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  1. We all have a duty to find the means to sustain ourselves and sustain those we chose to bring into the world. An able bodied man or woman should not be standing on the street corner holding a sign "Hungry, God Bless" when there is a sign on the building 100 feet from them that says, "hiring, all shifts, sign on bonus". we have seen this way to often
  2. We’ve been in 13 states this year and near Colorado Springs now. Came into Colorado near Dinosaur and got on 70 at Rifle got off at 24 stopped in Leadville then to Peyton. So far Colorado has been the worst roads for us.
  3. We pulled into a over 26000 gvwr must stop on the way to the wcr and as we idled up to them they waved us through. When we passed any more of those weigh stations we just kept going. 98% of the weigh stations we passed were closed
  4. Thank you Henry for the instructions
  5. That’s what I was thinking too. Find a friend or relatives house or a campground that will let you. Maybe get permission from a place out of business that has a lot to work in
  6. I’m sorry I assumed it was paid off (s&b) I know better to assume
  7. If you sold your sticks and bricks you should not need a loan for an rv
  8. We didn’t get any furniture in ours I put my recliner from the house is ours and we had a daybed built it across the back with storage underneath. Most manufacturers will put in rv furniture and some say they put in residential furniture. Buy your own furniture from a place you would buy if you were buying for your house, some are happy with lazy boy recliners but there are better furniture that is made in the states that hold up better than most. Do a lot of research this next year and good luck. Try rv factory tours and start comparing frames and not all the fancy stuff that most people go for
  9. Redwood has been out since 2010-2011. We went through them at a show and were comparable to drv mobile suites back then. We pull a triple axle fifth wheel gvwr of 28500 and tow with a hdt. Once the kinks got worked out it drives better than any pickup does. It’s safer and cheaper over time. It’s a one time buy. Backing is even easier because of where the pin is located. If your looking at red wood look at mobile suites too. If your going custom you are limited to new horizon,spacecraft or dune sport. Just be careful buying a new one for your first one, I haven’t met anyone who sticks with there first one. Better to buy something used to see what you want different.
  10. Looks great Carl
  11. My wife took some lessons from glyn Carson last month and she highly recommends him. To build confidence and learning how to drive. She was driving a kenworth t680
  12. Herrmann insurance agency rapid city South Dakota call and ask
  13. Try herrmann insurance agency rapid city 18002821446. We have all ours with them and reasonably rates
  14. Happy 4th of July everyone
  15. If you pay in full with no loan then they will mail the title back to you after they transfer it to a South Dakota title. If you have a loan for whatever you register they will probably send it to the lien holder. We had all our titles back to us within about 6 weeks
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