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    • We have the AT&T Mobley and left north central illinois where in a small farming community it worked great, have gone south down thru Missouri, Arkansas, West Texas and across I-80 in Texas, N Mexico and now in AZ - there are some pretty remote areas with absolutely nothing around - the Mobley has worked wherever we have been so far.  It truly has been unlimited with no slow down, but we are modest users also.  We do not stream .
    • I read a lot of these posts and it sometimes gets blurry because not everybody is using the same terminology. A lot of people refer to the Jetpack type devices as a "hotspot". When YOU say "hotspot" Doc, do you mean it as "my phone is the data distribution device and other things are logging into my phone", because from my experience that is the correct way to use it.  What I DON'T quite get, again because of so many posts all saying different things, is the distinction between hotspot data, "normal" data use just on your phone, and Jetpack data. (And again, do you say Mifi as the older day term for the current term Jetpack?) From what I gather, your plan has 15gb of data PER line and another 15gb on the Jetpack? Again, my confusion comes from the garbling of the terminology. I too have Verizon unlimited, which we all need to agree means nothing more than "We won't shut you completely off, though we will turn you down to a trickle once you hit the threshold". I do not yet have the Jetpack, which I will buy when I hit the road in spring. I will check but I thought I had 22gb on my phone and 15 more on the Jetpack I do not yet own, but that is still only 37gb and I could easily go through that in a couple of days of TV if not one day. Thus I am likely going to bite the bullet and get Dish, albeit kicking and screaming the whole time. I don't go out much at night, and there are things I simply don't want to miss, like sports, Big Bang Theory, and Live PD.  Even my daytime activities are limited by physical issues, and I doubt if I will ever just sit outside in a lawn chair and stare. A lot will depend if I am in a park or boondocking. For my RVing tastes, I have no problem with being a Walmart guy, where I know I can get wifi to stream TV, though the presence of Dish would render that consideration moot. Hopefully I can cobble together a Dish system from second hand parts and not have to pay them a million bucks for equipment. I do NOT want a dome on top of my RV. I know how to use a compass and by finding the correct azimuth and declination online I can aim a dish. Just need a southwest exposure and a tripod.
    • We stayed at the Anaheim RV park a couple years ago, and it was perfect for us.  We were visiting Disneyland with family and there was a shuttle stop at the park.  Not sure, but I would think it would also go to the Convention Center.  I would recommend making a reservation as soon as possible, as there isn't as many RV spots as there used to be.  Disneyland bought up an RV park down the road and turned it into or are turning it into a parking lot, the last I heard. http://www.anaheimrvpark.com/
    • No brainer was not meant as a slam.  Meant  as an easy decision to make. There are still  lots who don't know about these  devices and what they do. Tampa RV show discounts them and also check the For Sale section of this forum.  I got my second 50 amp unit for 100$ from a gent in Florida.  Paid him right away and picked it up on the way thru 3 months later.