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  1. The fact that you have an account with a Telco is all that is needed. They have all your details. From there "hackers" can look inside your world. Your only solution is to build your own network and connect it to nothing. Not even Facebook.
  2. Kirk this is a 'stacked' thread. Being RVers we all have wandering genes so we are way ahead of the pack. I can remember years back Nat Geo doing a survey of university graduates with world geography questions. They were embarrassed by the results. I guess in these troubled times that won't improve but internal travel should improve. Travel is like football. Some like it some don't. Don't encourage it. If you do then those wonderful spots will become crowded and we will all start complaining. We have been lucky. Travelled many parts of the world. But seen little. Touched down and transited many airports. Attended business meetings in foreign cities and seen nothing of those cities. Driven across US states in blizzards in white knuckle conditions and seen nothing. So my list of states and countries is vague because I don't really know the definition of what qualifies as "been there". One of my favorite authors said you can drive from coast to coast in the USA on the interstate and see nothing.
  3. Folks we've drifted off the track here. Yes we are all a bit round in our later years. It's called old aged spread. Well not so old aged spread!! But why did we go RVing? For us it was to simplify our lives. To suck in the clean air. What there is of it now days!. To see what's over the hill and behind the tree. To eat what they are eating and to see how they live. To open our eyes and see how the other 99.99% live. FWIW we love the USA. Sure you guys do it in style. We love that aspect of the USA. Sure your National Parks are wizbang but so are your trails. Go more than 100 yards from the trail head and the world opens up. The CCC was the best thing that America ever had. Those guys, and gals, gave you assets that are beyond belief now days. Something we can only dream of here in Australia. If you ever want to trade your system for ours just hollar.
  4. Hey Dapperdan I'm trying to preach 'simple is better' and you go and throw a rig like that into the mix. Would go please go away and stop annoying me! 😂
  5. On another thread about solar I raised the question about why we need all our 'stuff' while RVing. Which made me think about why we went RVing in the first place. Different answer for different folks I guess. Some to see the world/country. Some to see family. Some to work. All while traveling with all the comforts of home. But for others RVing is an escape. An escape from this ever nuttier world we are living in. An escape to a simpler life style. Me/us. Well health and the almighty dollar drove me into a health crisis. So a search for the simpler life style found us in an RV in a foreign land called the USA. Had 5 wonderful years traveling. Health improved. So what did we do. Returned to Australia. Went back to work. Started the cycle all over again. Health went south. Back to the USA 8 years later. Another motorhome. 10 years later health caught up to me again. Folks in Lexington hospital were brilliant. Saved my life. Shipped me back to Australia. Now we have a simple little motorhome without all the complications here in Australia. Moral? Oh yeah there's a moral to this story. Life's short. Stuff is expensive and only complicates your life. You father and grandfather and great grandfather got on just fine without it. Ask yourself why you really want to go camping and if you really need 3 a/c units, the coffee machine, the bread maker, 3 tv sets, or any tv sets at all. Who wants to watch politicians scratch each others eyes out anyway? Why do you go RVing?
  6. The sad thing is that the very reason we go camping is to get away from thing things we take with us. Think about it!
  7. It's all about lifestyle and expectations. We have 200 watts of solar and 210amp batteries and get on just fine. No a/c and no long showers. Always boondock. As a rule of thumb 2 x the solar watts for the battery amps. Without upsetting our American friends I would suggest Australian RVs are way ahead of American RVs in the way of independent camping. We have to be!!
  8. Simple choice for me. A class pushers are a PITA to service. Super Cs can be serviced at any truck centre. And for truck centre prices.
  9. Yes but ask your self why so many Australian's got flu shots. It's because of covid-19 fears. So either way covid-19 has lowered the flu season.
  10. I know there has been another thread on flu shots but rather than hijacking it I thought I would put some data into perspective. The below link is some flu data from Australia. For those only needing the information without reading the whole article - In Australia there has been 532 flu cases during our winter in 2020. Compared to 188600 during 2019. In August there were 120 case compared to approx 60000 for August 2019. You will need to read the article to see the conclusions. But in a nut shell while covid-19 is 'killing' folks it is also saving lives! Here in Australia there has been a net gain. ie there have been more lives saved than have died from covid-19. (Caveat about Australia's death total from covid-19. One failed hotel quarantine in Victoria accounts for approx 750 of Australia's 850 deaths. Without that bungle Australia would 'only' have approx 120 covid-19 deaths). Social distancing and hand washing are the key!! https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/flurelated-hospital-admissions-plummet-from-900-to-just-1-in-brisbane-thanks-to-covid/news-story/93aadbab3a7867a3a5711f1dc8d2883b
  11. Here in Australia, seeing Australia has been mentioned a few times, there are 2 basic types of flu shots. Live and dead. (I don't know the technical terms). Flu shots are free for many/most Australians or $20.00, about US$14.00, at a pharmacy. What's the cost in the USA? As mentioned the flu is less of a concern this year due to the measures in place for covid-19. The drop in flu deaths has more than out weighed the deaths from/with covid. So there is a positive news item about covid-19 you won't see on most of the media. There may be a positive with the covid-19 virus and that is our change in habits. Maybe, just maybe, those habits will become long term. That may mean a drop over all in flu cases. No more jabs😊
  12. You don't say what size, amp hour, your battery is.
  13. In a country with lots of dirt/gravel roads I think it's a no brainer. Front radiator. Easier service done at any truck centre. I dream of super c class RVs.
  14. It's not just length. Height can also be an issue in many parks.
  15. Way back some years ago we had a Holiday Rambler on a Ford chassis. At a FMCA rally we had it weighed. Front left was way heavier. Had the generator, kitchen etc all up in that side/corner. Bad design. We took those figures and the paper work to the Holiday Rambler factory service center. They checked the numbers on their scales. They had no idea. Units were calculated not weighed. Result was a trip to a Ford dealer. They installed new heavier springs in the front. No cost to us. Service guys told us that many manufacturers don't design RVs in house. Weights are estimated and the factory simply went by the "should be" calculations. That was back around 1997. So it's possible for each corner to have way/weigh different weights!!!!
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