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  1. We got our flu shots a couple weeks ago and neither my wife or I had any side affects this time.
  2. Fort Myers is not cheap, but we liked it and if we were from the Midwest or further east, we might have bought a lot and gone there every year. South Florida is warmer than Arizona most winters, and being a bit more humid the temperatures do not drop as much when the sun goes down. Our first winters we also moved around and found the areas and campgrounds we liked. For us that ended up Fort Myers and Mesa.
  3. You can buy a Kill-A-Watt meter, available at some hardware stores and Amazon - https://smile.amazon.com/P3-P4400-Electricity-Usage-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU/, to test how many watt-hours the oxygen concentrator actually uses over a period of time and really know what you need. (I was surprised to see the Kill A Watts cost in the $40 range now, since they used to be about $20.) Kill-A-Watt's or similar devices, are very useful when you are trying to size battery/inverter combinations.
  4. The other problem is if you use more than 15GB per month on most hotpots, you get slowed to unusable. Good for weekend trips, not for longer or for work.
  5. Technomadia's guide to the best plans - https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/top-cellular-data-plans-for-rvers-cruisers-verizon-att-t-mobile-and-sprint/ and their guide to streaming - https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/tv-movie-entertainment-on-the-road/ .
  6. Yesterday we woke up to ash on the car. We were just north of the high winds that caused power outages in the Seaside/Cannon Beach Oregon area. Lots of smoke in Oregon, some on the Washington side where we are. 80s on the Oregon and Washington coast, which is unusual. The West Coast could use rain and lower temperatures to get the fires under control. Some places, including where my wife's sister and mother live in Southern California, had air quality numbers in the 600s, which is dangerous.
  7. "going South on US 79 - US 385 to Sidney, NE" I can recommend starting with this route, the roads were great when we took this in 2019. (We also stayed at the Cabelas campground in Sidney). We had reasons to visit Colorado Springs, so we braved Denver and it was no fun.
  8. Know that there are two Chevy/Workhorse chassis, the P series and the W series. The W series was what we had in our 2002 Dolphin. The P series was known for a sloppy ride, the W series for sometimes being too stiff. We did end up making suspension improvements, but many did nothing and were still happy. We recently encountered a single woman with a stock 2003 Dolphin on a W chassis that was happy.
  9. The Long Beach WA/Astoria OR area is packed for this holiday weekend. In town people are wearing masks when going into stores and restaurants, but about half take them off on crowded sidewalks and trails. The locals are torn between being scared of the virus and needing to make money. Everyone expects it to get a lot quieter Monday afternoon. Normally the season runs one more weekend because of car shows, but they were cancelled this year. We have not seen our family members who live here, they have medical issues and are sheltering at home. We will be working our way south to the same park as Barb in Mesa AZ for an October arrival, where we also have a park model. We have reservations much of the way and at least one place said they were going to be full, so the snowbirds are on the move. We might change routes due to forest fires and hope we do not have to change routes due to Covid outbreaks..
  10. If you have Costco, starting tomorrow, September 2, the Lenovo Flex 5 14"1080p 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop will be $649.99 online only - https://www.costco.com/online-offers.html .
  11. Purogene stores for years. I had a smaller bottle and a gallon jug of it that I used to refill the smaller bottle for many years and it was still doing the job when I finally ran out. I think it was at least 8 years old. Now they only sell the bottles.
  12. A couple nieces love their 14" Lenovo Yoga laptops. Doing a quick search i found models selling from $800 to $950 at Best Buy, Amazon and directly from Lenovo. The Yogas are all touchscreen laptops. My wife loves her LG Gram 13, which she got for about $800 on a Costco deal, but most listings for LG Gram 13 and 14's are over $1000.
  13. It sounds like you are using a Level 2 charging cable on the 30AMP. Have you tried the Level 1 cable under the door, to do the charging? With a friend's C-Max the Level 2 would do a full charge in under 2 hours, but took 6 hours on Level 1. You have the time.
  14. I tested it without the inverter on while boondocking since others were convinced it would stay cold. They were wrong. Now I know to power it overnight and on the road, which I do and have plenty of battery and inverter to handle the load. I used a remote thermometer because I am an engineer and like to know details. I also knew it might be a problem since this model Whirlpool was commonly used in some Tiffen's that were retrofited in the Red Bay Alabama area and was told it depended more in running its compressor than how well it was insulated. It is really nice to have a 24cuft side-by-side with a 10cuft freezer, but like anything else in life, there are trade offs.
  15. Our residential fridge freezer gets into the mid-20 in 4 to 5 hours of being shut off, so it would get above freezing on a long travel day or overnight. I know this because I put in a remote thermometer. Don't assume everyone else's fridge can handle a travel day turned off just because yours is safe.
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