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  1. I started with expensive (Watts) and went to the cheap, simple one as both get the job done. I found that the Watts restricted water flow more than the cheap, simple one.
  2. For sure. Been on Medicare for several years and it's still confusing . . . starting with all the terminology like Medigap, supplement plan, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Parts A, B, C, D. . . For starters, Medigap plans and Supplement plans are the same thing. Here's are handy Medicare 101 web site. Jumping ahead, instead of opting for the standard Medicare Plan A (Hospitalization) and Part B (Physician Services), people often select a private Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan which takes the place of Medicare Plans A & B. People who go with Medicare Plan A & B usually buy a Supplement (Medigap) plan (either A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, or N). Most folks go with Plan F or G. In addition to a Supplement plan, you' probably want a Medicare Plan D (Prescription Drug) plan. Easy, eh? Finally, Medicare Advantage plans aren't available everywhere, and costs vary on where you live.
  3. Menu > Settings > Diagnostics > Dish > Test Installation
  4. How many solar panels did you get on your Class B roofs?
  5. Buy a new hose. That's what I ended up doing when we found algae in our system. BTW, bleach won't work. But you might try this Thai trick that I first used . . . However, the rolled up hose scrubber ended up getting stuck in the hose. Even if it does make it through your hose, you won't know if it removes all the algae. And if you don't remove it all, the algae will be back. Note that if there's algae in your hose, them there's a fair chance that it migrated into your RV. If you suspect that, look at using an algaecide. I was lucky. The algae never made it past my two outside filter cartridges. My UV filter stopped the algae cold.
  6. Then about 11 million Americans would no longer have health care.
  7. Zulu

    RV Wizard

    It's $39 a year. I don't think you'll get a lower price.
  8. If you're using your Visible phone for voice as well as data, then buy another Visible plan/phone. Remove the SIM from this phone, buy an 8800 hotspot (sans SIM), and put Visible SIM is the 8800. Multiple connections, works like a charm.
  9. Besides what Blues said, here's part of the Fulltime Families Website Disclaimer: You should assume that every link on this site is an affiliate link, and that if you click on it and buy something, we could possibly make a small commission. However, you will not incur any extra charge. You should assume that products and attractions mentioned and reviewed were obtained free or at a reduced rate [ like their Berkey Water Filter "Review" ? ] . . . The website may include advertisements, sponsored content, paid insertions, affiliate links or other forms of monetization. Nothing on this website should be considered professional advice.
  10. I don't use it for voice, but I've heard voice was not that reliable.
  11. FYI -- Visible works fine for data, but using the service for voice is not recommended according to several folks who tried it.
  12. You were perfectly clear. Since most forum members here know about Medicare but next to nothing about pre-Medicare coverage, that's what they talk about -- Medicare. Just look at the three posts that came right after your above post -- all Medicare related. You were totally ignored. This thread was hijacked starting from just the 3rd post. OP, besides the link in Blues previous post, also try this Escapee-sponsored site Health Insurance for RVers which offers options other than the ACA . . . just investigate each option fully. Finally, my guess is that after the presidential election -- regardless of who is elected -- your health care options will change. Since you planned to retire next year, this may be good or bad news. Wait and see.
  13. Nope. If you're really interested in the facts, then personal blogs, no matter how "professional" looking are not a good source. You should go to the primary or original source(s). In this case, it's a 2017 AAAS Science research article. On the other hand, making sweeping generalizations like the following . . . . . . without any evidence doesn't help make your case, especially "fire mismanagement" as it's currently just a political talking point.
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