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  1. rpsinc

    Frame Mod

    Is there room to notch the towers of the hitch side frames? You wouldnt need much to clear the truck frame, I would think. May need to add a stiffener if needed or an angle bracket that can then be bolted to the truck frame for reinforce it due to the removed material for the notch.
  2. I feel you Dave. In my contracting business I am asked to provide hard money bids for jobs. Then when I order materials, well, there comes all those upcharges. Fuel surcharge, delivery charge, and a few others. And then dont forget the taxes, different in each county. Oh boy, there goes the profit. I've ordered concrete, like 2 yards of it for a small job. The per yard costs were quoted at >$100 but the final invoice amount was close to $600, for 2 yards. And then I am required to maintain $5Million in liability insurance, and I work alone but am required to maintain $1Million in wo
  3. rpsinc

    Frame Mod

    Some years ago I made an adapter to allow for the use of a traditional 5th wheel hitch with attachment to the gooseneck ball. The gooseneck hitch had been welded to the frame of the Dodge while my friend who bought this truck, wanted to use his 5er hitch. It was way better to make the adapter than to cut the gooseneck hitch from the truck frame. He is still using it to this day.
  4. Sounds like you are making the correct decision.
  5. Well, at least you are back to work. That break you had had to be a challenge to your life plans.
  6. I have used polyurethane caulk on RVs with success. It isnt as thin and self-leveling like Dicor but works well and a little massaging with a putty knife and its good to go.
  7. See https://www.trailerlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2008-Trailer-Towing-Guide.pdf This is the best resource I know of to answer your question. It considers rear ratio, and many other factors to derive the answer you are looking for.
  8. rpsinc

    My Bed design

    Did you roll it? Looks like it from the pan & roller. I have used Xtreme Liner many times but have never rolled it. I spray it on with a HF drywall texture gun. Works good. They supply "crumb" for the texture in the product. Sometimes I use it sometimes I dont. Depends on what I am doing with it. Also, they offer many colors. Its 2 part, so it holds up pretty well.
  9. Torrey Pines. Should be a nice looking 5er if it has been maintained. Newmar made nice 5ers, and their Class As are bad either.
  10. rpsinc

    RV Flexarmor

    Not sure I understand BUT how is this relevant to HDTs?
  11. Your buffer sounds more like a grinder, which is designed to removing material, which builds heat, a BAD component for paint finishes. It will soften and ball up the finish and then remove it, which is not what you are after. Removing contaminents is the goal. Slow and steady wins the race.
  12. rpsinc

    My Bed design

    Nicely done on that lap joint.
  13. I believed that carnuba paste wax was the way to go, then discovered liquid. Way easier to work with and better results. Have never looked back. Ceramic coatings are great but for my work trucks, they are not the best option.
  14. Something like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Detailing-Medium-Grade-Clay-Bar-Polishing-Glass-Finish-1x-200g/232916857337?hash=item363aed31f9:g:kIoAAOSwnRJbj4bC Not the same as grade school modeling clay but certainly in the same family.
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