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  1. I just signed up to Hulu basic service for $1.99 a month for one year to watch many many movies and TV shows, news, etc. After one year the rate goes to $5.49 or 5.99 per month. So far I have found many old and new movies for my watch list. Lots and lots of favorites. Some movies have ADs and some do not. Deal ends at midnight on November 30th. Happy Camper
  2. I hate to say it but both Amazon Music and Amazon Prime are winners for me. Lots and lots of free stuff for only 1.29 or 99 cents per song and only $100.00 per year for Prime movies. Don't ask me why I hate Amazon but a good deal is a good deal and their Amazon lockers are also very convenient for me. I wish they had more serious competition. Are you listening JB ???. Happy Camper. I have lots of company out there.
  3. Good call there rynosback. What is Verizon debt burden as compared to AT&T. AT&T as you know is trying to find a buyer for Direct TV at same time they are raising prices me thinks. At&T has extremely high debt burden and just started a major shakeup at their Warner Media division with rumors to sell WM assets including the news division. Direct TV just announced they are shutting down 60 local TV stations (??). Because of some grandfathered good deals I am staying with AT&T for now even though I don't like the politics of their executive management period. On another note according Victor David Hansen an economic history expert the US added $4 trillion dollars to the national debt due to pandemic and this on top of $40 trillion dollar debt load can only lead to runaway inflation or stark stagflation like that of the 70s. On a brighter side the other nations cannot call in our debt as a USA collapse would severely hurt them or cause their collapse since they have bought so much of our debt (loans to us). Like bankers lending too much money to land and stock speculators in old and modern times. The proverbial merry go round. As a former financial/tax accountant and financial planner with SEC certificate I agree with Hansen and others like him. Cheers
  4. Good call there Dutch. AT&T as you know is trying to find a buyer for Direct TV at same time they are raising prices me thinks. At&T has extremely high debt burden and just started a major shakeup at their Warner Media division with rumors to sell WM assets including the news division.
  5. For those streaming AT&T TV over internet with basic TV package Big Blue has in my case added several more movie channels to my package at no additional charge. These are 3 EPIX channels, 2 Showtime, 2 HBO but not HBO Max (I don't think) and a Cinemax channel. With a veterans discount I now pay $39.00 per month for at least 65 plus channels with 500 hours of no extra charge DVR recordings. I have all the news networks and weather channel. Just when I thought of jumping ship they add this. I also have their Mobley plan with discount of 20 to 22 dollars a month and a very old prepaid phone plan with unlimited talk and only one $1.00 a day if I use the phone that day for anything. I do not use mobile data on this phone. Captain Happy
  6. This latest Dish news from cordcuttersnews website in quotes"Nexstar Media Group is threatening to pull its channels from Dish, taking away customer access to 164 local channels in 120 markets across 42 states. Dish claims that Nexstar is “trying to use its market power to demand unreasonable rate increases while intentionally using millions of Americans as pawns in their negotiations.”Nexstar is currently the largest local station owner. With control over more stations than any other broadcaster, the company has been raising its rates, resulting in TV providers passing those increases on to customers. Nexstar is asking Dish to pay over $1 billion in fees for their television channels".Rest of this long story is on the cordcuttersnews website.
  7. By keeping interest rates at or near zero for a very long long time now the Fed is forcing Americans into risky investments in the stock, bond, real estate, etc. markets. From my long term research the only way to safely invest (a big maybe) in stocks is in stock index funds that tract S&P 500, etc. There many to choose from. After the 2008 stock market and economic sudden drop/downturn it was revealed that insider trading using complicated sophisticated computer buy and sell programs played a big part of the market sell off. In spite of criminal penalties there will always be insider trading. This can easily all happen again at anytime. I only break even at black jack and video poker and not smart enough to play live table games. People gambling in Vegas have more fun I suspect.
  8. Thanks docj for your experience. You definitely know your internet stuff.
  9. Thanks guys for the info about Visible website. I will view it now.
  10. Not upset or concerned just trying to inform other campers of latest internet news. I have heard many complaints about Comcast and other providers on this forum. So far Spectrum internet and my At&T mobley have been fairly priced for my use. Happy Camper.
  11. Thanks for additional info Ronbo. Latest Update according to cordcutters website Comcast will now include all 39 states in the 1.2TB data cap. These news outlets are treating the 1.2TB cap as a new news item from Comcast. Go figure. I have spectum internet and not sure if we have a data cap but will check this out soon.
  12. Thank you for your message and I have special feelings for Gold Star families such as family of my KIA Nam medevac crew chief 20 year old Ken Lamborn who was KIA on June 9, 1970.
  13. According to latest news from The Verge Comcast will be limiting home data cap to 1.2TB next year in a dozen states. They will also be raising cable and internet prices in January 2021 according to Cordcutters. Please verify this info for yourselves. Bad News Bear.https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/comcast-will-raise-cable-internet-prices-in-january-2021/
  14. Does anyone have the Visible Ghost phone and do you like it? Can you turn off mobile data feature when you want to and use only wifi for web surfing? I can now do this with my Nokia 2.3 smartphone, however I must exchange phones and use their Ghost phone if I switch over from AT&T prepaid. Will VZ in store people help you make the switch to Visible ??? Thanks all.
  15. Except for an original great mobley plan and device from AT&T I may dump my other prepaid phone and AT&T TV plans for a switch to Verizon and I do not use Direct TV. I never never watch their CNN. Only their in store people are customer friendly and helpful is only reason I have stayed.
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