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  1. We somehow locked the keys in our HHR some time back. Called a tow truck and it took longer to pay him than it did for him to open a door. I think tow truck driver could make more money stealing cars!!! Maybe they do!😁
  2. You can buy any tablet and install the Kindle app on it. I have a Samsung tablet and use the Kindle app to read all sorts of books on it.
  3. This question has been asked 4353483524 times on internet forums. The answer is always the same. "It depends". None of us have the same reason to be on the road. None of us do exactly the same while on the road. None of us have the same expectations. And we are all biased. We have to be biased to choose what we have. FWIW we have had a 35 A class. Gas. A 40ft coach conversion. Diesel. A 40ft diesel pusher. All with toad. Now we have a 20ft B Class. Every one of them had/has their pros and cons. And not one was better than the other. Life's a compromise and so are Rvs.
  4. OK I misread and didn't grasp the 'new batteries' bit.
  5. Kirk if the batteries are on their last legs they may struggle to hold any power! Just a thought. I've had this happen to me. Full charge one day and dead the next. No phantom loads. So maybe a battery or even one cell is the issue.
  6. We have gone for a short drive. On return our water hose had been disconnected and stolen. Now tell me how low some folks can go! BTW it was in a "high end" RV part in Fort Worth. We were parked among a lot of "high end" RVs.
  7. With new cars you don't even need the key out of your pocket. As long as the cars computer can talk to it it will work. I knocked one of our basment doors closed. Yes I had put the keys on the basement floor. The door slammed shut and some how locked itself. What to do? I called a RV service guy who came to the RV park. 10 seconds after arriving I was handing over his $50 fee. He just gave the door a sharp pull and it came open! FWIW it was an expensive Country Coach with "top" security. So they said!
  8. Predictions of the downfall of fossil fueled vehicles is not based on facts, economics or common sense. EV's are pushed by an ideology. No more no less. Sure some areas of this world are suited to EVs. Wealthy countries that have money and the infrastructure to support EVs. Large cities. But have a long hard look at a map of the world. Tell me how poorer countries are going to go to EVs when they haven't even yet got a power grid. Tell me how remote areas will have to install power outlets behind a rock or a tree. Tell me how the battery powered private planes are going whiz the 'elite' off to various summits that conclude that those well off are able to tell those with nothing how to live their lives and that their aspirations of improving there lot in life isn't important. Humans are a selfish lot. Quick to take and when they have what they want lecture those who even dream about a better life. The sad thing is that we all hear the words but do nothing to stop the small percentage who are making all the noise. The market and demand will set the pace of change. Capitalism will see to that.
  9. The market will determine any changes. Let ing the politicians try to legislate any change will guarantee a complete stuff up. And it won't happen in the next 5 to 10 years. Manufacturers are working on models many years before that. An you can be sure the oil industry has a say in the timeline.
  10. Darryl that's some neat road. Like many Australian roads but cold!!
  11. I have been spending sometime tidying up some of our old photos and came to the conclusion that some our most interesting drives have been on roads less well traveled. So I thought I would ask if others have found a great drive that wasn't on the 'must do' list? Here's a few that we found were above average but not publicized. 1/ Highway US14 then US20 then US26 from Sheridan Wy to Idaho falls. Great drive alongside rivers and through great forests. Almost no traffic and a well built road. 2/ The Great River Road. East side. Along the Mississippi. Great road winding along by the river through old river towns. 3/ State Highway 141 south of Grand Junction, Co. Great road and magical drive through canyons and along side the world heritage flumes. I could go on and on but that's three of our favourites. I get all gooey just thinking about the good old days. This virus has bought a halt to many folks travels but not crime in going down memory lane. What other great drives have you done that weren't on the tourist maps?
  12. It's "only" an opinion. As long as there is a trucking industry there will be diesel powered A class motorhomes. Another factor to keep in mind while looking at current RV sales is the nature of the current market. Before covid there was a limit to how many folks purchased RVs. Only those who "wanted" to go RVing purchased RVs. Now with covid affected travel, especially over seas, a whole new market has opened up. Now the market is flooded with new RVers. These new buyers are distorting the RV market. Very few new RVers will jump into a large A class. So that alone will distort sales figures. Then when covid is just a bad memory the new Ever will return to world travel. Then the market may well tank. Politics and ideaollogy are heavily invested in pushing out fossil fuel demand. In large countries such as the USA and Australia EVs are simply not viable. Infrastructure alone will impede the demise of diesel. Imagine Flying J etc removing diesel pumps and installing power outlets. Until you can recharge your EV in the same time as filling you diesel tank. Or travel as far between fuel stops. Sure let's go green. But let market forces make the change and not the city based dreamers. Beta was better than VHS but market forces determine otherwise. So what will the RV market do without political interference?
  13. By American standards it's small. But not by other markets.
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