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  1. For an under sink RO system, it does make sense to pipe the brine water back to the fresh water tank. Most of your fresh water tank is used for cleaning, not drinking, so if it is a bit brinier, that is OK.
  2. Had this problem and it was a loose wire connection to the GFCI. I turned off the breaker, loosened the GFCI plate and pulled it out of the wall and fixed the wiring.
  3. Texting would not have worked in our situation due to the main communication was a land line phone. But that is a great solution for many and would work for my wife's family if it came to that.
  4. For a while I had to be available by phone due to family issues. I had a Verizon phone, but there were places it did not work. I ended up carrying a T-Mobile phone as backup and that solved my problem in most places even though there were places T-Mobile did not have service or the service was flaky. One place Verizon did not work reliably was the Escapees Co-op in Chimacum WA, a couple more are the Thousand Trails in La Conner WA and South Beach OR. Since then we have both an AT&T and Sprint mobile hotspot and our Verizon phones will do WiFi calling, so we just put the phones on WiFi
  5. Check your plans for hotspot limits since it sounds like you will be using a computer in addition to the phones. Video conferencing uses lots of data. An iPad with its own unlimited data plan might be something to look at.
  6. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/t-mobile-prepaid-and-metro-by-t-mobile-discontinue-100gb-mobile-internet-data-plans/ - The postpaid plan is still available.
  7. For new laptops I find that about $400 to $450 is the magic range for a decent unit. Every once in a while I find something for under $400, but there are plenty in the $400 to $450 range. It is common for family to ask me to find them a deal or something to recommend. For touchscreens or 2-in-1s you might have to go to $600 or so, which is the preferred type for the younger set.
  8. USPS Shutting Down Informed Delivery App This Summer - the text: In a bit of sad, yet unsurprising news, USPS announced this week that it’s shutting down its Informed Delivery apps for Android and iOS. I’m not sure if I should be blaming Postmaster General DeJoy for this, but he seems to be the main reason USPS sucks right now, so yeah, I’m just gonna blame him for it. Be better, DeJoy. If you aren’t signed up for Informed Delivery, you’re doing mail wrong. Each morning, USPS sends you an email or notification about what pieces of mail will be in your box that day. The post office li
  9. Many companies are now designing small nukes that use a mix of waste and new Uranium, thus cutting down the waste. Plus anyone who was involved with the US nuclear waste search for a repository in the 1980s, knows that politics was the main issue, not finding a site and making it safe.
  10. Got our second Pfizer shot on Friday. Both of us had less side effects than the first shot, which is a strong indicator that we had Covid some time in the past. We know when that was, December 2019 to January 2020, when we were both sick after being in Los Angeles area going to museums, aquariums and the Queen Mary.
  11. I know many people whose ears are trained enough to tell the difference between a grand piano, baby grand piano and upright piano just from listening to a recording. Some can even guess the brand name. An electronic keyboard might not cut it for some of them, but others will accept the compromises, just like they accept that they do not have room at home for a grand piano.
  12. My cousin said that road kill raccoon was some of the best bait to put in a crab pot. He didn't do it himself, but saw the results when others used it.
  13. My wife worked for an Exxon subsidiary for many years, which Exxon sold to someone else and then it started making money. At the time Exxon had one business model and when they bought into other businesses they tried to run them like an oil company, and often failed. They tried office equipment, computers, nuclear fuel (where my wife worked), and many others. Admittedly her experience was many decades ago, but I am not surprised Exxon would have the view that a different business would not make enough money since the company has lots of experience not making money on anything but oil.
  14. https://www.turbokool.net/product-p/2b-0001-turbokool-swamp-cooler.htm is all I could find that mounts on the roof. It sounds like one an RV blogger used many years ago. Best RV Swamp Coolers - these are all boxes for inside the RV.
  15. Fort Stockton has a nice museum, the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum, that is worth visiting.
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