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  1. We’ve bought and sold a lot of campers and never felt we lost money. IF you buy right and take care of it and do the maintenance and sell it right you can get above blue book price if it’s the right buyer. We haven’t sold all that way but for the use we get out of it it’s a win. We are just selling ours because we are full time and have no place to keep it so our price will be a win for the buyer. It’s is less than we payed 3 years ago but it wasn’t new and we’ve been full time since February, rving is not a money maker it a lifestyle decision
  2. We will have a 2011 mobile suites ready to sell in October when our new horizon gets done. Hopefully a good time to sell
  3. That’s how I got a lot of mine yard sale and estate sales a lot of people have no idea of what they are selling. Williams and Armstrong ratchets and sockets people sell for nothing. I was given a craftsmen new tap and die set 20 years ago and it was junk back then.
  4. We ran into to couples already this last week had breakfast and dinner and getting together again this evening. Good to see people again and finding out a lot of things to watch for and keep new horizon on top of. Let us know when you get in It would be good to meet you. We will be there about once a week but we are staying close.
  5. We’re still hopeful that we can make it with the new one. We will be here until then.
  6. Can we add Smokey hill rv park junction city Kansas to the hdt campgrounds they are very new landscaping going in. 75ft back in and 90 ft pull through. All full hookup 5 min from new horizon
  7. New horizon does trades or they will sell for you for a %. We are having one built now and price wise it didn’t make sense to trade so we are going to put it up for sale (2011 drv) in aug or sept. New trailer is supposed to be done in oct. anybody coming to new horizon there is a brand new campground 90 ft pull through sites 5 minutes from new horizon called Smokey hill rv park all full hookups.
  8. Greenfield makes good taps and dies we had them at a few places I worked. Pricey though
  9. Could that be our ex governor? J.B
  10. South Dakota health insurance is not terrible but we have a high deductible. Car and truck insurance is not high either have 2021 hdt,2011 drv,and 2014 smart little over 2500 yr. registration for smart and drv we’re done in the spring mail in forms and done
  11. South Dakota was easy. Mailed title and the forms to register and change title to motor home with a picture,they called me when they got it we paid the taxes and registration over the phone and they mailed them the next day.
  12. You do not have to stay the night in the same county that you domicile in anymore I was told that on the phone and in person when we got our drivers license last month in Sioux Falls South Dakota our domicile is Pennington county. Sioux Falls wall a lot closer drive than rapid city for us. Had to make an appt. to do it but we both were in and out in 30-40 minutes with new license, nicest dmv workers we actually had fun getting the license. This might save someone from driving across the state to their domicile county. It used to be you had to have the receipt in the same county but not anymore
  13. Tempting to buy but want the warranty on a new one can I ask why you are changing it? We are having the same one put in our new one being built
  14. We are picking our new one up in a couple weeks. Been a few set backs this year but we’re excited and ready to get it
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