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  1. Would guess those folks with "trained ears" (which might include the OP) will certainly be able to tell when the upright in the trailer is out of tune after a trip down a poorly maintained road, LOL. .
  2. Yeah - I thought of that.....but..... "benefit of the doubt" ?? Why the "benefit"? Anything he posts on various forums is easily refuted...but why give him another baiting opportunity? Whatever position he occupied in the helo, he had a fishing pole in his hands - just as the "phishing" one he does now. Most likely "evacuated" ash & trash - which contained what he is full of, ROTFL. He denigrates HIS service in ANY branch of the military by HIS attitude. Sad. .
  3. Hey c'mon - - "NamMedevac 70" is a former Medic! When he says the sky is falling....*.DUCK and COVER* ......or simply dismiss his post as a "same-o, same-o".......(as expected ?). .....but just the same - thanks for the "heads up" !! (although - NOT ducking and covering, ROTFL) BTW - remember it's a one way street. Nam doesn't view replies! 😉 .
  4. Your definition of "recovered" ??? - and percentage of "most"?? Recovered = Back to the same level of previous pre-covid health - or?? Until you know someone who is/was not as lucky as you were......"recovery" for some only means no longer on a vent, and out of the hospital - a statistic! Even after "recovering" at a recovery facility (after hospital discharge) - and at home (6 months later) - brain fog and 60 percent lung function. For a (formerly) VERY healthy firefighter with 4 kids - it's a career ending situation. Guess he missed out on being one of the most! 😕
  5. Another vote for the keyboard......if the "opportunity" (invitation?) arises....you can take the keyboard over to a clubhouse (or?) at a campground.......and other musicians (if there are any) can join in! IIRC - Henry (phoenix) over on the HDT forums does something like that at the HDT rallies. 😉 On edit : due to the weight (etc.) of a "real" piano, IMO it's a "design for disaster" in an RV, whether enclosed or not. Think I would ask Henry for his opinion/s of the plan. Best of luck with whichever 88 you choose.
  6. Good questions! Look forward to "on topic" answers!!....😁
  7. Also - not *everyone* on the forums visits the General forum (at least not regularly). Any reason to *not* ask on the HDT forum?? BTW - folks on the HDT forum will be glad to help out on how to use the "sticky" section/s which will answer just about everything "HDT" !! .
  8. Call it what you like! Just put these two words together and you should understand how that agency sees a portion of your $$: The (and) irs = "theirs" 😉 BTW - filed Feb 25th - electronic "change" in ck account for both State & Fed first week of March. I try to keep my "change" due as close to zero as possible - break even - with "no owe".....as in "mine". ~
  9. .....and maybe 2-3 replies "accepted" by agesilly before *he* melts down!! 😉
  10. FYI: "Ruff Tough Kennels is officially re-branding themselves, their products, and their name. Effective November 1, 2018, Ruff Tough Kennels will be re-named Ruff Land Performance Kennels". Googling "Ruff Tough Kennels" (in most instances) will take you to the above *new* name. Woof! .
  11. agesillyazz: Wear your dosimeter - you get (and deserve) "rad" replies.....whether you want 'em or not, ROTFL !! .
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