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Dropping a shot ball

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   Let’s start with naval battles before 1900.   Basically they had to get fairly close to point and shoot a cannon to hit another ship.

    Then they had had to adjust elevation and left or right to try again?


   I am still bored, so will keep the hints coming?


   Be patient, it is interesting.

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  This is the computerized modern version during WW2.

   At the beginning of WW2 they did not have this system functioning on battleships. Or just testing it.

   They had to calculate 

direction of there ship and speed

direction of the target ship and speed 

distance to target

wind speed and direction 

rotation of the shell it is firing 

rotation of the earth

elevation angle 

they also counted the number of times the specific barrels liner had been used before 

  they apparently could refine the barrel at sea.  That needs some searching for that answer 

  And those computations together.

  Now to tell when to fire the gun, as in the roll of the ship in the water?

  I believe there is the drop the ball thing happened. To tell when to pull the trigger. The ball apparently had to hit the floor at a specific spot to pull the trigger?

  If you look at the photo of the USS Alabama, there is a small airplane on the back of the ship. They launched it off a rail, then on return it landed in the water, and used a crane to pick it out of the water.


   They had to fire during the day. Then radar was introduced to the war ship. That adde the ability to see and fire at night.


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