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  1. I wonder if a cheap furniture blanket around the tanks in the compartment would be helpful. A lamp also can help as long as it isnt LED.
  2. I'm near Temecula, Jojoba Hills, and we had a 40% chance of rain earlier in the week. Well, its down to 25% but skies dont look promising. Too bad as many times what comes ashore and gives us rain will continue into Southern AZ.
  3. Esp given that so much of it is OPINIONS and less about facts. Have to certainly do due diligence. Put the work in if you want good results.
  4. The resistor idea seems more involved than replacing the plug & play flasher. I also had replaced the taillights, backup lights, fog lights and headlight.
  5. Yes the desert needs rain BUT THE CALIFORNIA FORESTS ESP THOSE WITH FIRES need rain more. Years of those federal lands being ignored has created a bad situation for fires during drought times. I would think this may be another unfortunate fallout of the Great Recession and we havent caught up on all those things that were not done when the money was not available. And its almost Nov and still unseasonably high temps in the Southwest.
  6. Change your flasher to an electronic type instead of the one supplied. I did the same thing on my IH 4700, and when I turned on the lights to check operation, the blinkers acter wacko. Changed the flasher and all is good. Circuit is looking for some load to operate the flasher and the LEDs dont have enough of a load.
  7. rpsinc


    Your post surely makes sense to you but the lack of detail makes it difficult to understand let alone provide input. The axle manufacturer will be more helpful than the trailer manufacturer. Lots of experience in these forums but you gotta give some more info.
  8. Can you post a picture of what you are talking about??
  9. What about a simple angle attached to the trailer at each side of the panel, install spring loaded pins in the panel, and when the panel is down, have the pins go into holes in the angle, nesting it and securing it for travel.
  10. If they are a broker, and likely will be making a commision on the sale, let them earn it. They should be willing to help you with info unless they have plenty of potential buyers and/or they dont care. If they dont care now, they likely will not during the ENTIRE process.
  11. And THAT is why I appreciate you, Dave. There was job to be done and you went and did it. THANK YOU!!
  12. Sorry to hear of your plight, Dave. Wish I could help you with the trailer. Now that you have new knees, the back fights back(no pun intented). Hoping that someone can help you out.
  13. And they wouldnt flap around in winds like toppers. Nice idea.
  14. So are your talking about vents or AC penetrations? Not understanding.
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