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Glacier National Park starting Ticket Entry


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We rode our bike through there one hot summer day. Going to the Sun is correct.  People everywhere. Cars circling the full summit parking lot. Stopped in a line of air conditioning idling cars at construction on a south facing grade. Hot.

We noted the mountains were made of the same rock as “our” Alberta ones. 

It’s beautiful country.

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I see this here a bunch and I believe many folks on these forums don't know they can edit misspells in the title of a thread.

Like Ticked in this one where it should be ticket. If you started the thread (Are the OP) just go to the first post you wrote in the thread and click on edit. Now some folks must think that is just for the body of the post but it is not.  In that edit mode on the first post, just correct the title too. Then save it.

If you don't care then don't fix it. But it is easy for the OP. (Original Poster - or the thread starter)


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23 hours ago, Twotoes said:

I may be wrong, not the first time, but I didn’t see a cost to purchase the ticket. Is it free?  I did see that you still need to have a National Park Pass but nothing regarding a cost for the drive thru pass. 

You saw it! "Visitors must purchase the tickets in advance and in addition to their park passes, though visitors with proof of service reservations inside the park — for lodging, camping, boat rides, bus tours, guided hikes, or horseback rides — will be exempt from the added reservation requirement."

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This is the coming thing for busy places in National Parks.  As of two days ago Acadia NP instituted a permit system for Cadillac Mountain.  The cost is $4 per vehicle plus a $2 reservation fee.  We were there last summer.  They were building the booth and changing the traffic pattern at the base of the entrance road.  As much as I hate to see these limits, I think they are needed.  Acadia is often a zoo.  In years past it was busy from July 4 through Labor Day.  Now it is just jammed from mid-May through the end of foliage in October.

Wayne & Jinx
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1 hour ago, Jinx & Wayne said:

As much as I hate to see these limits, I think they are needed. 

The same is true for the user fees. Out parks are struggling for lack of funding and there is no realistic probability of a significant increase in funding from congress. 

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