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  1. Probably Yes – if you spend time in a couple of locations during the year. Probably No – if you spend time in many locations during the year. The ACA has a provision called the Special Enrollment Period (SEP). In a nutshell, it allows you to change health insurance as you move around. For example, if you wintered in FL, then you could apply for one of the FL ACA plans which I believe still offer nationwide EPO plans. To check, determine the ZIP code of where you'll stay and use www.healthsherpa.com to see the available health plans. For instance, I used the ZIP code for St Johns county (32033) and found 108 plans. I further refined the search by just looking at Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield FL) – there were 26 EPO plans.
  2. It's a tossup between a very expensive Engine Failure in Northern Wisconsin or the very scary Chicago I-80 rear air bag failure.
  3. Couldn’t agree with you more, RV. However, it appears that the US, along with most of the world, doesn’t have the will to do anything about climate change. So . . . I think it’s time to start building the domes — and definitely not along any shoreline.
  4. Congratulation! One of the few benefits of getting old. Part A, B, D, etc, etc. Confusing as sh** isn’t it? When you need medical care, especially major care — and you will — Medicare saves you zillions. For example, my wife just had cataract surgery and paid ZERO for it. When she saw the hospital bill, it was five figures. BTW, she is sooo glad she had the procedure — has 20/20 vision back.
  5. 25,000 years ago was a tad bit before the Industrial Revolution.
  6. Great info, tx! Have you (or anyone else) installed one of these high efficiency DC compressors?
  7. I have a 8 cu ft Dometic fridge that may need a new cooling unit. Anyone have that done? Result? BTW, not interested in swapping it out yet for a residential fridge.
  8. We're looking at getting new tires for our-soon-to-be 2001 National RV Sea View which needs 245/70R 19.5" tires. So I checked out Toyo, Michelin, and Americus, especially the tire load ratings. For example, Toyo M143s have a 136/134 Load Rating which means when used as singles, each tire can support 4,938 (the 136) pounds. But when used in duals, each tire can only support 4,674 (the 134) pounds. This looked fantastic at first because -- check my math -- the front axle rating of our 2001 Sea View is 7,000 pounds. So all things being equal, that's 3,500 pounds per front tire. Looks great, as each of my front tires would have 1,438 (4,938 - 3,500) pounds to spare. My rear axle gross rating is 13,500 pounds total or 6,750 pounds per set of duels. Again, two of these Toyos are rated at 9,876 (4,938 x 2) pounds so plenty of room to spare, right? However, if one of the rear tires when flat, does that mean that the single tire left on one side could only support 4,674 pounds or 9,348 (4,674 x 2) pounds?
  9. I don't believe that's true. After arriving in CA last November, we found the RV License classes very confusing . . . and apparently so did the CA DMV. For starters, this is a Summary of the Various License Classes as well as the Non-Commercial Class A Requirements and the Non-Commercial Class B Requirements. Lots and lots of tests . . . skill test, vision test, physician report, etc. Our 41-foot Newmar DP straddled the line between Class A & B (toughest standard), so we went for the Class A. As mentioned our local DMV office didn't provide testing, so we drove to the Modesto DMV where my wife (the one applying for a license) ended up getting the commercial tests because this DMV was clueless about RVs. We didn't need to bring along a driver with CDL or non commercial Class A license, but I think the commercial license applicants did. Anyway, after this experience we decided to sell our DP & get a 26,000 pound (or less) RV so that we could use our ordinary Class C driver's license. Lovely.
  10. . . . or so someone claims on another RV site. I don't doubt the guy, but how could this have happened? The guy has a dual-output Xantrex 485. He said he had shore power and was running his ACs. Then he turned on his inverter and all hell broke loose. The only thing I can think of is (1) one or both of the 485's dual outputs was mis-wired so that one or both outputs back fed AC or (2) the inverter had a catastrophic failure. Otherwise, this should not have happened, right?
  11. Thanks for clearing up the forest from the trees. The purists here are probably 55+ so their hearing is already down to 14 kHz with a fair chance that they also have tinnitus. So unless they hardwire a jack to their brain, the glory days are gone. Now back to the show . . . XM makes the journey much much easier, especially the ability to get NPR anywhere. When we traveled with FM only, searching for public radio on the far left of the dial, we’d always seem to find that religious station trying to out power the public station. And when XM gets tiring, there's alway that audiobook via AUX.
  12. Check Starlink's current availability
  13. PDF - Texas 17-4 (8/2021) It looks like (a) and (d) are "solved" by Travis Carr's advice to "carefully set up their domicile records to prove that they do indeed have a “physical presence” in the state, showing their intent to call Texas their home. Having doctors, banks, storage, fitness club, and so on in the vicinity helps prove their intent." However, if you don't actually live in TX, how do you get around (f)? For those of you who have houses/property in another state, do you pay taxes on these or avoid taxes by claiming a TX domicile?
  14. It's been a whole 13 days since SB 1111 went into effect, too! The Winnebago Vote
  15. First, where (City, State) will you be hosting?
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