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  1. Mr. Forcenito, I reviewed the survey and have a question before I take it. That question relates to the focus on "camping trips." We don't go camping or take camping trips. Our fifth wheel is my full time home. While we do move that home from place to place, there is no sticks-and-bricks home to which we are returning. If I respond am I creating deceptive data? For example, we travel several thousand miles each year so our fuel consumption/environmental impact in that area is greater. Yet our home is under 400 sq. ft. My heating, cooling and work travel energy consumption is vastl
  2. We can't make this determination. As several people have said, maximum trailer weight is not the only issue. Payload, CGVW and axle capacities also play into this determination. LindaH gave you the correct tools and procedures for determining the answer to this question. Her post is on the first page. Because these numbers are likely to be close we can't answer this question without weighing your truck with everyone and everything in it. If you had a 250 or 350 the answer would be pretty clear. For the trailer I would assume 10% of GVW as the hitch weight.
  3. We sanitize the water system spring and fall, before traveling. I use an Excelpure RV filter attached at the entry point to the RV (not at the spigot before the hose. This is a relatively low cost filter that makes most water palatable. For drinking water I have a Zero Water pitcher. It only holds six cups at a time but it fits in the door of the RV refrigerator quite nicely. Water quality is excellent. There is a tester included with the Zero Water for determining when to change filters - when dissolved solids exceed 6 ppm. I fill the ZW 6-7 times per day. If you keep it in the refrig
  4. We traveled from Florida to Maine in July, and Maine to Florida in October-November. We went up in 9 days and spent 6+ weeks coming south. The most restrictions were in the northeast. The fewest in the south. NY and CT required us to fill out online forms. If we had been staying we would have had to quarantine on our CG site. MA did not permit campers from southern states. VT required us to quarantine on site for 14 days because we had been in hotspots. Going south VT did not require quarantine because we came directly from Maine with low numbers. You need to keep track of state restri
  5. OP said they have a 2016 3.5L F-150 with tow package. The specs for that vehicle in its most stripped down configuration show: Dry curb weight of 4049. Payload of 1920. CGVW of 9400. Max towing of 5000. GRAWR of 3300. I'm not sure how you safely tow a 6400 TT with that rig. If the TV has any accessories the numbers are even worse.
  6. There are five of you. The children will be growing. This makes a bigger truck now more important. If you look at the threads in this forum Almost retired couple looking for advise on a travel trailer until we do go full time in a couple of years and Undertrucked? you will find a some pretty good discussions of why this is true. Pick out the RV you think you want first, and then decide on a truck. Jinx grew up in a RVing family. She tells me about her parents, herself, three sisters and a big dog camping in a 18' Mallard. She and her sisters remember those times as "having a blast.
  7. In defense of the folks in th4 south who see snow and ice occasionally, they don't have the tires for it most of the time. There is nothing quite like good studded tires or studless ice tires to help tame slippery driving. Wayne & Jinx (formerly living in Maine) 2017 F-350 diesel, dually 2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ
  8. And don't forget GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating, the rear axle is a particular problem. Have the rig weighed axle by axle. The GAWR is on the door panel. Don't exceed that number either. Wayne & Jinx 2017 F-350 diesel, dually 2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ
  9. Hahahaha. I can see the first snow at Ft. Devens, 1969. My friend from Alabama had a brand new Chevelle SS 396. His answer to a lack of traction was more gas. He managed to slide sideways into two parked cars. The damage was minimal because he didn't have much forward motion, but he was certainly embarrassed. Oh yes. Remember that 4WD may make you go better, but it does nothing for stopping.
  10. Well, the discussion piqued my curiosity enough to go looking for answers. The clearest answers I found were in a Consumer Reports article from 4/19. Wayne & Jinx 2017 F-350 diesel, dually 2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ
  11. No scathing criticism. You are right, the risk of being hacked on an open wifi is small. The results of being hacked can range from annoying to catastrophic. It all comes down to your individual tolerance for risk. Personally, I don't have any bills that that won't wait until I have a secure means to pay them. I am risk averse, at least where the burden of avoiding the risk is not too burdensome. Today I paid the month's bill on my phone in ten minutes. Wayne & Jinx 2017 F-350 diesel, dually 2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ
  12. That was my reaction to the plan. A 12,000 mile minimum trip in a summer is way beyond our fun travel threshold. 300 miles and spend a week or two is more our model - about 1200-1500 miles per month. And even that gets hectic after a month or two. This year it took us over six weeks to get from Maine to Florida. The plan is 8 to 10 weeks traveling north. Even if you make summer four months long that coast-to-coast-to-coast is still 3000 per month, minimum
  13. Directly over your phone, on your computer using the phone as a tethered hotspot, or over your own encrypted network such as Wifi Ranger. Wayne & Jinx 2017 F-350 diesel, dually 2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ
  14. Many companies offer a discount for automatic payments. Wayne & Jinx 2017 F-350 diesel, dually 2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ
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