), Port Huron (Port Huron KOA in KImball). If you want museums, you'll have to search locations by downloading the Pure Michigan Travel Guide. They won't be printing a new one until sometime in early 2022. You also should know that weekends fill up real fast until the weather changes and even then people still head out weekends to see the fall colors. Also, be sure to cover the north as early as possible as you don't want to get caught further north when the early snow arrives. Best of luck.
  10. Then I guess that black bear walking in the middle of the road as we were driving around Yellowstone Lake was a mirage. We didn't have the diesel truck at the time, just a half-ton gas RAM. As we rounded a curve there s/he was. S/He growled and started to jog as we fumbled for a camera. S/He diverted into the woods but not before I snapped a couple of shots of his/her hindquarters. That was an unusual occurrence. If you really want a good chance to see wildlife beyond bison and elk, I suggest you pack food and water and head to Lamar and/or Hayden Valley, pull off the road where allowed and wait for first light or at dusk and have a great pair of binoculars or a good spotting scope with you to see animals not usually seen except in the backcountry.
  11. I've had the original Kindle Paperwhite since it came on the market. I read daily, it's simple and I can control the brightness on the screen, font script and size, and that is very important to me since I have AMD. After each book I restart the kindle. I shut it down at night to charge and even after all of these years it still holds the charge to about 60% by the end of the day. Every day I read and repeat and it's a great e-reader.
  12. What you'll find is that there are a lot of campgrounds that have seasonal sites for the summer. If they have open sites there won't be many as a majority of seasonal sites already spoken for. Many of the resorts will open for the following year in early October and some not until the first of the new year. About all you can expect is to find the campground you want to stay at and call immediately and see if they have anything open for the time you want.
  13. Perhaps you didn't finish reading my post but the incidents sited where from the ranger and personal observation and in each case the perps were ticketed and fined or in the one case arrested.
  14. While I can't speak to all states in this matter I will only speak about our local state parks. Arkansas has some of the finest facilities we've come across in State Parks. We've seen this first hand and I've spoken to a friend who is a ranger at a nearby state park. A number out-of-state visitors seem to have little respect for the rules and property during their stay. Signs posted closing a trail due to needed repairs, trash left everywhere, graffiti on the walls of restrooms and bathhouse, and someone taking a dump along an open trail, all committed by out of state visitors is on the rise. In the cases mentioned there have been fines and even one arrest for someone getting aggressive when told to turn around on a closed trail and the guest said he paid for his visit and no sign was going to tell him where he could or couldn't go. Bad behavior is everywhere, just look at the problems faced by flight attendants across the country. Personally, we have no issue with paying higher prices at state parks when we travel, as long as we receive what we paid for. A clean, well-maintained campground that enforces the rules they set for all campers.
  15. We replaced the keys about a week after we bought the RV. Same with the deadbolt. There are only three sets. We each have a set and we have a third secured elsewhere. Locks only keep honest people honest. By changing the keys we have more peace of mind.
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