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    Nicely done Bob!!
  2. My wife had her Class B license to drive school buses with little kids. Got all the training, driving, pre trip, on and on. No limitations. She was legal to drive anything, big buses, short buses, manuals, autos, short of air brakes. She has not EVER offered to drive our RVs, Class As, MDT, 1 tons, now 730. She is content to sit in the seat and sorta navigate. Wish I could get her to change that, but after 43+ years, I know better than to rock the boat. Although I do nudge it a bit at times.
  3. The sharing of experience is one of the biggest reasons I come here. I can share the things I am comfortable with and gain from the things others are comfortable with. My new to me 730 needs some mods done to the bed and I am not sure what to include and how to accomplish it. I have a fully equipped shop but the ideas are being gathered. So thank you for sharing your project. I see some of what you are doing as being something that will fit into my project.
  4. I certainly have seen the overall quality of abrasives decline over the last 10 years. We are all pretty much responsible for it. We want the best quality for the cheapest price and those lines rarely cross. And with the advent of CNC machines, either tables or mills, the work you are doing is done less and less, so less demand for those types of abrasives(hole saw). Finding good quality grinding and cutting wheels is more difficult. I have used Metabo Slicers and Slicer Plus for many years. They dont seem to work as long as I remember. But perhaps that is a ME issue, not a they issue. In any case, the cost for consumables continues to increase for all my projects.
  5. For some areas and purposes, a continuous weld is not necessary or preferred. They may crack and then it will run the entire length of the weld. Stitch those welds and if you want to seal the joint between the 2 metals, use some seam sealer before paint or bedliner. It will help with any rust coming from the joint area and save some welding time as well as heat distortion from the welding process. Of course, some areas NEED to be seal welded for satisfactory strength.
  6. Perhaps for the same reason that new drivers(whether a 1st license or an additional classification[CDL, motorcycle]) arent allowed to get their licenses 90 AFTER they start driving on the public streets. Your comment makes sense but perhaps only for very limited reasons and circumstances.
  7. I was trying not to go down that rabbit hole, but since you asked: my understanding is that LEOs can interpret the registration to mean that since the LLC is a business(interpretation) then commercial rules apply(interpretation) to the use of the RV.
  8. I have no skin in this game but I will suggest that if this comment is the basis for your approach, please consider the source. They have very LITTLE knowledge and experience in what happens in the RV community. I would NOT consider any of their advice for anything. They are generally there to sell RVs. Do what makes your conscience feel right. As said, a Montana LLC is a commercial enterprise and as such you WILL have to comply with all the regulations required for a commercial enterprise. Saving on tax is another issue. Lots of good information out there on this subject.
  9. There is going to be some milk crates in this unit too. Cant live without them. They are so versatile and you can grab and go with them too.
  10. It shows the name of Steelman but I found nothing about that company, as I wanted to know the specific material details so that I would know if it was sturdy enough. I was concerned about it being 22-24GA, like many out there but this company made it out of 16GA and framed in 1" tube. So, I am taking a chance with it. I am expecting to need to put a diagonal brace on each side to limit the vibration effects. Here is the link to what I bought: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203527397350 They dont have another like this one but have others similar by the same vendor. I also found another company making a similar product: https://www.tmgindustrial.com/collections/storage/products/88-multi-drawer-tool-storage-chest-for-workshops-and-garages. Wouldnt surprise me that this company made the other with a different name on it. I was contemplating using a Knaack Model 119 and putting some cheap tool boxes in it, but after all the work of doing the mods, this Steelman looks like it should work better and the price is reasonable for me.
  11. I used to think this but since I have been working in that area alot and been seeing their trucks, I discovered this. 2505 Folex Way, Spring Valley, CA 91978 I guess they need a place for deliveries and to stock material to keep those trucks ready to work.
  12. Great minds think alike. I have a plan for that when I get it. Hope it will be successful.
  13. I found this that I am planning on fabbing a pair of doors for and then install as a DROM. Sure appears that it will store plenty of tools and equipment. I am hoping to be able to bring my fab tools and an inverter welder.
  14. Perfect. Thanks for the input and yes, yours sounds like a fuel issue. I also had something like that going on with my Duramax after a filter change. Discovered o-ring was damaged in 1 small area(this after a $600 tow) and it was sucking air so it was doing exactly what you described. I changed the o-ring, primed it well and not a problem since(months ago).
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