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  1. Well said Georgia, we were in Illinois when this started and did what the “experts” said ,gloves,wiping things down,I even put my beer cans in bleach water when we bought them. We came to Kansas in late June most towns you didn’t know anything was even going on. We wore mask in the bigger cities where they required mask, no problem. We didn’t wear them any other times around friends or the few times we ate out. I have been around at least 2 people that had it while they had it but kept 5-6 feet away never felt any symptoms and that was 2 months ago. We wear masks in public but not at the campground where we have been with the same people for months. Don’t stop living your life just be careful. At least the vaccine is close. Good timing isn’t it.
  2. We will be there earlier if they are open year round. Ready for spring.
  3. Thanks they probably fixed the frame problem by now
  4. What year is your new horizon? Having one built now and so far that’s the only thing we haven’t had issues with.
  5. Deer run rv resort 3609 Peavine Firetower Rd Crossville, TN 38571 (931) 484-3333
  6. I have seen some campgrounds in the south state in their rules that you must have a tow vehicle. Maybe because of storm threats and needing to get out fast. It was on the gulf.
  7. 2011 4 slide out fifth wheel fireplace,washer/dryer,king bed,13.5 dometic refrigerator,convection microwave 1 year old tires 1 1/2 year 6 volt batteries well maintained 100 gal. Fresh water lot of storage has 4th slide in bedroom for the dresser. Located in junction city. Email for pictures. Danandfreda2009@gmail.com great full time fifth wheel to start out in never been smoked in and negotiable $35000 https
  8. South Dakota tracks the ballot on their site from the day they mail it until they receive it back
  9. RV DIGEST-IT HOLDING TANK TREATMENT | LIQUID Unique Camping + Marine $39.99
  10. Still saving ours(fudge) but won’t last long. We just bought an ice cream maker after Bonnie made us ( me ) some. Only makes 2 quarts at a time but only takes 25 minutes. Good seeing you and Susan see you in the spring.
  11. Thank you for your service Dave, you and the many other heroes are the reason we get to do this. Take care and hopefully we’ll see you soon.
  12. We didn’t use escapees to get our ballot we had them send to the camp ground we are in. Then we filled them out and put in the envelopes then put the ballot envelopes in another bigger envelope that wasn’t broadcasting that it was a ballot. From the time South Dakota sent ours to Kansas and we sent it back to them was 10 days. Paid about 8.00 to send back so I could have it tracked but was worth it.
  13. Can’t had trouble with either site been on both off and on since Saturday
  14. Wife’s birthday too. I’m not complaining we just bought 6 battle born lithium batteries reg price 999 escapees discount 874. Each. That a few years of dues. But we’ll sign up for three more years.
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