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  1. Your problem is with Dell not FedEx. Have it delivered to a FedEx Office (similar to a UPS Store) near your location and go pick it up.
  2. I agree with the others regarding an inspection for any purchase. If buying from a dealer you may be able to negotiate a 90 day or better yet one year warranty. Private party most likely will only sell as is. You already made a wise decision to join Escapees. Good Sam will get you a 10% discount at numerous camp grounds on nightly stays (not weekly or monthly whose rates are already discounted) and a discount on anything you purchase at Camping World. Beware of buying or servicing an RV from CW. Many bad reviews. Passport America is popular but limited in the number of campgrounds and has different rules at each. No weekends or holidays,, off season only etc.. PA is also only good for short stays of one or two days so as a fulltimer it only helps when traveling from one location to another. Being disabled and a veteran qualifies you for a free pass to federal facilities and half off at most, such as National,Parks, US Forest Service etc. but most have a 14 day stay limit. Boondocking on BLM land is free. Good luck, safe travels and welcome to Escapees
  3. My domicile is So Dakota using the Escapees address. My health insurance is thru So Dakota insurance broker who is a Escapees commercial member.
  4. First post Aug 17 and no followup since. Guess she wasn't that concerned.
  5. I've been a member about 8 years and have been very active but I too was classified as new.
  6. I like Ace Hardware best. I always get personal service the minute I walk in the door and am greater. They usually have what I need at a fair price.
  7. Follow up on repair. Went to Freightliner. They determined that a new SRC box was needed for the exhaust system. 5 Year warranty but my rig is 6 years old. $12,000 estimate. They were able to complete repair under a warranty recall at no cost to me. Glad I went to Freightliner and not the independent shop.
  8. I thought The Ranch was a Rainbow Park not a Co-Op. How can a lot be sold in a Rainbow Park?
  9. Check the dB noise level. I camped hosted in a Nat Park and they have a 60db max. Had to have several campers shut off their generator after several complaints due to noise. Most were commercial construction generators.
  10. Thanks Kirk. I did a Google search also and found Hatcher. They are only $120 per hour and no minimum but their reviews are poor. Also checked with a few locals and they agreed with the poor reviews. Stopped at Freightliner and they are only $150 per hour and no minimum. Going there tomorrow AM.
  11. I just got to Omaha NE and my check engine light came on. I stopped at the Omaha Cummings but they want $300 an hour with a 2 hour min to diagnose. They plugged in a computer and the code was catalytic related. Looking for an independent shop to go to. Found one that said they only charge $125 per hour with no minimum. Lots of good reviews but also many bad. Looking for recommendations. I already checked rvservicereviews.com but most are house related, not motor, or dealers. Need recommendations for a good shop that works on diesels. I have a 450HP Cummings. Hopefully it's just an O2 sensor.
  12. I have called several campgrounds and inquired about an Escapees discount and been informed that it is no longer available. However my directory is dated 2016 and have been told by Escapees that there is not an updated version, only available online now. I just made a reservation for Sept and the campgrounds Web Site indicates an Escapees discount which the campground informed me when I called them will be applied when I arrive and check in.
  13. As far as Good Sam, I am a member and use the 10% discount at some parks, but have no experience with their insurance, extended warranty or roadside assistance. I have seen too many negative reviews. Also the camping discount is only on the daily rate and not weekly or monthly. I purchased my roadside coverage thru Escapees and have Geico for insurance. As far as buying an extended warranty. Most do not have the discipline to make the monthly deposits. Also if your RV has a motor and a transmission, one repair can wipe out your savings. I have a Class A and have an extended warranty. You are buying a 5th wheel without a motor or transmission, so you have less risk and it may be more cost effective to not spend money on a extended warranty, especially if you are handy at fixing things yourself.
  14. The notary is your agent. Any time you have a document notarized the notary needs to see 2 IDs including your driver's license.
  15. You can buy an EzPass (about $25) beforehand and have the tolls deducted from an account you set up in advance. The toll fees will be discounted. Go online online for more info.
  16. Had the same problem with my pump. It was 1 1/2 years old, 2 year warranty. Called manufacturer and they sent me a new check valve for free.
  17. I also would like some recommendations of RV parks in the Nashville area. I use campgroundreviews.com but would like to have some actual recommendations from Escapees members.
  18. Thinking of going to Octoberfest at Daytona Beach FL in Oct. Need recommendations for campgrounds in the area. I have a 43 foot Class A. Doesn't have to be right in Daytona but within 45 min to a hour. Thanks in advance.
  19. I was friends with married couple from Calif. The wife did not work. When the husband retired they bought a new Class A and a new tow vehicle and went full time. He established SD domicile and registered both in SD. They use FL as their winter home and she established a FL domicile and registured her car in FL. Neither SD or FL have income tax so they only file a federal return.
  20. Twotoes


    I am heading to Muskegon MI in mid Sept and looking for recommendations on places to stay. I have a 43 foot Class A.
  21. I believe that there are several Banks and Credit Unions in or near Livingston, TX, Escapees HQ, that are familiar with Escapees members banking needs , especially full timers.
  22. I use the Escapees So Dakota address as my domicile. I am full time. All my mail however is sent to the Livingston TX mail processing center. I use So Dakota as my official address and TX as my mailing address.
  23. Thanks Kirk for posting a copy of the email.
  24. I just got am email from Escapees HQ notifing me that there is an email scam going on involving Escapees members. Members are receiving an email from someone claiming to be a Escapees employee alledging that your membership is going to be canceled and requesting personal financial information. DO NOT REPLY. That's all I know. Contact Escapees HQ for more info.
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