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  1. Hi mr cob we have Morryde 8000 I/S 3 axle and it rides great and things do not bounce around in the trailer. We had ours aligned at a truck/trailer repair place and doing an alignment with a laser alignment machine makes a big difference than a laser and tape measure as you know. ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS Camber (+0.5 degrees to +0.8 degrees) Toe (+0.01 inches to +0.06 inches)
  2. You can go to any dealer and buy it. Doesn’t have to be done “specialty company”. Buy the truck then have the title transferred to an rv or motorhome. Get a loan at your bank or pay cash.
  3. It’s just as easy to do it yourself. It’s 2 pages of info that you fill out for registration half of which is for boats so you leave it blank. Same papers for cars, trucks and Rvs. Don’t pay someone to do it
  4. You can get on the web site and get a real close figure I think it’s a certain amount at 10000 lbs the extra in 500/1000 lb increments.
  5. We bought a 2004 f350 with our last fifth wheel it only had 72000 miles and before we started using it we had it bullet proofed and a programer for towing and never had any trouble out of it. The point is if it hasn’t been bulletproofed do it before you get stranded for 2-3 weeks. Would not have hesitated to take off in it with the trailer after it was done.
  6. Better look at the Ford 6.0 for those years. Lot of engine work unless it’s been bulletproofed
  7. Those turned out real good. Hope Susan gets feeling better. She might have just wanted a day off from the shop.
  8. We stayed at a park in Peyton Colorado this summer for a couple day when we made reservations they me how old trailer was we said 7 months. We got the impression that they didn’t have a lot of junkers in there. Wow what a dump. Old trailers that were not taken care of a people living in a old suburban suv. With a baby but they had a tv in there. Will never go back there. It would be nice if the campground people would put real pictures of their campground and not just the ones that look good. We don’t usually stay at campgrounds that have certain rules about camper age and type. We know a lot of people that have older trailers that have been kept up or remodeled and look better than some new ones.
  9. Look for a product called rv digest-it. Turns it to liquid.
  10. Ours is set on large trailer and at 20 and I can’t feel the trailer tugging and only registers about 46%when stopping. When we are stopped it’s at 20%. I always thought it should feel different set that high. We are close to 28000 lbs trailer
  11. 43°49'03.9"N 114°35'46.6"W this is about 10 min north of the ranger station north of Ketchum Idaho
  12. Are you going to the BLM across from prairie campground north of Ketchum?
  13. I would consider that under budget
  14. Yes I think I got them mixed up, but my ranking went up by posting about it
  15. Ok thanks thought we we talking about different places
  16. : 37.884293, -105.207739Ok this one is gardner Colorado wiley gulch found it on free campsites now but it disappeared on the allstays app
  17. Are you talking about gardener Colorado? We found a BLM just a couple miles north of there on the Allstate app. We stayed 1 night had all the BLM boards with rules but after we got there it never has shown up again? It was almost 8 miles of the state hwy didn’t feel right back there so we left the next morning
  18. The lectric brand has been a good bike for the price. It was for my wife but I have ridden it quit a few times. I feel to cramped up on it and am looking at the rad rover bike. Rode one in the spring and it feels like my trek mountain bike.
  19. We have noticed that. I still like to get an idea if we can get in and out because of our length. Somethings we take the smart car off the truck and drive it first.
  20. We stayed just north of Ketchum Idaho in the new improved dispersed camping. When I looked at google maps it showed a different view than what we saw when we got there. Nice spots with fire pits and numbered sites. No charge but we’re told that it was getting over run with to many people driving over areas and camping right on the creeks. Now they put big boulders around to keep people from trampling over and rutting up the land. We were there for a week around the Fourth of July and only a couple campers there. The forest service campground across the street was packed and 20 a night with the same amenities as we had, none.
  21. Those pictures prove the point Rick
  22. Hi rod, ya were at the city park till Sunday. This is a nice little town, railroad museum was nice the dolls are upstairs and it was different didn’t spend much time there. Went to the Walter Chrysler museum, his borhood home. They added about 10 sites here behind the others. New 50/30/20 amp service water and a big concrete pad has to be 40x12 at least. Have room for the trailer, hdt and smart and still a lot of room. 20 a nite but they have monthly rates too.
  23. Looks good. Hit 105 here in Ellis Kansas today.
  24. Only one I see working is Susan. She has to put the car on,and does the grinding. Did you at least make her supper rick
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