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  1. Pay it off every month. We always have. Doesn’t look good if you can’t pay off what spend per month.
  2. Happy hour is starting in 4 minutes Rick.
  3. Paint it how ever you want
  4. Hey Dave kinda out numbered here need you and Rick to get here
  5. I think there may have been some cancellations try calling the campground and check again
  6. If you can get here sure. You waiting for it to warm up David? Supposed to get down to 24 tonight
  7. If you can make it to the east coast rally we have a 2021 kenworth t680 you could see or test drive.
  8. Had a lot of rain at deer run since Thursday almost everyone who came to camp for the weekend was gone by sat morning. We got no storms just rain and a lot. Wvlt said crossville had 3.3 but people in the campground said they heard over 9 inches. No storm damage of any kind.
  9. We just traveled from Florida to Tennessee and stayed in bass pro,rural king and Walmart parking lots . We did find Home Depot that would allow it. We use the all stays app a lot to find places. We went 5 consecutive days during that time. Having large tanks and solar and lithium batteries made it easy. Spent 8out of 11 days in parking lots
  10. We are in Tennessee now. We changed our plans and headed out of illinois dec 28 and down to Mississippi for a month then Alabama then a month and a half in Florida about a week in Georgia got a trailer alignment done now in Tennessee at deer run in crossville for the hdt rally next month then back to Illinois for a couple weeks. Probably try Arizona next winter
  11. Got here at deer run this morning, great weather today
  12. Thanks to all the great people at sumpter oaks rv park. Really nice people and made us feel welcomed. We went to a flag retiring ceremony at the bon fire Friday night, never been to one before but a great experience.
  13. Hi chindog thanks maybe we’ll see you tomorrow first time in an escapees park. Might do that twotoes
  14. We are at the escapees park in Florida for a couple of days. Came down to get truck and trailer weighed using the smart weight service they have. It was very informative to get each tire weight for air pressure amounts for each. Found out we are under weight by at least 1000 lbs for each of 3 axles. So plenty of room for generator and diesel fuel. Nice spacious park and very friendly people.
  15. I worked at a coal fired power plant and it takes a lot more that ten minutes to fire one up if nothing goes wrong. The boiler has temps and times it has to go through as well as the turbine at different speeds. You don’t just flip the switch and it starts. Turning them off and on and changing loads on a turbine and a boiler are not good for it. They need to run not be shut off and brought back on over and over
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