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  1. When I first joined this site a few years back, there was only an "HDT" (and maybe "MDT") truck sections. It took a lot of persuading to get the sections you see now -- Class A, Class B, etc. So in the meantime, try the IRV2 Truck Camper forum.
  2. When I'm sitting outside, I use it with my iPad with the Dish Anywhere app installed. I connect my Hopper 3 and iPad to the same WiFi hotspot and watch live or recorded TV programs. Since the two devices are on the same hotspot, no broadband data is used. Very handy.
  3. BTW, if you put the DPH42 switch on your RV roof, I'd suggest putting some sort of sun screen over it -- just don't box it.
  4. You only need the Hybrid Solo Hub if you plan on connecting 1 or 2 Joeys to the Hopper 3.
  5. The Dish Pro Plus (DPP) is the standard LNBF on a Winegard Travler there's no need to change it. Also, you can put the DPH42 switch on your RV roof next to the Travler. Then you only have to run 1 cable into the RV.
  6. Keep in mind that you have to buy an ACA plan from the exchange to qualify for a subsidy. If you buy a plan off the exchange, then no subsidy.
  7. If you're just taking your Hopper 3 in your RV and not added Joeys, then you just need a DPH42 switch like so: Here's a comparison of the 3 different Hopper models. BTW, a Hopper 3 does have the Sling feature: Here are the dimensions of the 6xx & 7xx receivers:
  8. I'm with you. As a Midwest flatlander, mountain roads were a shocker. Still not used to them, but I use a couple of tools to help me . . . As previously mentioned, the Mountain Directories point out the scariest routes. To plan routes I use RV Trip Wizard which has a very hand Route Elevation feature that shows the elevation along your entire route: Also, as you mentioned my "trucker" Garmin 780 has an elevation indicator too: Finally, if I'm really unsure about a route, I'll virtually drive it in Google Maps:
  9. If your income is low enough ($65,840 for a married couple with no kids), then you can qualify for an ACA plan subsidy so you don't have to pay the full cost of a health plan. Next, you want a "portable" health plan, one that can be used in any state without excess costs. Typically, this means a PPO (or EPO) health plan from Blu Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). Most health plans are NOT portable. Since you're both under 65, of the three no-state tax domicile states (TX, FL, SD), FL is the best since it offers BCBS EPO plans that have nationwide coverage. TX and SD are not good domicile choices for those under 65. Welcome to US healthcare. Ask Blues.
  10. My 2021 predictions are not optimistic. Let me be wrong: A lot of “pretending” will come to an end. For example, pretending face-to-face schooling is possible, pretending team sports are possible, and so on. Vaccination will fail. In order to work, a vaccine relies on its effectives and how many people take it. If either one of these factors is not sufficient, then social distancing would have to continue. For example, if only 75% of the population gets vaccinated, then a vaccine would have to be 70% effective. If only 60% get vaccinated, then a vaccine would have to be 80% effective. (see How Effective Does a Vaccine Need To Be). Given how people are acting now, social distancing after a vaccine won’t work. COVID-19 disinformation will continue, frustrating efforts to contain the virus. We’ll enter a real depression with many unemployed, homeless, and increased social unrest. The Election: if it’s contested, welcome to Civil War 2.0. International Effects: we can only “hope” that our adversaries are distracted enough by their own coronavirus problems so that they don’t seriously challenge us. Fat chance.
  11. There's the rub. So let's predict the future . . . What will Summer 2021 be like?
  12. Another type of quarantine . . .
  13. Sculptor, I went from tower to iMac on a stick. Next stop is MacBook, but you can't beat a tower for "upgradability". For example, my wife's 13" MacBook (Intel, couldn't wait) has soldered internal RAM and SSD drive. Not cool. If you're looking for power (video rendering, intense graphics, etc), you'll at least need a high end laptop. $$$ However, if that's your intent, wait for the ARM MacBooks.
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