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  1. All those claims are true. This is definitely an improved firmware package.
  2. I'm sorry you are having difficulties with your Ranger. What kind of internet source were you using when you were doing the update on the Ranger? Was it a park WiFi or were you using a cellular hotspot or your home WiFi? FWIW the Ranger is in a small white "box" on your roof. It's about the size of a thick book. My first suggestion is to try the factory reset procedure once or twice more. The timings are very important; you must use a timer or stopwatch. If you can't get it reset then the next thing to do is to call your RV dealer. Since you have a new RV, the Ranger will be under warranty and they can arrange for a replacement circuit board to be sent.
  3. At present only our Converge series of WiFiRanger routers are automatically being updated. Our other models are being handled manually to ensure that they can support the new firmware. If you provide me the ID numbers of your Rangers I can "point" them at the update.
  4. At present only our Converge series of WiFiRanger routers are automatically being updated. Our other models are being handled manually to ensure that they can support the new firmware. If you let me know the ID numbers of your Ranger(s), I can point them at the update.
  5. I would have thought that since you have been using your Spruce you might have had some idea what the ID number was. It appears you will have to arrange to send it back to WiFiRanger to be reflashed.
  6. With all due respect that's not the Spruce's ID number. You're probably reading a number off of the plastic case, but the actual Ranger ID is displayed in the upper right corner of every page of the Ranger's control panel. The last four digits of this number are the numbers you use when accessing the Ranger's control panel.
  7. Do you have a rooftop Ranger in addition to the Spruce? If so that device may allow your Spruce to be revived. In any case, please open a ticket with WiFiRanger customer support so we can help you get back online. Be sure to include the Spruce's 6-digit ID number.
  8. When updating a WiFiRanger's firmware it is important to use a strong, stable internet connection such as a cellular hotspot or tethered phone, or your home WiFi. It is inadvisable to use a campground for this purpose because interruption during the update process can cause serious issues. As for this current update, it is an extremely important one. One key improvement is the implementation of an innovative software approach which provides for much faster download and upload speeds. At the moment owners of Converge series WiFiRanger routers will automatically see the update. But many other models can successfully load it; all you need to do is call or email WiFiRanger support and provide them the 6-digit ID number of your Ranger. If you have both indoor and rooftop Rangers, both IDs are necessary.
  9. I think the issue is the definition of "delivered." Just two weeks ago I had a FedEx package diverted to one of its Will Call facilities because my local TX mail service wasn't going to be open on the Labor Day weekend. I sat around waiting for a text saying it had been delivered, but none ever came. Instead I received a confusing text stating that my package would be delivered by the following Wednesday!! I called the 800-number only to discover that the package was at the Will Call facility. When I picked it up from there a few minutes later I did receive a text stating that it was "delivered." What I deduced was that FedEx doesn't treat packages being held at a Will Call as having been delivered. So you can't put that address down as a delivery address. But you should be able to use a local address as the "delivery address" but then request that the package be held at the Will Call facility. Does that make your head spin? 😂
  10. Please don't ever infer what you think I like and dislike. I am in favor of conversion to non-polluting vehicles, which includes EVs. What I have objected to is some of the excessive, nearly messianic, hype that some of their supporters exude. As for Germany, the attached graph doesn't appear to show a 30% market penetration for Ev's. EV's in Germany
  11. Of course, that is how they operate. In reality the trains don't "really" run on electrons produced by wind energy. It's simply that the total kW-h of energy need to run the trains is less than the total energy generated by wind power. IMHO articles with this sort of headline are not much more than "clickbait". Yes, wind power is an important part of the grid in the Netherlands but the trains wouldn't run well if they had to rely solely on wind power without a grid to back them up. A modern electric grid is composed of a mix of generation capacity with renewable energy now taking a major role.
  12. Although I don't have personal experience with DirecTV Streaming, we do use several streaming services including YouTube TV, Netflix, Acorn, Britbox, Prime Video and HBO MAX. What I've noticed is that some services are better than others with respect to the buffering issue. In my experience, Netflix is the best of them with an uncanny ability to work without rebuffering. But I've also noticed that Netflix appears to be more aggressive than most with respect to reducing video resolution to accommodate changes in bandwidth. By way of contrast, YouTube TV is slow to reduce (or increase) video resolution which can lead to repeated buffering before the system finally decides to reduce your bandwidth.
  13. Ours is now 21 years old and is in great condition. No one has ever asked us about its age and, if they did, that would be the kind of park we probably wouldn't want to stay at anyway.
  14. Over the ~10 years we've had Coachnet we've had a couple of occasions where they found us diesel mechanics in places we weren't familiar with. Fortunately, the problem that was causing that need has now been resolved. But just two years ago they had to help us get extracted from axle-deep mud in an out-of-the-way location on Prince Edward Island on Canada Day of all things! They were super and we were freed in less than 2 hours start to finish. The difference between Coachnet and a less expensive plan is ~$100-150/yr and I'll gladly continue to pay for it just to for the peace of mind! JMO
  15. We're getting our flu shots this week. We still have to wait until the ~20th to get a COVID booster and I like the idea of giving this aging body a bit of a break.
  16. You're free to believe whatever you wish but ownership by an LLC does not imply that the vehicle is used for commercial purposes. The purpose of the LLC, as stated in its registration papers with the State of MT is solely to own property. It is insured by Progressive at standard "personal use" rates and they are well aware of its ownership.
  17. With all due respect, I'm not sure what you mean by this, but vehicles owned by MT LLC's are not required to comply with rules for commercial vehicles. This is yet another piece of misinformation that frequently circulates on the internet.
  18. I agree that most of the carbon is sequestered in the biochar but in normal biomass pyrolysis I thnk some of it ends up as syngas and syn-oil the value of which is in their fuel content so some combustion remains in the process. https://www.ars.usda.gov/northeast-area/wyndmoor-pa/eastern-regional-research-center/docs/biomass-pyrolysis-research-1/what-is-pyrolysis/ What I can't figure out is what is the economic rationale for the plant. It appears that the real driver is a desire to help alleviate an economic slump caused by the closing of a timber mill as discussed here: https://cvnmtc.com/north-fork-bioenergy-plant/ This plant will take biomass waste being removed from the forest for fire reduction purposes and will derate its energy value by turning the carbon into biochar and burning the syngas and syn-oil to provide the process heat needed. Presumably, the net benefit is to reduce the volume of biomass waste without having to burn all of it. Presumably the combustion of the syngas and syn-oil still has to release carbon into the air so it would appear to me that what's primarily been done is to reduce the amount of carbon that would have been released by burning all of it in a more conventional manner. What I'd like to see is a economic and societal benefit analysis that compares this with the alternatives which might just be burying the waste so it decays in the soil. Or why can't it be chipped into mulch? I'm not proposing solutions but I sure don wonder if this is anything more than a typical DOE pork barrel "demonstration project" of the kind that often lacks economic basis and, as a result, goes nowhere. In the past I've had multiple years of managing similar projects at DOE in the renewable energy area, so I do speak with a basis of at least some experience.
  19. Actually, it probably won't since not all the organic, carbon-containing compounds in the tree will be aerosolized. Some, probably a lot of them, will end up in "stuff" that gets mixed into the soil.
  20. But it's still contributing to the CO2 problem, so I can't get excited about it. EV's powered by electricity that contributes to the overall problem don't buy society that much of a benefit. JMO
  21. FWIW, I got my CDL by talking a course at the local community college. I used the college's truck for my driving exam and my instructor drove it there! All very legal.
  22. As I said in my previous post, the rules relative to what you can legally drive are those of the State from which you hold a drivers license. The reciprocity principal states that if you are legal to drive that vehicle in the State that issued you a license, you are legal to drive it in any State.
  23. I'm puzzled as to how a MT LLC has any impact on one's driver's license. Most people who have MT LLC's don't become MT residents, so they still have to obtain drivers licenses from another State. Your home State's rules govern the class of license you need to carry in order to to drive a specific vehicle; not the State in which the vehicle is registered. FWIW we have a Class A MH registered to a MT LLC and we are SD residents and have been for ~11 years. Under SD law our MH can be driven by anyone holding a "regular" class of license although I happen to hold a Class B CDL.
  24. It all depends on what specific plan the Jetpack is using. Most Verizon Jetpacks are on plans with ~15-25GB/mo of high speed data. Beyond that allowance they drop to 3G speeds. That's not a lot of data if you're planning on streaming TV and using laptops. You might want to check the specifics of your plan.
  25. After half a dozen years as full-timers my wife and I purchased a site at a small park in Rockport TX to use as our winter location. Of course, it's served us well in this time of COVID. It's a very attractive community that will eventually have <90 sites all of which are privately owned. We have "fee simple" ownership of a roughly 3,000 sq ft site on which we have erected a structure that contains a ~14x11 heated/cooled casita and an 8x10 storage shed as well as expanded driveway and patio space. The price range for a site with just a driveway is roughly what the OP was interested, in starting at ~$55k. The park suits us just fine but some would find it lacking because it isn't a "resort". There are washers and dryers but those are the only amenities. At present there's no club house and there are no organized activities. As I said, that's fine with us because we prefer to arrange our own activities but if you're looking for a snow-bird park this wouldn't suit you. Most of the owners are folks from Houston and San Antonio who use their sites for weekend getaways but we have an increasing number of people living here full time. If anyone has further interest in our park, please PM me and I'll be glad to provide more info.
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