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  1. Very good information solo 18 and I have experienced similar circumstances both hiking and driving at other locations. Also in the mountains it can get very dark early and quickly turn to very cold from hot in only a few hours even without wind such as Deer Lake, California, etc. that I was prepared for with warm clothing in backpack and a flashlight or I would have been stuck on steep twisting trail in pitch black darkness. Elevation is 7103 feet. I would have put their worthless news letter to another My mission is accomplished!!!!!
  2. Bryce Canyon elevation is almost 8000 feet and this is still very early May. On April 29th Lake Davis California elevation of 6000 feet received under forecasted late winter storm with 6 inches of snow. The forecast called for only a dusting of snow, light rain and cooler temperatures. It is very common in the western mountain areas I camp for sudden cold snaps and snow storms this time of year and a cold wind for a while. In August of 2019 I ran into a sudden non forecasted snow storm at top of Donner Summit on I 80 around noon that created icy slippery slush on the roadw
  3. I have often thought of the EMT option in the past for extended travel and camping including very remote BLM areas of the west and in the end decided on a 28 foot TT towed behind my Dodge Ram pickups. Cheers and good luck to you. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1734514206850757&type=3 My mission is complete and successful!!!!!!
  4. ***** My mission is complete and successful!!!
  5. I live on north side of Lake Tahoe and drive those mountain roads extensively plus occasional towing of a TT. There are a some highways I avoid especially when towing and/or night driving and take another longer also scenic route. Interstate 80 from Reno to Sacramento over Donner Pass is normally pleasant drive and easy tow except for inclement weather or big wrecks bringing traffic to a standstill for many miles and hours. This has happened to me twice in 5 years. When towing the John Day Highway 26 in Oregon the rear of my TT was hanging out over thin air as I rounded the curves in
  6. Thanks bigjim. The article confirmed what I said about having higher number axle ratio for towing heavy trailers and my previous comment was based upon reading the comments of RVers who have towed very heavy trailers and 5th wheels with HD pickups. "If you are constantly towing, the highest axle gear ratio possible is what you're after. The choice of a numerically higher axle ratio will only knock off about 1 mile per gallon from the truck's fuel economy. But since pickup truck fuel efficiency is low to begin with, even a 1 mpg reduction is significant". Sounds like they afford the ext
  7. Well axle ratio makes for a huge difference in towing ability especially heavy trailers in steep mountains or on rough 4X4 type off road conditions. For instance my Dodge Ram 2500 HD V10 truck had the 4.10 axle ratio I towed a 4500 to 5000 lb trailer with ease in the rockies and west coast mountains. Of course my trailer was not considered heavy or long. My two rams 1500 had only a 3.55 axle ratio and would tow same trailer in flatlands of Texas only. Of course the V8 engines were only 5.2 and 5.9 whereas the V10 was 8.0L. My V10 also came with the 3500 HD rear axle for the truck
  8. Electricians are expected to have expensive latest greatest tools of the trade however not all RVers have a need for those expensive sophisticated gadgets sport depending on type of RV used. No cheers for My mission is complete and successful!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have had 3 dodge rams including HD 2500 V10 and loved all of them. Towed several types of trailers including in the mountains of western usa + rockies. Great tow trucks but the new fords really impress the **** out of me.
  10. In case your display stops working or becomes inaccurate there is a cheap voltage read out tester that I bought at the auto parts store. Has one prong for negative and the other for positive that you touch to the battery post. The readout in green shows 12.5 and yellow as low when below 12.5 and then red for very low. When generator is running it will also show status of generator and if it is charging the battery. Very small tester that fits inside a small sandwich zip lock bag. Can use as backup only and can use I would think on tongue mounted RV battery/s as well as truck battery.
  11. In all my travels across the western USA from Texas to west coast over several years I have not needed any dealer work done on my TT thankfully. Many if not most RVers travel great distances for extended periods of time from their selling dealer home location so this puts them in nearly impossible situation for warranty work on their unit I would think. I was able to do my own small repairs and avoid expensive dealer non warranty work. In visiting the several RV dealers for spare parts including big and small mom and pop dealers I have found them to all be smart alecks and rude and is
  12. Please note I am not a Ford truck driver but maybe soon. Newer 150s have built in generators and now these added new features. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/ford-f-150-built-in-scales-payload-weight Retired Acct & SEC CFP. Former legislative aide and pilot to two Texas Governors, 4 Honorable Discharges from active Army, Guard and Reserves. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1739912699644241&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1735404620095049&type=3
  13. Accidently deleted my reply. Very experienced members will soon answer your question. Happy camping to you. Retired Acct & SEC CFP. Former legislative aide and pilot to two Texas Governors with 4 Honorable Discharges from the Army, Guard and Reserves. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1739912699644241&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1735404620095049&type=3
  14. Accidently deleted my reply " A soldier without a horse is a man afoot" said an actor in a famous movie.
  15. For the very few if any who may be affected Burning Man is again cancelled for the second year due to Covid according to local Reno newspaper a few days ago. As this is also an RV event with 80,000 members I am posting this as a PSA only. Several times a year I camp on BLM land close to the BR desert with sometimes a great view of the BR from mountains overlooking the area. Very remote and isolated most of the year with only a few cars seen on the 65 mile drive from Nixon to Gerlach (nearly a ghost town) on my very recent visit. Link to this news is easily found by anyone interested. BM p
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