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  1. According to Starlink Reddit, it takes 28 launches to get to full coverage. L28 is scheduled for this May / June plus 6 weeks to get the sats into orbital position. So it may end up that the mobile kit, not the Starlink satellites that are holding things up.
  2. We’re thinking of booking in September or October. Been checking weather histories for those months and October looks like freezing nights. Anyone camped there in Fall?
  3. Sure, when cell service is available, but when it isn't . . . For example, we're planning a 2-week stay at Grand Canyon Trailer Village in Fall. When we camped there in 2019, cell service was not available in Trailer Village, so we were glad to have our humongous .98 meter HughesNet Gen 5 dish. PITA but we got very good Internet service. It would have been great is StarLink was available then. Regardless, this year may be a bit early to buy a mobile StarLink (if available) system. StarLink sats may not cover all areas and the number of customers in an area may be maxed out.
  4. You missed this in my link above: FOURTH - 4-FLAT TO 7-WAY INTERFACE:
  5. If you can’t get the wiring working, try the Tekonsha module. My RV-car tail light connection failed on the road and I didn’t have the time or money to troubleshoot it. The Tekonsha module works by induction, so you don’t have to cut into any wires.
  6. Over the past 2 weeks I ran speed tests at various times during the day and night, sometimes up to 3 tests per day. Each test was run 3 times to get an average using the Speedtest app. I experienced several "outages" over these 2 weeks. For example, a couple of times during streaming video quality would rapidly get more pixelated and then the stream would stop. Most of these outages were short. TWO-WEEK AVERAGES: 165.9 Mbps Download 20.5 Mbps Upload 45 ms Latency HIGHS & LOWS: Fastest Download: 244.7 Mbps Fastest Upload: 28.6 Mbps Shortest Latency: 3
  7. What does this statement even mean?
  8. Probably the worst DISH CS incident I've heard. Were you taken for a ride. Here's how to hook up a single Hopper 3 to a Winegard Travler Here's how to hook up a Hopper 3 and 1 or 2 Joeys
  9. My comment has nothing to do with your honesty. Actually, my comment is about your expertise. Since it's not a majority of Escapees, how many would you guess don't volunteer? 60%? 90%?
  10. Name three. You strain credulity.
  11. I’m going to go out on a limb here, Kirk, and say you’re the exception to the rule.
  12. It's a game changer. I remember when 2400 baud was fast. Then cable Internet came along . . . and zooooooom! And I paid under $500 for a phased array antenna which not long ago, I believe, was tech only the military had. Astounding. PS. If I had stock in a rural microwave Internet company, I'd be looking to sell.
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