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    • By drain plug, are you referring to the water heater? Down low on the side of your trailer you should find a valve handle that when pulled will drain your fresh water tank from it's low point. It'll drain straight down so finding the protrusion from your trailer's underbelly could also indicate where to look for the valve handle, or search for the label "Fresh Water".      Spot  
    • ^ I agree entirely, it's another tool in the bag. And using the tool analogy, it's as if I'm in the tool department at Home Depot with my gaze fixed on a certain tool with wonder (👁️👁️ tools)... is it worth the cost and how much will I use it vs the cost, you know, "getting my money's worth". I can certainly see it's advantage and this is a side note to the reason behind this thread. The RPI option exists with a TT Membership, and a C2C option was presented as well. Another option is the Trails Collection. But it was the two, RPI & C2C, that grabbed my attention due to similarities which then had me wonder if one would be a better choice, though the RPI option is less expensive in the price of admission. Before me lay, through Thousand Trails, RPI Preferred at $119 annual dues, and a comparable C2C at $149 annual dues following the buy in to the park. In viewing each other's maps with locations, I KNOW that I could make good use of this tool added to my bag. (The Trails Collection would come in handy too as it's free camping in 91 of the 109 parks following the current $214 annual dues). I also know that in a short time the cost of admit will be recovered. Currently, we travel in the same way that FL-JOE, MidMOTraveler, and kb0zke have stated. And like them and many others, although we have found ways to be economical while we enjoy life we have studied or are studying on a membership in TT including the various options that are available through them. As I said, I know that I could make use of the park system without seeming confined because of it, our camping/traveling style is just too eclectic. We enjoy the diversity presented by the various geographies regularly. This study, this thread, is only rooted in economics as I seek your valued opinions & case histories      Spot 
    • Howdy Jim, When its just me and the dogs, we can travel for hours before having to stop, when Donna is with us we have to take regular potty breaks.  Its common for me to drive 5-700 miles a day stopping only a couple of times, when Donna is with us we stop about every 100 miles or so.  When behind the wheel I just get in a groove, crank up the toon's and watch the world slide by, passing other trucks going up the hill is just icing on the cake.  Someday I suppose I'll have to grow up, if I am lucky I won't be around that long. Dave
    • 2001 Volvo VNL 64T660 Customized as a private truck for pulling heavy 5th Wheel RV's! with a lifting bed designed for Smart Car- Can Am Spyder or RZR900  $42,000 OBO. Full History since this truck left fleet service at 535k. Truck now has 634k and has been enjoyed by three Escapee RV'ers and is ready for the next. Previous Owners may be contacted with advanced permission required.  The tires were just replaced in the Spring of 2018 with 6 new all position tires. Air conditioner has been replaced (2015) and annual inspections have been done as well. Interior improvements were done by 2L Custom, includes a trucker fridge, microwave, overnight sink & RAM computer swiveling work table. Large and tall drom box, 6500 QD Generator, 3000W Inverter, 100W solar panel w/ controller keeps batteries topped off, custom bed by 2L Custom Trucks.  Henry S upgraded and installed the ET Hitch System (2014) and the truck has the Jackalope Conversion System.   There are three 12' loading ramps 2k rated from Discount Ramps (Loading deck is designed for a Can Am Spyder). My wife Robin and I are downsizing to become seasonal campers and travelers looking for a smaller rig now. "Gar" (previously named "Joy Rider") has been awesome and is ready to keep on work'n for several more owners before it ever gets close to an overhaul.  More details, dimensions & pictures available as well. contact me at 520-405-9125 or email me at stippey47@gmail.com 
    • Just wonderng who you retiried with? I was with 3M Co. and they have worked hard to protect their retiree benefits, even after problems created by the the ACA.
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