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  1. I wasn't even thinking about trucks or RVs or messy diesel fuel. My comment had to do only with cars and was an observation that when I am taking a long car trip I would find it annoying to have to spend 30-60 minutes at a Supercharger waiting to get charged, assuming I didn't have to wait to use the charger. No one is criticizing your enjoyment of your EV. I'm sure that many of us will own them eventually. All I'm noting is that EVs aren't the be all and end all of all the world's transportation problems. As long as the electricity they use is even partially generated by fossil-fuel burning power plants, they aren't as beneficial to the environment as many people believe and using them will entail compromises and changes in behavior as I've noted here. If I were on a 500 mile car ride from DC to Boston, as I have been many times, I wouldn't want to kill an hour waiting to get a charge. JMO.
  2. Call me set in my ways, but I view 30-60 minutes for charging when I'm on a long day's drive to be an annoyance compared to 5-10 minutes (or less) for gassing up. Sure, we can learn to change our ways and we can try to time recharging with meal breaks, etc, but it still takes longer no matter how you slice it.JMO
  3. I noticed that also and agree with your comments.
  4. Our understanding of the virus and its transmission mechanisms continues to evolve. This article is a readable summary of what we currently believe to be true. about airborne transmission It does raise some interesting questions. For example at events such as John Lewis's funeral, the audience was masked and socially spaced, but the speakers were unmasked. However, if the virus is, indeed airborne, wearing cotton masks is far less effective in preventing a person from breathing "in" a virus particle than they are in preventing a speaker from spewing them out! Just something to think about! Here's the article: We Need to Talk About Ventilation
  5. And don't even think about the fate of the original Donner Party! 😄
  6. This has been discussed in many threads on this forum. All the law requires you to provide is an address at which you can (eventually) be reached. It doesn't have to be your address and, as the document you posted says, using this address will have no impact on mail being delivered to you. In other words, no one cares what you put enter as long as the law is complied with! Just use a child's address or even a friend's, We' have only one financial organization that insisted on doing this and it has never used the address we provided.
  7. i believe that the 55+ plan has a 600kbps hotspot limit which is why you probably couldn't stream with it. "old people" aren't supposed to understand what streaming is! 😁
  8. To clarify the record, two of the three plans we are using are still publicly available. If you choose not to deal with MVNO plans, that is your right. But I'd rather use hundreds of GB a month compared to the 15-20 GB/mo of data I can get directly from Verizon. I keep my postpaid Verizon phones as backups to my low-cost data-only plans.
  9. You can barely dry a load of clothes in an hour with a 240V residential dryer, let alone one in an RV running on 120V. Is your dryer propane fired? Or do you have it wired for 240V?
  10. I've mentioned this before, but it is possible to stream all your video while relying ONLY on low-cost MVNO/reseller plans. We dropped DirecTV 9 months ago and use YouTube TV along with Netflix, Acorn, Prime, HBO, etc. We're currently using 3 internet connections--Visible, a grandfathered unlimited prepaid Jetpack, and an AT&T hotspot through OTR Mobile, We use our postpaid Verizon phone hotspots as backups, if necessary. We accomplish this through what is known as load balancing. There's a good article about it and connection bonding on the Mobile Internet Resource Center which you can find here: Load balancing and connection bonding With our load balanced configuration we rarely get rebuffering delays and when they occur they are only for a couple of seconds. The cost of having our 3 connections is ~$150/mo but we were already paying for one of them even when we had DirecTV so that we had a source for Netflix and other streaming services. Our current total is a bit less than the total of DirecTV plus one of the connections. Joel (AKA docj)
  11. People continually act as if having separate washers and dryers makes for a big improvement in how long it takes to do a couple of loads of wash. In fact, having separate units results in a ~one hour reduction in the length of time it takes to do two loads of wash (out of a six hour wash/dry cycle.) If you have two loads to wash, having separate units means that the second wash can get started when the first wash is finished. For argument sake, let's assume washes take one hour and dry cycles take two hours. So at the end of the first hour the first load of clothes goes into the dryer and the second load of clothes goes into the washer. At the end of the second hour the second load of clothes has finished washing but the first load is still drying. At the end of the third hour the first load of wash will have finished drying and the second load can then be dried for two more hours. Total elapsed time 5 hours. With a combo the total elapsed time would be roughly 2 times the 3 hour wash/dry cycle = 6 hours. For us that one hour saving wouldn't balance out the loss of the huge storage pantry we have in the space above the combo. Yes, we could fit separate units in the space but we wouldn't want to lose the storage. Furthermore, we typically wash single loads when we have them and rarely have two loads of clothes to wash at one time. For us, the beauty of having our own washer/dryer is that we don't have to accumulate dirty clothes to wash. JMO
  12. My wife is an RN. She agrees with your tattoo approach, but she thinks that "no-makers" should also have DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) tattooed on their chests so that medical personnel don't waste their time with them! ☚ī¸ (Those with legitimate medical reasons for not wearing a mask don't have to have the DNR tattoo.)
  13. More likely: I ain't scared of no virus! 😁
  14. My suspicion is that someone using the park's IP address was suspected of being part of a Denial of Service attack which is something that Cloudflare commonly protects sites against. The person's computer may have been "infected" in the sense that it had been hijacked and was, subsequently, part of a DOS attack.
  15. Maybe people would accept wearing masks more if they understood that the data is showing that masks appear to reduce the severity of the disease if you do catch it. It's what the doctors call the "viral load". Your body can fight off a small number of virus particles without you getting all that sick, but if you inhale lots of them they can overwhelm your defenses. Mask wearing can reduce severity of COVID-19 cases
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