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  1. Now you are asking the general question about mobile internet instead of asking about one service. Now we can help you. The best source on this information is Mobile Internet Resource Center, run by Techmomadia hear is their getting started guide - https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/getting-started/ .
  2. That might work, but you can't spoof a Jetpack into looking like a phone and might get detected and shut down. The smart ones are using something like a MoFi4500 ($300) and making configuration changes so it looks like a phone to the network.
  3. Turns out there are special rules for those with family across the border. A US cousin is in BC right now dogsitting while his sister is on a trip.
  4. Something to note is that Verizon now had 100GB/$55 and 150GB/$80 Jetpack plans for those with unlimited cell phone plans, not just the 15GB (or 30GB for some) plans they had for a the last few years.
  5. Our Mobley SIM is working fine in its Unite Explore 815S mobile hotspot.
  6. These new data only plans are only for hotspots and mobile routers like the Mofi and others.
  7. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-launches-new-data-only-plans-up-to-150gb-for-80-month/ for some analysis. For someone who needs lots of high speed data, this is great, as long as they are ready to pay. If you already have Verizon unlimited cell phones, you can get 150GB of data only for $80, then add T-Mobile's 100GB/$50 and AT&T's (or Crickets) 100GB/$55 and you have 350GB per month for less than $200. I know this sounds a lot compared to paying $25 on a Party plan for Visible, but there are many who need more than Visible supplies.
  8. I have seen this at the campgrounds in the Canadian Rockies, they have separate campgrounds with electric fences for tents and soft-sided trailers.
  9. If you have a Discover Pass ($30 a year) there are multiple state parks in the area. We like to walk around Anderson Lake State Park, just to the west of Evergreen Coho. We also drive to Fort Flagler State Park and when in Port Townsend we go to Fort Worden State Park for walks. Fort Townsend State Park is also local.
  10. One of the reasons we still have a DVD player is my wife has Yoga DVDs that she uses in the RV.
  11. I had a similar problem many years ago with a power strip, but it was more obvious than yours since the power strip just had to be plugged in to cause a GFCI fault.
  12. Windows 11 also doubles down on using the "cloud" to use lots of bandwidth doing stuff Microsoft deems important, like news feeds and syncing Office, but not all of us want. Anyway I tried the upgrade checker on both of my main laptops and this one, a fairly old 15", is not compatible with Windows 11, while my 4-year old 13" one I take to coffee shops and hotel trips is compatible.
  13. I have some really old laptops running Windows 10, two of which are 32-bit computers that started life as Windows XP and Vista machines. I have definitely had machines die on me, and my wife just replaced her 5 or 6 year old Windows laptop due to a hard drive issue. The hard drive is replaceable but she figured a new laptop with a solid state drive was worth it to her. The massively faster boot times are worth it to her and we can afford to replace her old laptop completely, instead of just the hard drive. Remember Windows 10 was a free upgrade from Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 and Windows 7 was a free upgrade from Vista. I can't remember if Windows 7 or Vista was a free upgrade from Windows XP, but I think there was a time that was true. I do not remember buying a Windows upgrade after XP. I know people who have had Macs that died early, I have know people who have Macs for a very long time. The same with Windows machines. I have also installed Linux on many an older Windows laptop, including my very old Dell Studio 15 I bought in 2010 that I still use. My 2c. Getting into arguments over how long computers and operating systems last doesn't gain anything. I just visited a friend who still has multiple working Commodore Amiga machines.
  14. "Front-wheel-drive (1.5L gas FWD/ 1.6L diesel) and AWD (1.6L diesel only) vehicles can be towed. Shift transmission to Neutral. Ignition to ACC. Turn off accessories. Run vehicle at the beginning of each day and at each fuel stop for about 5 minutes. See owner’s manual."
  15. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/ (Technomadia) for all answers. It is where we go to find this kind of information. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/mifijetpack-usb-modem-or-smartphone-hotspotting/ talks about mifi's versus hotspotting a phone. Here is their guide to the best data plans available now - https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/top-cellular-data-plans-for-rvers-cruisers-verizon-att-t-mobile-and-sprint/ (this guide changes as the plans change, but most plans can be grandfathered if no longer available by just paying the bill) Visible is owned by Verizon and uses a phone hotspot. There are topics here on using Visible with a cheap travel router to get around the one device limit on the hotspot. If we did not already have a grandfathered unlimited Verizon plan we would have a Visible phone or two. AT&T (and Cricket) have $55 for 100GB mobile internet plans, while T-Mobile has a $60 5G for 100GB mobile internet plan. FMCA has a $50 for unlimited Sprint plan and the non-profit Calyx Institute has their various unlimited plans on Sprint/T-Mobile from $500 to $750, which is what we use.
  16. Don't expect the UPS store to be good about sending your mail to different addresses as you travel. At least that was out experience.
  17. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/tv-movie-entertainment-on-the-road/ is their guide on streaming.
  18. I find it so amusing that people are worrying about privacy with Amazon and posting links to Facebook.
  19. Rice and a slow cooking soup on the two back burners, vegetables and a main dish on the two front burners.
  20. For an under sink RO system, it does make sense to pipe the brine water back to the fresh water tank. Most of your fresh water tank is used for cleaning, not drinking, so if it is a bit brinier, that is OK.
  21. Had this problem and it was a loose wire connection to the GFCI. I turned off the breaker, loosened the GFCI plate and pulled it out of the wall and fixed the wiring.
  22. Texting would not have worked in our situation due to the main communication was a land line phone. But that is a great solution for many and would work for my wife's family if it came to that.
  23. For a while I had to be available by phone due to family issues. I had a Verizon phone, but there were places it did not work. I ended up carrying a T-Mobile phone as backup and that solved my problem in most places even though there were places T-Mobile did not have service or the service was flaky. One place Verizon did not work reliably was the Escapees Co-op in Chimacum WA, a couple more are the Thousand Trails in La Conner WA and South Beach OR. Since then we have both an AT&T and Sprint mobile hotspot and our Verizon phones will do WiFi calling, so we just put the phones on WiFi using the mobile hotspot that works were we are camped. We have done this multiple times.
  24. Check your plans for hotspot limits since it sounds like you will be using a computer in addition to the phones. Video conferencing uses lots of data. An iPad with its own unlimited data plan might be something to look at.
  25. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/t-mobile-prepaid-and-metro-by-t-mobile-discontinue-100gb-mobile-internet-data-plans/ - The postpaid plan is still available.
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