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  1. So you're saying that poster spent 8 yrs fulltiming in a Class B? Interesting he didn't say that himself.
  2. That is why I said wow. But you probably meant to quote gjhunter instead of me.
  3. Companies buy and sell all the time. AT&T has been affiliated with Direct for what, 10 yrs or so? It now appears Direct no longer fits in their company strategic plan.
  4. Replaced our RV recliners with a couple Lazy Boys. Very happy with them.
  5. I don't think AAA can prohibit anything. It is more likely the individual tow companies instituted the policy to protect their employees.
  6. 2 of them being used fulltime by single guys in the park I'm at. Both are happy with them. Both removed the Happi Jack seats in the garage. One changed from a gasser class A toy hauler he's used for 10 years to the Momentum.
  7. A few years ago my wife and I met a British couple who owned a fifthwheel and truck to pull it here in the US. They spend the maximum time allowed (6 months?) traveling the US before heading back across the pond to the UK. There they spend the minimum required time before coming back to the US. They've been doing it for years. IIRC, they have to spend a certain number of days in the UK to keep their medical insurance coverage.
  8. http://www.simplereflectioncleaner.com/ Anyone have real world experience with this stuff? Web page and youtube vids claim you can use it to clean everything. I have a hard time believing in "waterless" products for cleaning dirt off the exterior of any vehicle. Maybe as a "dust" remover, but cleaning road grime...nope.
  9. To each their own, but I don't understand why anyone would want to travel to the US when cases are climbing...unless their country has a higher level of cases.
  10. Did he test positive only once? Elon Musk tested positive twice and negative twice in the same day using the same nurse and the same testing methodology.
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