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  1. That is the problem with a color-coded gauge...it is non-specific. The specifications on the Amazon link you provided says it is set to 40 - 50 psi at the factory. Since you're there for only 1 night, I'd just deal with the low pressure you adjusted to and see what happens at the next park. Or, you could contact the office and ask if they know how high the park's water pressure is. If it is 70 psi, your regulator is telling you it's high, but appears to be handled.
  2. It is after Labor Day. While not every school district is open, a lot are so kids are back in school. Parents are starting back to work, too. Those are 2 reasons RV parks are less busy. 2 months ago I wonder if you could have found a spot in Jetty Park.
  3. IIRC, they are going to combine the two into an online version. Glad I didn't renew Trailer Life.
  4. Not new and nothing to do with DeJoy. Apparently the individual postmaster can do what they want with respect to general delivery forms and time.
  5. Not quite. Cancer is almost 600,000 per year, but I think your point is some people are making decisions without thinking of the consequences. And that appears to be true.
  6. Consider one like this. Adjustable with a screw driver and you can see what the pressure is. DO NOT let it freeze or you'll have to replace the the gauge. Don't ask me how I know. Twice.
  7. Making it the #3 cause of death in the US, according to the CDC.
  8. Depends on the rig. Some claim to have plumbing that can handle 110 psi. I have my pressure regulator set at 70 psi. It is infrequent I find a park higher than 50 psi. And I ALWAYS use the regulator, whether I need to or not. Just part of my set up routine.
  9. $2.65 in Fairplay, CO. $2.25 an hour away in Woodland Park, CO. A couple no name stations in Canon City, CO had it for $2.10.
  10. Meh. Regular air is nearly 80% nitrogen already, so...
  11. You're better off asking in the HDT forum instead of the marketplace.
  12. Thanks. Should have known, especially since the thing was dated nearly 2 weeks ago.
  13. Saw on another site today. Is it data manipulation, politics, some other nonsense, or fact?
  14. Yes. My coach has 2 stickers, each with a different PSI ratings; one says 115 and the other says 125. So, I split the difference and run 120 in my Saliun tires. I also ran 120 in the OEM tires. I do not remember the make. The TST sensors have read over 140 on some days. I have yet to find a reliable source that says those pressures are too high. As long as all 4 tires are similar pressure, I call it good. If one was a lot higher than the rest, I would worry about a problem.
  15. The only difference between the dually and any other vehicle will be the walking distance. Still have to deal with groceries and the child back at any vehicle.
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