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    A place to chat with people who travel with friends who aren’t human.

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    • Jet engines are typically not all that large. Fit on a fairly short trailer.   When I registered my convertible the lady at DMV asked “truck or tractor”? “Both” was my answer. She decided it was built as a tractor so it is registered as a tractor. Nobody has complained yet.
    • PatandPete, I reread what I previously said about the switch and I was/am correct. You said the same thing on 1/20. The switch is open when depressed-will not pass voltage, otherwise the light would remain on when the door is closed. Someone said the switch must have two wires, correct both are the same positive wire/ circuit the switch breaks, the negative is elsewhere. The service manual staffnon linked to is not for a model 1200 series, but  rather for N models.
    • FWIW assumptions about how insurance companies calculate their "risk pools" are entirely without any evidence.  It's just as likely that, since the supplements are mostly based on "attained age" that the companies will use attained age claim data from recipients regardless of what supplement they have.  The internet is full of assumptions about which there is no evidence. Even though it's now too late for this year's "open enrollment" I strongly urge people to use an online calculation tool to assist with making their Part D choices.  Your cost for an entire year, including premiums and copays, can vary tremendously from carrier to carrier and even from plan to plan from the same carrier.  Your lowest annual cost isn't always the plan with the lowest monthly premium. As a simple example, this year the calculator we use recommended that I use an AARP United Healthcare plan called the Walgreens Plan.  I was curious why that plan was not recommended for my wife even though the calculator recommended United Healthcare for her, but had selected a different plan.  So I examined the detailed info and discovered that one of her numerous meds wasn't covered by the Walgreens plan even though it was covered by the one that had been recommended.  Furthermore, the premiums for the two plans were only pennies apart.  But the two plans don't share the same Rx formulary.  Therefore, there was a substantial difference in annual cost between the two of them even though one would never have known it from a cursory examination of premiums or benefits. Through the use of an online calculator we change Part D plans nearly every year.  The application process is easy and acceptance is guaranteed if you had a plan in the previous year.  My philosophy is to make the change if the annualized difference is >$100. Joel (AKA docj)
    • My wife and I switched to a G plan this year after having the F plan for about 5 years.  With the F plan no longer offered to new enrollees the charges per year are sure to accelerate faster than they have been with the plan pool shrinking rather than growing.  With G you are responsible for the part B deductible.  For us, the reduced G plan premiums save considerably more than the deductible for G plan. But everyone needs to look at the options for their particular situation and location. Our other reason to change was we also changed Part D coverage.  Optum Rx is horrible and we finally had enough of dealing with their mail order system.  We switched to Silver Script and we can now get our 90 day supply at Walmart. Ken
    • I just got a post in one of my other groups and thought I would share here. The weather feature of the ACTIVE button is back on DirecTV channel 362 when you press the RED button.
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