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  1. In the simplest terms, that hitch has a form factor that is not designed for the installation you desire. In your frame pictures the rear axle air bag is where you want to cut the frame. Everything from the air bag forward is an absolute no. The only way I would mount that hitch would be on top of the frame rails and alter the pin box to accommodate the hitch Hight. It is not what you want to hear, if mounting on the fame wont work, another hitch designed to fit inside the frame is needed. Steve
  2. Yep, it is a regional thing. In California/Oregon Peterbilt is the major player in the trees. Both Pete and KW were born to get trees out of the Pacific forests. I know some heavy haul guys in the great white north that swear by the Star Car "Western Star" Back east Mack and in the old days Brockway. Out here in the plains there ain't no trees, a few windmill blades and nacelles. Mostly Paccar not a one horse kinda thing, not many Volvo's doing heavy haul in these parts. In California, the hay wagons are almost all single axle Pete's pulling doubles.
  3. Bob, Recheck that tape measure. To get an idea of how long a truck is take the wheelbase add the front axle set back around 50" in most cases and add 54 inches for the rear axle/tires, frame. So Bob's truck has a 209" WB add 104 plus the 25" extension, my math come out to 27' 5" Volvo may have a bit more axle set back? Steve
  4. Congrats, Ya even got the "arrest me red" version. Of all the Paccar offerings the 680 is the best interior layout, I too have heard good things about the late MX13. Does it have an APU? Quite the upgrade, enjoy!!! Steve
  5. Rick, As noted in my first response, my insurance policy IS commercial. My agent in Kansas is Renner Insurance Wichita Steve
  6. Rick, Talk to a Shelter insurance agent, they serve Ohio. I pay just about 1000.00 a year for my truck, commercial policy no strings 1 million liability 30K on the truck Steve
  7. The type of hose you use is your choice, on ANY air line to an accessory put a ball valve at the tank to shut off the supply when not in use. If the valve is in a awkward location make an extension handle to an easy access point. I thought about a hose reel for my truck, decided the space it took up was too valuable and just coil up a hose. Steve
  8. I am waiting for it to warm up so I can finish my dinette and back window. It is snowing lightly here at the monument.
  9. Kids and their new fangled toys😉 Just a guess, the transmission controller can't reconcile N1 and N2 shaft speeds for a gear solution? Steve My transmission controller is my right arm.
  10. The OP asks; how much room do I need at the end of the frame for trailer clearance? RV 5th wheel trailers are generally 102" wide and the pin is at or near the front of the trailer. A good rule of thumb is about 65" from the front of the trailer to any object on the truck in the swing zone. A three row vehicle is going to be challenging to say the least, a mini van? A truck with a short hood/small sleeper would have a BBC of somewhere around 155~165" that is 13 to 14 feet at best. With a 16 foot vehicle on deck add the 65 inches for trailer clearance and you are
  11. Looking good Bob, On your hitch, do something to keep that cable from getting pinched. The clearance looks good on the bed IF the deck is not closed around the hitch. It is supposed to be 80 here in Hutch on Wed, this week looks like early spring/next week they are thinkin snow? Steve
  12. Very sad to hear this may you RIP Dave. I had Dave at my shop a few years ago and we just clicked, we shared many interests. Clear sky's and tail winds my friend! Steve
  13. Steve from SoCal


    Liquid fuel for light vehicles and key transportation segments may be going away. Airplanes, boats, etc will use liquid fuel for the foreseeable future. Fuel taxes may go up, demand for liquid fuel may decline so? The reality of the situation, as mentioned millions of cars and trucks will still be around. For some segments fuel cell technology may prevail and they use fuel. The idea that Jan 1st 2030 a light switch changes everything is just hype. Personally I see a long transition to whatever finally occurs. Liquid fuel will be consumed in some way until an energ
  14. I had an old Excel 35' fifth wheel that was converted to a bumper pull with a cargo bay as noted. It actually worked quite well as a bumper pull trailer. Steve
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