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  1. Verizon News Announcement and MIRC Right On Top of It Since I have a Verizon Unlimited plan, I could add a 100GB hotspot Pro Data plan $60/month. AT&T & T Mobile have cheaper 100GB data plans, but it's a far cry from the $180/month I used to pay in 2016 for a 40GB Verizon data plan.
  2. Why wait? Take a look at the new M1 MacBook Air laptop. Here's a testimonial from a PC user . . . and a head-to-head comparison with a PC laptop.
  3. If you're traveling to Yosemite via the West entrance, keep an eye on the River Fire that's between Oakhurst and Mariposa. Currently, it's threatening Highway 41. The River Fire is about 15 miles from us, and we can see (and smell) the smoke. The fire went from 80 to 9000 acres in a day.
  4. Largest Qubit Computer developed by Harvard/MIT
  5. Found this as I searched for Class C RVs in California -- Snow Cabin Telstar 27' I'm thinking that the wood burning stove might be a problem. Anyway, it's for sale on the San Mateo, CA Craig's list.
  6. There was no previous content in this thread. You're confusing it with this thread.
  7. Glad you brought that up. I thought someone would have posted here about Apple's M1 processor when it came out 6 months ago, but nada. So here's playing catch up . . . Apple's New "M1" Processor in under 3 minutes Here's what the experts think of Apple's new M1 chip
  8. macOS Monterey (coming Fall 2021) - and unlike Windows, all Mac OS upgrades are free.
  9. It's not price, it's resistance to change. $699 Mac Mini vs $1,000 PC - Which is Faster? - it's the Mac. Cost of Ownership: Mac vs PC - it's like when you buy that cheap printer and find out that print cartridges cost more than the printer.
  10. Remember Old Man Winter in your considerations.
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