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  1. Then I guess that black bear walking in the middle of the road as we were driving around Yellowstone Lake was a mirage. We didn't have the diesel truck at the time, just a half-ton gas RAM. As we rounded a curve there s/he was. S/He growled and started to jog as we fumbled for a camera. S/He diverted into the woods but not before I snapped a couple of shots of his/her hindquarters. That was an unusual occurrence. If you really want a good chance to see wildlife beyond bison and elk, I suggest you pack food and water and head to Lamar and/or Hayden Valley, pull off the road where allowed and wait for first light or at dusk and have a great pair of binoculars or a good spotting scope with you to see animals not usually seen except in the backcountry.
  2. I've had the original Kindle Paperwhite since it came on the market. I read daily, it's simple and I can control the brightness on the screen, font script and size, and that is very important to me since I have AMD. After each book I restart the kindle. I shut it down at night to charge and even after all of these years it still holds the charge to about 60% by the end of the day. Every day I read and repeat and it's a great e-reader.
  3. What you'll find is that there are a lot of campgrounds that have seasonal sites for the summer. If they have open sites there won't be many as a majority of seasonal sites already spoken for. Many of the resorts will open for the following year in early October and some not until the first of the new year. About all you can expect is to find the campground you want to stay at and call immediately and see if they have anything open for the time you want.
  4. Perhaps you didn't finish reading my post but the incidents sited where from the ranger and personal observation and in each case the perps were ticketed and fined or in the one case arrested.
  5. While I can't speak to all states in this matter I will only speak about our local state parks. Arkansas has some of the finest facilities we've come across in State Parks. We've seen this first hand and I've spoken to a friend who is a ranger at a nearby state park. A number out-of-state visitors seem to have little respect for the rules and property during their stay. Signs posted closing a trail due to needed repairs, trash left everywhere, graffiti on the walls of restrooms and bathhouse, and someone taking a dump along an open trail, all committed by out of state visitors is on the rise. In the cases mentioned there have been fines and even one arrest for someone getting aggressive when told to turn around on a closed trail and the guest said he paid for his visit and no sign was going to tell him where he could or couldn't go. Bad behavior is everywhere, just look at the problems faced by flight attendants across the country. Personally, we have no issue with paying higher prices at state parks when we travel, as long as we receive what we paid for. A clean, well-maintained campground that enforces the rules they set for all campers.
  6. We replaced the keys about a week after we bought the RV. Same with the deadbolt. There are only three sets. We each have a set and we have a third secured elsewhere. Locks only keep honest people honest. By changing the keys we have more peace of mind.
  7. The only problem I've heard about is the crack in the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi. It's not an issue if you go over the I-55 bridge which is just a bit further south. Then connect to the wrap-around Memphis if you are going East. If you are going west hit the wrap-around on the east side of Memphis and follow signs to the I-55 bridge and connect with I-40 W. in Arkansas. We have a trip planned this fall and I've already preplanned to take the route around the I-40 bridge even if they have the repairs completed by then. That's really the only option unless you wish to go much further south to West Helena, AR and go over that bridge to get into Mississippi and then head north to TN. However that is really out of the way.
  8. We've run into that problem in Michigan, Minnesota, and Maine. Mayflies were awful. On the occasions when we've gone back we made the trips in the Fall. If you have to go then I'd suggest long pants, long sleeves and while we were there we had head nets to keep them from flying in your ears, nose and mouth. There was no break from them during the peak summer times. For subsequent trips we contacted the state directly and found when the best and worst times were and planned accordingly.
  9. We aren't close to full-timing so we always make reservations. The smart way to do it and get your choice of site is to look at the campground website, find out when they will take a reservation and call when that day arrives to get your choice. We have a couple of short trips this year before a longer, for us, trip in the fall. We have already made reservations for all of those stops and have confirmations. For next year we are planning on our longest trip ever and it will cover the southwest USA. We've already made half of the reservations and most of the rest will be done by the middle of this summer. Until the travel world gets back to normal, and people feel safe to stay in hotels and travel by other means, we've been told this will be the way to RV travel and obtain the sites you want.
  10. Each state has a DOT website on construction and current road conditions. Accessing that will give you the most up-to-date information and when and where possible you can plan for detours. The link to access the MODOT is below. traveler.modot.org/report/modottext.aspx
  11. Below are each of the west coast links to their DOT on current road conditions. That should give you more update information. Best of luck roads.dot.ca.gov/ www.oregon.gov/odot/Maintenance/Pages/Traveler-Information.aspx www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic//trafficalerts/printer.aspx?view=L2NW&action=1
  12. We just put on four new Goodyear Endurance 225/75R15 tires. We did a lot of research on the proper tires and this one, for us, was a no-brainer. We have a 27' TT.
  13. I guess I'm a dinosaur because I do this the old fashioned way. I do it at home and I use my computer, RV Park Reviews, KOA, Good Sam, YP, and a few others. I plot our routes and never use interstates unless they are unavoidable. We always try to take scenic routes or US/State routes to really see the country. It depends on what we want to see and then I do the route and look for things to stop and see along the way. It's been two years since we had a big trip and this year we just have a few small trips to acclimate our puppy to traveling and then we have a family wedding in the fall. I do have some apps on the phone that we use for last minute changes while we are driving and that helps, but other that those situations it's better doing it at home. Next year we are going to Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Already in the planning for that.
  14. We took out the couch and added a recliner and special table, and had awnings put up over the slides and then took it to the scales for weighing. It turned out to be about 58 lbs heavier but fell within our insurance plan guidelines and we didn't have any extra charge. It's safer to to that rather than take a chance when something goes wrong and the insurance balks since it's not factory installed.
  15. The NxStage System 1 machine is specifically designed for travel. You should be speaking with your wife's nephrologist about your travel plans. You will need a prescription for the supplies based on the frequency the prescription calls for. However, first you will have to undergo training at a dialysis center and that could take about 6 weeks (more or less). It's completely dependent on how quickly you, as her caregiver, and she learn the procedures, the machine, and the training nurse has the confidence in your ability to handle the process. You'll also be given phone numbers for 24 hour help with either the NxStage system 1 machine or any other issue that may come up. With the prescription you'll be able to have supplies sent ahead on your travels. It will require planning and may even require stops along the way to pick up supplies as you travel. Please don't let others who have not had any experience with dialysis, specifically in-center, scare you off. By using HHD (Home Hemodialysis), you will have a much faster recovery time, especially doing it more frequently than you would on in-center dialysis. Part of the training you will undergo will also be to determine the amount of time of each dialysis session and the actual frequency. Six and seven days can be done and one thing you must remember with HHD is not to skip two consecutive days. Your kidney-friendly meal plan will also change as well as her fluid intake doing HHD. The nephrologist will be setting those limits for her and the paperwork you fill out during each session will need to be sent to the nephrologist and you'll be required to make the changes ordered as they come up. These changes will require a scale, blood pressure monitor, and a way to transmit the data to the nephrologist. If you are not full-time RVing then at home you can use the PureFlow system, but when you travel you'll have to pick up dialysate. If you have pets they'll still be able to travel with you but you'll have to take steps to keep the lines and supplies free from any pet dander/hair and such. Expect the "normal" routines you have pre-dialysis to change for the near future as you train on the machine and stay close until you develop your new "normal." If your home dialysis center doesn't train in HHD you may have to travel or find an RV Park near the center that will train you. Are you looking at Fresenius or DaVita centers? If there is still time before this begins, look at a book called, HELP, I Need Dialysis! How to have a good future with kidney disease. You can order it at the Medical Education Institute for about $6.00 at www.meiresearch.org/ Finally, there is a lot of information you can get from Fresenius and their patient advocate program by going to their website www.freneniuskidneycare.com Best of luck to you.
  16. Actually, I think you just did clear it up quite nicely.
  17. COVID cases may be going down in certain areas but in many others those pesky variants are going to be making spikes around the country. From what I've read herd immunity will only be obtained when 75%+ of the public has been vaccinated. That won't happen until late summer or fall.
  18. We have a Open Range Light 27' TT and when we bought it we had a RAM 1500 (gas). It was great until we hit the mountains. Not the mountains in the Ozarks but the Rocky Mountains. After a couple of years avoiding that area we traded for a RAM 2500 Turbo Diesel. Now I have to check to make sure the TT is still behind me. If you already have the 1500 then be careful of weight and transmission overload if you hit mountainous terrain.
  19. Politics, grids, renewable energy, solar panels, BS. Let's put the blame for all of this squarely where it belongs. It's all the fault of Punxsutawney Phil. If he hadn't seen his shadow we would be having spring-like weather, but no, he had to be afraid of his shadow and look at what that has caused! Phil
  20. We pulled out the sofa in the back of the TT and installed a special chair and a table for me. Mrs. Campers recliner was in one of the slide areas and along with a table and the two dog beds they have a lot more room. For reasons of my own the chair was purchased for medical reasons and since it came in two parts, was very easy to fit through the door and we added locking wheels on the base to slide it around when we close up and are on the move. Standard recliners would have worked but we never considered looking for one.
  21. It has been some years since we asked this questions and we were told it was the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA. Hope this helps.
  22. I'd like to thank you for your stand. Let me explain. I have several underlying health issues that will have me getting the vaccine much earlier than my wife. With folks like you making the choice to not get the vaccine my wife will be moved up that much sooner. We appreciate your decision.
  23. Since it's just Mrs. C and I we didn't need the original furniture so we bought new recliners we preferred and gave the RV made couch and recliners away.
  24. You might want to accompany your partner to the next appointment with a physician and get an expert, medical opinion on how serious the illness is and the best prognosis at this time for future travel and any possible limitations. If your concern is the partner wandering off, there are location devices that can help in their being tracked and found before any serious repercussions. Best of luck.
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