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  1. X-2 At one time I had an older TT stored on the side of my house. Would go to do some work on it, and "something" was "chirping". (Smoke detectors had batts removed.) Couldn't figure where it was coming from.....until the ah-ha moment. Propane tanks not on trlr, so no odor possible! - Detector was 110 only - probably been there since the TT was built w/ detector hiding out of sight down at floor level (where it belongs). But........ Lil' critter was unhappy 'cause he was old, like Kirk. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) A trip to Lowe's or HD should solve the problem. .
  2. Kirk - read the *warning* label. This is typically a "Marinco" brand twist lock 50amp connection for an external power cord from an RV to the 50 amp connection at the pedestal of a campground/or RV park. An easier to read warning label, like the one on my 5th states in LARGE print above the connection: "This connection for 120/240 volt 3-pole, 4-wire, 60 Hertz 50 AMPERE SUPPLY" (the numeral "50" is outlined in a box, capital letters are as printed on the label). And yes - - the female only has 3 posts. It is *NOT* 30 amp! There are several short adapters available (utilizing the Marinco twist lock 50 amp) to go to a 30 or 15/20 amp supply cord. (have one connected to my 5er at my home now - 50 amp at the twist lock to three prong 15/20 amp 12 ga cord). They are not cheap! The Marinco version is usually about $70 for either 30 or 15/20 amp) However - as someone already stated - the best plan to extend the 50 amp cord is with a 50 amp EXTENSION CORD ! ** It will connect (w/ female) to the male end of the factory-supplied 50 amp cord, and still have the appropriate (male) 50 amp plug for the RV park pedestal. "If* the park does not have a 50 amp connection - use a 50 to 30 adapter to connect to the 30 amp at the pedestal. ** A less expensive option = the above, 50 to 30 (or 15/20) amp adapter on the end of the factory cord, then use a 30 amp extension cord (WalMart) or a 12 ga extension cord. (for "basic" power supply only, *not* A/Cs, etc.) .
  3. Unfortunately that's correct !! - Not the same "putz" - - but same subject on RV Net...... *Current* thread: "The Trashing Of Our Public Lands" - - (link) - http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/30150223.cfm .
  4. What he did affects everyone. - - It is *everyone's* problem !! Whether it interferes with what *you* do - or don't do - is *your* prerogative. .
  5. A search in RV.Net (for "parrots") in the forum "RV Pet Stop"- last 12 months - only brings up one post/thread - which was entertaining - OP went to a wild life refuge (took an outdoor walk) with two cats, two dogs, and two parrots. Then a search for same in the "archives" (posts over 12 months old) brings up 142 posts !! Didn't even start reading them - but some involved parrots. .
  6. Yep - not level - but lots of "maybes" for the truck and trailer! Maybe the owner is just taking it a short distance from home to (???). Maybe he has a DW and 4 kids and a dog. Maybe he tows a boat *behind* the shortie 5th to comply with "double tow" overall length laws in some states. Also, CA requires a 1T tow vehicle for that. Of course * maybe* he doesn't know any better and you should have taken him aside to explain the deficiencies and explain how he could improve on the "situation". Then again........*maybe* not! .
  7. Note the above. Mag-Moss Act - things that should be a "slam dunk" may not be! The various "vehicle' forums are full of slam dunks that should (or do) fall under the act - but the plaintiff still comes out on the short end of the stick! The mfgr most likely has a legal firm on retainer. (His attorney's fees are covered = "deep pocket$") Attorneys accepting cases on contingency - are usually personal injury variety (what the firm believes/knows is a slam dunk *for them* and are often settled before the case is heard). "just put a cap on" - the 'cap" may be gone at the first delay. (Does the "cap" include filing fees, and other office chores?). Appeal - You win - "they" appeal. The appeal may be a very reasonable fee - and one paragraph for/by the defendant. Back to square one. Depending on the backlog, an appeal may take five (5) years before being heard. (Voice of experience!) Court "may" award what you paid in attorney fees if you are successful. From experience, "may" is not "will" - and can (were) a major expense! Back to the OPs statement : - - "Yes, I am aware of how lawyers work." (So the above is redundant - posted as an FYI for others.). IMO - after twenty (20) legal "turn-downs", suggest selling the camper "as is" with full and complete disclosure of what the problem is. There's lots of DIY folks who want to take on a "fixit" project - if the price is right. And - thanks for the sage advice regarding purchase of RVs in CO !! .
  8. Wow ! It's been approx a year since you posted your dilemma! Looks like you are zero for twenty on legal assistance! Lots of credit for patience and persistence. Maybe it's time to take it to an independent repair facility, pay for repair out of pocket, -or- if too expensive - "ditch the niche" ?? Good luck with the ongoing Colorado Camper Saga! .
  9. "Thick Water" - kinda like "Heavy Water" (Manhattan Project) ?? 90 today in So. Cal & 100+ rest of the week = Thin water ! 😁
  10. In re: The link. So - which one : - - Flexible? - Moderate? - Strict? - (or?) .
  11. Google: "Lubricity Additives Results" - a *blind* study by The Diesel Place (A GMC / Chevy diesel forum). Besides lubricity, other factors (cetaine boost, etc.) are noted, as well as cost. Note: Study done in 2007. See the methodology and scroll down to results with "pecking order" and info for each. Suggestion: Go to one of the diesel forums for your respective brand and model year. Bound to be lots of discussion/s. Also see mfgr's recommendations for your brand/year. I did use Power Service "Diesel Kleen" - but have since switched to Opti-Lube XPD. Maybe it/they help, maybe not. (2005 RAM). Figure - can't hurt. Common knowledge: For a vehicle that isn't driven frequently, a full tank is better than half (or less). Change fuel filter regularly. .
  12. There have always been arsonists - of all types of property, public and private, urban and rural. Fortunately, they are few and far between (and usually caught). Would you please list the recent wild land fires in California that were set by the "lot of people setting fires intentionally" (arsonists). The Gender Reveal Party which caused the El Dorado fire (San Bernardino) was not arson - just stupidity. Forest Management: As POTUS stated, we (or someone) should get out and "rake the leaves". Pure genius! Then towns like "Pleasure" (what he called Paradise, CA when he visited) would not have been destroyed by a fire which began on Federal land by PG&E transmission lines..... which might be considered a "shocking" revelation for you!
  13. Ditto - X-3 (the DW enjoyed them also) !! .
  14. Pappy Yokum

    smart issue

    Interesting thread. Got to your post with...... "In the meantime I'm carrying......." - .......thought you were going to say a .40 cal Glock to put it out of it's misery! Best (only) temp suggestion - is a battery disconnect switch - the one with two cable connections and the "connection" knob - if there's room.
  15. Try a free ad in Craigslist for the closest -larger than Livingston- city.
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