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  1. We won’t make it this year
  2. It was good seeing you and Wilma again have a safe trip. Hope we see you again before another year goes by.
  3. We have a major medical only plan in sd knowing we will pay out of pocket for things but we usually only go to dr once a year. We are 51 and 57. Check aca we understand if you only claim 17000 as your estimated income for the following year you qualify, so it might make sense to defer retirement income
  4. Don’t know supplier but the guy is going to do 3 of then in a day and they are zippered at the utility’s and corners.
  5. 2 guys just at the camp ground we are in just got a bid today one has a 36 ft fiver that the bid was 1900 the other a travel trailer about same size was 1600. Both had zippers for utilities.
  6. Did it yesterday just like registering over again then put card # in and pin and it was done
  7. Kenworth also has a table behind passenger seat. Passenger seat can swivel around to face the back and the bunk is the opposite seat
  8. SD codified law 32-3-65 Converted motorhome. If yours is already titled motor home you can problem just fill out the registration paper that you can print off there web site and send in, probably don’t need to sign the converted title paper but I would make sure you have at least 5 of the 7. When we converted ours from truck to motor home we had to put a check mark by the things we had on it and sign the paper and send it in. If you want it fast you can overnight it and they will overnight it back to you. Call them and get specifics on the expedited service
  9. Sdlegislature.gov it is the codified laws I have the number but it’s out in the truck and it’s raining. cooking device-microwave place to store food-frig place to sleep-bunk heat or air not ran by the truck motor shore power plug sink with holding tank fresh/ grey permanently mounted toilet with tank i will put codified law number up tomorrow
  10. Dmv web site for South Dakota
  11. We did it by mail it was very easy only one extra paper than an ordinary registration and a picture
  12. SMOKY HILL RV PARK EST. 2020 219 W. Flint Hills Blvd. Junction City, KS 66441
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