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  1. Thanks for posting RV and Texas Gov may soon join NY and California Govs in being crispy toast and sent packing. ROTFLMAO!!!
  2. Good luck to you and thanks for thinking of U.S. veterans. P.S. 48 million American men claim they are Vietnam War veterans when only 5.8 million actually served there.
  3. I do have the real ID drivers license but I am able to fly without as I also have other valid ID such as my military 100% P&T disabled ID card with photo and no expire date plus U.S. and foreign pilots license ID cards with photos and thumbprints and VA 100% disable veterans ID with photo in addition to 3 expired U.S. passports. I carry all this when traveling by air.
  4. For my personal training purpose I messed around with electric tapes and heat strips but never had to use them and with electric failure would have been useless anyhow. Not sure if can connect to battery power with limited time before dead battery. One time my pink RV antifreeze froze solid in toilet bowl while TT in storage but all tanks and lines were empty. My boy scout training paid off. https://www.facebook.com/498thDustoffUnarmedandAlone
  5. Many years ago a very rude fifth wheeler at a Texas COE campground left all their outside scare lights on all night after hosting a loud party next to me. They were showing off new rig and tow vehicle. I knew from their loud arrogant attitude would be waste of time for me to say anything to them so I complained to the COE campground host not far away who saw and heard everything and they were told to be gone the next day. They had planned to stay full 3 day holiday weekend. Gone camper gone. I enjoy being mean to mean people. Sweet payback. Being tolerant of rude people only encourages t
  6. It has been several years since I was in their Sacramento store and they were fully stocked and bustling with customers just like Portland. Many RVers on this and other RV forums constantly praised Frys then and bragged about their purchases from there and reason I started shopping there. The Good old days were great for me but not so much for others. Cheers
  7. They are shutting down immediately. I always enjoyed shopping at their stores in California and Oregon. Maybe another victim of C virus according to some. RIP. Here is the proof you are always demanding when I easily found this on Google news just now. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/02/frys-electronics-is-no-more-and-all-30-stores-will-soon-close/
  8. Well said Packenrat. The Texas governor is delivering bottled water in SA or so I heard. ROTFLMAO.
  9. Some if not many home owners in Texas were able to use the onboard generators in the new Ford 150 pickups to power a limited number of appliances such as lights, coffee, microwaves , etc. for warmth and hot food and internet, charging phones, tablets, etc. The larger the engine then the more powerful the generators. This will send the sales of new 150s into space orbit and I may switch from Rams to Fords next go. All the insurance cost for the damage repair in Texas will also be passed onto the rest of us.
  10. Another new coronavirus variant now detected in 13 countries | Live Science These worrisome new VARIANTS just keep popping up. Like others I will be getting my vaccine shot in due time however unlike some others I know that the vaccine will not protect me against all the new VARIANTS that keep popping up. No wishful thinking here. Every year I get the flue shot the doctors and nurses TELL me that the flue vaccine does not protect against ALL VARIANTS/STRAINS of the FLUE. I do not read replies of certain forum members. Just skip them and on this one will read no replies. C
  11. What happens during prolonged periods of no wind and no sun that occurs quiet often in USA. How do you store wind power??? and if snow and ice covers the solar panels for a long time??? Just curious. The California Grid suffers frequent rolling blackouts and brownouts. Are they stand alone grid like Texas or are they connected to a regional multi state grid??? Just curious. I skip over comments and replies of certain forum members and you know who you are. Friendly regards.
  12. I invite my friends from my former home state of Texas to follow me to Nevada as I moved here about 8 to 9 years ago. Our winters are very mild with only short bouts of snow and ice in lower elevations. Extreme summer heat is of short duration in northern Nevada and cooler higher elevations are only one hour away. Cheers. P.S. I no longer read replies from certain members. It is easy to skip over these types.
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