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  1. If you will be on Medicare in 2022, then ignore the rest of my post. However, if you will be under 65 in 2022 and you have to buy your own individual health insurance, then read on. First, full timers need a nationwide health plan, typically a PPO plan. These type of plans are difficult to find. For example, currently, nationwide ACA plans are only available in AK, AL, AR, CA, FL, ND, and WY. I saw that you live in Brentwood, CA and used HealthSherpa to look up what ACA health insurance is currently available in your area . . . Kaiser has a number of health plans, but ther
  2. Right, there's no panic in AZ. You forgot to mention the failed beer hall putsch. OP, in 2019 we did a 5,000 mile West Coast trip over 5.5 months. Like others, we aren't fans of big distances in short times.
  3. The standard joke is that fusion is always 30 years away. One of the first PBS NOVA episodes I watched was called "Fusion: The Energy Promise". The episode really sparked my interest and raised my hopes. That was in 1974. I've been following fusion developments since then from SHIVA to ITER with cold fusion somewhere in between, and I've also tried to keep up with fusion issues as well. However, I used to think I would see workable fusion power in my lifetime, but I don't think that's going to happen . . . but then again, if we can get quantum computers going, who knows?
  4. Since under 65 health insurance is likely to be your biggest expense, why risk losing a nationwide plan by changing domicile? You can do that after 18 months when your COBRA runs out.
  5. I don’t know of anyone who has been in a plane crash. Therefore, I guess plane crashes aren’t real.
  6. Yep, definitely a reason for being skeptical -- or at least waiting a while to see what happens . . . and for most (all?) of us on the forum, it may be months before we even have the option of getting the vaccine. From what I've read, the "right" combination of events came together for the COVID-19 vaccine -- first, we had learned a lot from the COVID-19 "cousins" SARS and MERS outbreaks, the Chinese sequenced and made public the COVID-19 genome early in the game, "cut and paste" gene editing was recently made possible with CRISPR, researchers didn't follow the traditional vacci
  7. Here's the AZ excerpt from a Washington Post state-by-state vaccine summary:
  8. For sure. I commuted from Green Bay to Manitowoc every day. About 40 miles. My last winter in 2012 before full timing was a nightmare. One dark winter morning during a snow storm a pickup truck passed me and then barrel rolled in front of me and into the grass median. I used to judge the severity of a snow by how many semis were in the ditch. Lovely. So CA high prices, traffic, etc ain't scheiss to a WI winter. Everyone from the MidWest knows that. And, like TwoTwos says repeatedly -- I also came to CA for the politics.
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