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  1. I've seen some C class units with very poorly installed tow gear/hitches. I've also seen some C class units with long rear overhangs. Both situations may give you grief. Just saying!
  2. Kirk I guess in brown country the load would blend in! 😉
  3. There is so much stress in the world at the moment I thought this story may lighten your day. But as the title says - caution it's not a news story for everyone. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-10/worlds-longest-sewage-truck-trek-an-essential-service/12553868 So when you moan about your job think of this lady.
  4. Here ya go. Some free entertainment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NokwepgrlpM
  5. OK a reality check!! Here in Australia we have over 680 National Parks. With half of nothing funding. The USA has some of the best NPs to be found anywhere in the world. I would happily pay more fees/taxes to have 'only' 60+ National Parks. The CCC improved many parks just so folks can enjoy them today. Politics? Sure but what a great assets the USA have. Love them and forget what politics got them there.
  6. I posted the image to lighten up the subject. The truck would be over 200ft long. 4 trailers. Not something you would try parking in the local Walmart lot. Oh well. Have a nice Christmas and remember life goes on.
  7. Thought you folks in the states would like to see how the vaccine is being distributed in Australia. No puny little FedEx vans for us !!! Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a happier new year.
  8. Many hotel chains have long term rates for workers.
  9. Australia's flu cases this season have been mentioned above. For what it's worth Australia, in the period Jan to Jun 2020, there were 'just' 36 flu deaths. (Remember that's our fall winter period). The same period last year was 430 flu deaths. The 'theory' being that folks are taking a more cautious approach to hand washing, social distancing and the wearing of masks where close contact was unavoidable. It can therefor be argued that 394 lives have been saved by covid-19. (It would be interesting to do a similar calculation for the USA). The point is that commons sense actions by individu
  10. Years ago I removed a swivel chair in our motorhome. Not as easy as it seemed. There were 4 bolts holding it down. Those bolts had been installed from underneath the floor. The heads of the bolts were then coverup up with the basement headliner. So those bolts stayed. The only way around the problem was to cut the bolts off at carpet level. Or ignore them and put the new furniture over them. We ignored them. And a caution. There's a reason things are bolted down. It's because they can tap you on the back of the head in an accident. (Motorhomes). Have you ever considered the loose items th
  11. NamMedevac 70 I wasn't referring to you. Just making a general comment.
  12. I find it perplexing that someone would be worried about their safety on the side of a country road at night but wont wear a mask to protect their safety! I'm talking hear about riders and the tow truck drivers. It's a strange world we are now living in.
  13. JimK I hope your reply was a poor attempt at humour! Totally uncalled for. Even if you were serious then you should be made aware of the fact that cameras have things called lenses. Some of those lens can even photograph from a safe distance. Why do folks always try to pull down anyone trying to create something they haven't the energy to do themselves?
  14. There are lots of folks out there who were told they had a dumb idea. They ignored the naysayers and followed their hearts. Go for it. Remember the cemeteries are full of folks who are 'goingtooneday'. Just take the advice above and get an authorization from your subjects for the 'possible' use of their image. Do the numbers. There are 10's of thousands of RVers out there. If you can get just 0.001% you will have a lot of images. Good luck.
  15. The fact that you have an account with a Telco is all that is needed. They have all your details. From there "hackers" can look inside your world. Your only solution is to build your own network and connect it to nothing. Not even Facebook.
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