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  1. The "climate restrictions" take place at the sign, "Chains Required" !! However, that doesn't necessarily make the drivers into...... *competent* drivers. In most places with "normal" climate/weather you can't go from "balmy sunshine" to heavy snow conditions in an hour's drive - and vice-versa. Ever been in an area, mostly flat terrain - where there is *NO* snow "year round" - then to *LOTS* of snow in an hour's drive? The NO snow areas have *millions* of local residents who *don't* want to drive 5 hours to the Sierras on xlnt four lane highway to ski or snowboard (or for snow "fun") so 1 hour is great! (hey it's all freeway - except for about the last 1/2 hour). Likewise - (Ice & snow aside) are you saying states should *not* test to see if a driver (Not employed as a commercial driver) is competent to drive whatever/wherever he/she likes with a standard license? I can appreciate your opinion/thoughts, however I have driven in most states in the US and encountered drivers of various RVs (in good weather) who were obviously incompetent......but most likely legally licensed. No "restrictive" check points. Yes - it is..... Driver Beware! (of the "stupids" anywhere & everywhere). BTW - those areas in the San Bernardino mountains (CA) go from "rural" to literally thousands of folks - from Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties - accessed via winding , often two lane roads, when snow falls - and the ski areas open. For them it beats the 5+ hour drive on great roads to the Sierra. One hour "up" from sun - to snow. Several hours "down" when the (day sessions) on the lifts close - and the mtn roads are beginning to ice-up. Non-stupids leave an hour before the lifts close. For anyone who *is* competent driver in BB, a major "T" intersection in town provides limitless entertainment of slow speed spin-outs via the front window of a restaurant while eating breakfast . Unfortunately, serious accidents are frequent on some of the more "difficult" portions of the access roads. Some of those are RV's (with chains). Commercial drivers (box trucks - even semis) do well. In my younger days I could surf In the big pond at 6AM for an hour, and still make the opening of the lifts by 9 AM in Big Bear - return by dinner time. (And ready for a desert M/C race the next day). Still ride M/Cs and surf (Real surfers call the usual 'old guys' area, "Beer Belly Beach") . No snow ski, snowboard, or water ski, anymore. How 'bout you, Kirk? 😉
  2. Same CA DMV previously referred to. It adjoins a *very* large retirement community (small & large houses, condos, high rise, etc) formerly known as "Leisure World", now "Laguna Woods Village". A few years ago, I was walking past the cars with folks about to take a driving test. An examiner -with clip-board in hand- was standing outside the car, giving the person behind the wheel, this admonishment: "No....your LEFT turn signal". Recently a friend went to re-locate his 98 yr old (totally deaf) grandfather from Arizona to CA. Gramps still had a valid AZ DL. Agree that all drivers should be given a driving test when their DL is due for renewal. Unfortunately, "logistics" = mission impossible! The written AND driving test (with the vehicle to be towed) for folks wishing to tow a 15,000 GVWR 5th or a 10,000 bumper pull trlr to obtain a NON-Commercial Class A License (as in CA) - is excellent, & should be a a national (Fed.) requirement. If you can't pass, you don't belong on the road! (Or the WalMart pk lot towing same). And those Class C (standard DL) licensed drivers: Note: This is not an ethnic slur, simply a fact of life. So. CA has a city (Westminster) reputed to have the second largest Vietnamese population (2nd only to Saigon). Some/most/all of whom have never seen snow. Consequently, it's a "must do" ritual to visit the local San Bernardino Mtns (7K ft elevation - ski slopes to 8K+) during snow season. You haven't "lived" until you're in a supermarket parking lot with a driver, eyes as big as saucers, trying to "negotiate" the parking lot at 5 mph (with chains)! Only thing more spectacular is a major intersection. However some "flatlanders" of any and all nationalities aren't much better - - they just use faster speeds - 'cause they know their 4-wheel drive is good for any/all icy conditions *without* chains LOL! Why treat 'em differently? If you're OK in the same pk lot or road with 'em, start your driving day .....with a prayer? Dismount soap-box. .
  3. You answered what I was about to ask! Before you decide to replace the valve - look for kinks in the cable (and the wire inside the casing). Over time, *If* the cable developed slack - when you push or pull, a kink may result - the valve doesn't open or close properly anymore. When mfgrs decided the valves should be as close to the tank/s as possible, the factory installers may have included bends that "change" to "binds" - as they didn't care about keeping the cable as straight as possible. Valves used to be easy to get at - usually easy to access somewhere along the 3" drain, no cable - just via the "pull-handle" on the valve. If your faulty valve is a PITA to access - and is in the "open" position, you can add another valve downstream to use it "old style". Good luck, not a fun job - even with an empty tank - if your valve is under the "belly" of the RV. Been there, done that...😕 .
  4. Naw - knowing what he had seen previously - he was packing the bare necessities! 😉
  5. Now that the above has been answered - and, as I'm sure you're aware - all 50 state DMV folks follow this forum....... it will be included as a question in (either) the written or driving portion of future CDL or Non-Commercial exams! Teacher, teacher!! ALERT!! - - Wear long sleeve shirt for exam/s - - jot the ans on the inside of your wrist. Back to subject of the thread??? .
  6. How many left Facebook? Everyone (today) - whether they wanted to or not, LOL! 😁
  7. Lou Schneider's post - in re: Motorcycle test/s at the DMV - Although I had ridden dirt M/Cs in the CA Desert and raced at Ascot Park, since I didn't have a pickup at the time, I though might as well get some (street) use out of my '67 650 Triumph. I took the written at the DMV, received a temp for the M/C and returned to a "less busy" DMV in San Clemente, CA for the driving test. A female examiner came out, asked me to ride the figure eight painted on the pavement. All was good - until she asked me to shut it off - and put the brake on (while she was watching the brake/tail light). I had to explain my Triumph was a competition model (energy transfer ign), and did not have a battery. She just shook her head, laughed and said, you passed. Fast forward many years. I had a South Dakota License. I was returning to CA. Went to the DMV, and because I then needed the (previously discussed) "restriction 41" - I would have to take *ALL* the written tests for my Class C DL - 1. Standard Class C, 2. Restriction 41, and 3. Motorcycle M-1 endorsement. Should add - when I went to the South Dakota DMV for a license, everything was "transferred" to my SD license - "Standard" DL covered everything. Guy behind the counter even asked if I wanted my CDL - which I had not had for 8 years! No tests, handed me my South Dakota DL 10 minutes later. Back to CA DMV: Breezed thru all 3 tests - or so I thought! First two were 100%, Oops!! - Failed the M/C. Go back and read the manual. Done, take it again. Nope, two time loser! One more try and you can't take it again for 30 days! Made sure I answered *exactly* as the book said - - even though I knew whoever wrote the exam had never ridden a M/C in his or her life !! Fortunately (whew!) 3rd time was a charm. Still have the M-1 endorsement and the same '67 TR6C, 650 Triumph. When my CA DL was re-issued (after 5 yrs of SD DL), it had the same number I previously had in CA (and still does) - - since I was 15 1/2 yrs old . IMO - The CA DMV's memory is better than mine!!
  8. You weren't the guy at the outside table - with the two long lines - were you? If so - you did good!! 😁
  9. One more on CA DMV.... If you read my previous post - try this "addendum": My existing 5 yr Class C Drivers License expired on my birthday this year. A couple of months prior to that, I received notice of same. It indicated I needed to take the a written exam and an eye test. Also, I could sign up on line (I assumed for an appt), and pay the appropriate fees. On the CA DMV website, I paid the fee via credit card - but was not able to make an appointment. So I went over to my local DMV - figured I would make the appt in person. Complete ZOO - with two lines outside, one for folks with appts, one for folks without. From past experience/s, I knew the one w/out was for "walk-ins", but I only wanted to "make" an appt. So, I politely "by-passed" both and asked the guy at the table (while displaying my letter) if I could simply make an appt. he asked if I had paid my fees, (Yes) - He then gestured to a female security guard at the door - so I "moved on" to her, explaining why I was there. She was quite friendly, but had no answer. So "we" went back out to the guy at the desk. He said, if I had paid my fees - I didn't need to do *anything else* - my license would arrive in the mail in about a month. Of course, I thought he had been sipping some "bubbly" under the table, and left. Sure enough - my new Class C DL arrived with an expiration date of my birthday in 2026! FYI - on reverse: - (quotation marks are mine) "CLASS: CLass C & M1-Veh w/GVWR <2600; No A; 2whl M/C,Mtr-drvn Cycl, Scooter. ENDORSEMENTS: None RESTRICTIONS: 41-Class A restricted to operating 5th wheel travel trailer between 10,000 and 15,000 GVWR" (end quotes - which read exactly like my previous DL) BTW - I guess they know my eyesight is 20/20 w/out correction, and I've passed all the tests previously by osmosis, and no violations. - ROTFL !!
  10. The *major* problem is the "clueless" DMV !! However, some of the offices are "up to speed"", some not. Having read the many, many problems folks were having - when I went to the DMV, I brought along the section describing the "endorsement / restriction 41" with me. At that time, it was *not* referenced in the Driver's Handbook. It was on the internet - which I printed out! The CHP - would routinely check the driver's license of folks towing toy haulers to Glamis and other off-road locations - as the toy haulers were usually over 15,000 GVWR - and the operator needed a Non-Commercial Class A - - or if a smaller 5th - - the operator needed a restriction / endorsement 41. At the "check-in" booth where the person would direct you to the appropriate line/s - lady said I needed a Non-Commercial Class A License. After showing her the requirements page - she capitulated and sent me to the window where the (at that time) written tests were handed out. That person handed me a test for Motor Homes. I had to repeat the same procedure - and was given the correct test. On completing the test (and passing with a 100%), I watched the person typing up my "new' temporary Class A Non-Commercial License. (which I already new was incorrect). Then he said, "Oh you need a medical certificate - but you can bring it in later". Then - I pointed out his error/s. On checking with someone (supervisor?) he got it right and issued me my new temporary Class C Driver's license with the appropriate "restriction 41" endorsement (which I still have). I guess I should have kept my mouth shut, brought in a medical certificate, and walked out with a Non-Commercial Class A license (I'll guess - without taking the driving test). BTW - I have had a standard CDL for driving fire apparatus in the past (long before Non Com was available) which I didn't need any longer, and dropped it years ago, due to the following......... Note: Read and research! *If* you are driving a vehicle in CA - which *requires* a "standard" CDL - the alcohol limits are cut in half. Also, for *any* violation you may not go to traffic school to negate the "points" against your license. Although I can't verify that for a Non-Commercial Class A - anyone considering a "standard" CDL might do their homework as to which one you want! BTW - ALL the "glitches" you hear about at the CA DMV are true! had CA DLs since I was 15 1/2, and I'm 80 now. Have your ducks in a row.....and the CHP doesn't care what the DMV told you iif it's incorrect. If your license is from some other state - disregard the CA requirements.! ~
  11. Kirk - nice research! Readers should be aware *if* their state (only) requires a NON-Commercial driver's license to drive or tow certain vehicles (or combinations of same ) rather than a "CDL". (Commercial Drivers License). Example, CA = Non-Commercial - Of course a "CDL" works also - if you wish to jump thru more hoops to acquire it. Also CA - towing 5th wheel between 10,000 & 15,000 GVWR requires a "Restriction 41" - which is in reality a "restricted" Non-Commercial Class A, ( which is req'd for towing a 5th wheel over 15,000 GVWR - or a travel trailer over 10,000 GVWR). New CA rig buyers - beware of DL requirements! Just like a CDL, a Non-Commercial Class A requires a written, and driving test - with an appropriately rated trailer to take the desired test. For the driving test, the applicant *must* arrive accompanied by a driver with either a CDL or Non-Commercial Class A DL. Also, not all of the state DMVs are testing sites. The restriction 41 only requires passing an (extremely easy) 25 question written. .
  12. Glenn - any improvement? I need to do the same. The (really) cheap phone they sent out when I first signed up is junk. BTW - you need to go on reddit and post your group name. Never paid over $25. per month. IMO - having a back-up for internet connection (hot spot) -even slow- is OK with me.
  13. Have been leaving it on 24-7 with no problem. However, a "timed" on/off period is probably a good idea.
  14. Post the name and location of the park. No harm in that. I would be happy to send him a (polite) note via USPS stating we (and presumable others) will not be patronizing his park......along with the reasons why. I have no problem to include my name, address, etc. No harm in that either. Maybe "stupid" can be fixed?? .
  15. Yes on "multiples"...and don't be shy....which one was your "bad experience"?? My "experience" was exactly the opposite! Americas Mailbox provided outstanding service to/for me for several years - including my vehicle registrations. When they opened their campground, their (city) address changed from Rapid City to Box Elder. Suggestion: The OP just might give them (or "the others" ) a call - and make his own decision. .
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