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  1. I am not confused about hydronic heating, I understand the concept. My confusion is in wanting that type of system in an RV that you intend to use for extended boondocking. You will need power for a heater, either electric or gas. Also a blower or a pump will be likely. Seems that a mini split with a heat pump would be a better choice as they have a proven trackrecord in RVs. Better to invest in a high quality solar system for boondocking. Better ROI.
  2. Seems from here that hydronic heating and a composting toilet to extend time for boondocking are opposite extents of the objective. Am I missing something?
  3. I have tried to do that and no tape or spray glue has ever worked for me. When the heat builds up the glue will almost liquify and release. I have found that there are 2 things that will make what you are doing better. 1- try to have an air gap between the insulation and the outside surface, 2- using some wire or flat straps will work better than tape or glue, in fact it WILL WORK. You might consider instead of stuffing the insulation into the voids of the framing, install it on the surface of the framing and screw it into that framing with some large washers, best to use large sheet metal like 3" in diameter and them screwing through it. It will give an air gap and mechanical attachment, which will work.
  4. I am similarly confused about the attitude of people. I am still working, self-employed contractor but I work in warehouses and distribution centers. Many of the companies have instituted protocols to require all personel inside to wear masks all the time. If outside, which much of my work is, and with distancing(I often work alone) then can go without it, but always put one on when I go inside or someone comes to contact me. It is such a simple action to take and just has some helpful efforts to others and me. It sometimes interferes with my breathing, mostly when doing some physical activity but I try to be respectful and consider others and myself. It is what I can do in todays situation and it doesnt affect my life much. I have scaled back my activities, which is another thing I can do. Thankfully I can afford to work less but for how long is yet to be seen. My wife is older than me and is mostly in the house, so exposure is something I also consider in my decisions. The numbers of cases that are being reported are a simple indicator that help is needed to mitigate this thing, and we each can do mask wearing. It is in our own and others best interest. It is a simple thing and certainly what I am willing to do.
  5. Quick links are NOT RECOMMENDED for tow chains. They are pretty soft material and if I remember right, the package on some I have bought(for other purposes) gave a warning disclaimer not to be used for that purpose. A shackle is a good option. Shackle another length of chain to increase length for you. Remember to cross the chains.
  6. Bummer! Sounds like typical Los Angeles water main breaks that have become so common place.
  7. The oil will atomize and then collect.
  8. Yes that could be problematic BUT it could also help you out IF you vent that line before using it. That way IF, which is likely, that debris and oil would settle there, you could purge it out. Even under such slight pressure as LP, it will get the crap moving out of the line.
  9. Or most have the ability to offer periodic reporting with algorithms to show daily usage, yet wont provide a courtosy call or email or text to advise that usage is spiking for the last few days??? Technology is available to do good. If they are going to watch our activities, then be part of the SOLUTION!
  10. You did your due diligence. I commented on that D16 too. I steer away from those. There had to be a reason why it is in such good condition. Maybe spent too much time in the shop.
  11. Good for you. Timing for purchase is good and likely to continue for some time. Can certainly find a suitable truck at a better price, than before. D13 is best value in my opinion. I found a Pete with a C3 Ascert and auto. Already in RV service, but wary of the C13.
  12. I have done some research outside of this forum and I have come to the conclusion that CATs are expensive to repair and the Acert family was problematic. Some have said that they need rebuilds at 500K miles. I dont know how many miles are on this one but am not interested in getting on board with a questionable unit. Guess I will keep looking for a D13/IShift for a reasonable price.
  13. Anybody able to post some input on this truck? It is already in RV service, with a bed and registered as an RV. Dont know anything about the C13 or the Autoshift. Still investigating. I'm open and thankful for all comments.
  14. I second using a personal checking account and often can add a DBA to it after the account is functioning. Practice the KISS principle, there is enough complexity in our world already.
  15. rpsinc

    Tire lifter

    I've made some inflatables like that myself using some layflat hose, clamping the ends with aluminum flatbar using screws to clamp together and a tire valve to inflate it. Works well for many things.
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