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  1. You don't understand what a small nuclear generation plant is. The term MWe is million watts electric. Small Nuclear Power Reactors (Updated April 2021)
  2. I do agree with that part. We are in Mesquite, southeast part of the metroplex. The lowest our outdoor thermometer has recorded since that cold broke was 32°F and nothing close to that in the past month or 6 weeks. You folks on the west side have had more of the nasty stuff than we have lately. We did finally get about 1.5" of much needed rain last Friday.
  3. 2 US agencies send teams to probe Tesla crash with no driver
  4. It would seem that the site is owned by one CB Williams. I wonder if he has bothered to let the Escapee management know of his use of the SKP name?
  5. The nearest to San Diego would be Jojoba Hills and it is 75 miles for the city of San Diego.
  6. Welcome to the Escapee forums. I did a search and found the following: Welcome to the Go Power! Support Center. Here you'll find technical support, installation assistance, and frequently asked questions. Enter your product, issue, or question in the search bar to get started. Or, choose from the links below.
  7. Actually, most of our winter was very mild with only a few nights below freezing up until Feb. 10, when we got the second longest period of below freezing temperatures ever recorded here. Most years the worst of winter is over by then and since that ended on Feb. 17 we have not been close to freezing.
  8. That is probably a common thread in many accidents with pretty much any sort of vehicle, car, truck, boat, airplane, or even bicycle. Is the autopilot a standard feature of the Tesla? Some of those features are showing up in even the lower cost automobile markets nowadays. My 2019 VW isn't fully loaded, yet it has automatic braking if you follow too closely. Several vehicles now have line following and reactive cruise control that will adjust your speed to the car ahead. And the trucking industry is moving in that direction as well. Driverless Trucks Are Already on Texas Roads
  9. They do, but you still have waste tanks to deal with. I think that you would be wise to spend some time learning about RVs and RV parks before you spend your money. You should also look into requirements for tow vehicles and the weights that they can tow safely as well as the weights of the different RVs.
  10. Two dead in wreck involving Tesla that Pct. 4 says burned nearly four hours
  11. Do you think that the two might be related? Anyway it is good that you caught it before it caused any damage.
  12. I wonder what happened to the movement to provide free wifi access in downtown areas of some cities, about 15 or so years ago? I remember seeing signs that said "Free Wifi Zone" or something akin to that in some communities. If I remember right we saw that in Vicksburg, MS and also Loveland, CO and possibly a few other places.
  13. We have been there in October and the weather is usually good but it can get cold or even snow. Just watch the weather reports and plan accordingly and you should do fine.
  14. If you read the bill, it has nothing to do with Walmart or other stores allowing RVs or truckers to spend the night. Texas bills would ban camping in public spaces
  15. Elon Musk wants to connect RVs and trucks to the internet through SpaceX’s Starlink satellites
  16. That is a dangerous habit! 😏
  17. It sounds like the compressor is the problem. Engine oil doesn't normally pass through the air conditioner compressor. Is the engine oil level dropping?
  18. GM is about to announce a new massive battery cell gigafactory in the US in partnership with LG Energy Solutions, according to industry sources.
  19. We also chose the Goodyear Endurance. I believe that it is the only trailer tire that is still made here in the USA. We have had ours on the trailer for about 2 years and feel that they are an excellent tire.
  20. That is true of HWH systems but they do share a hydraulic pump and system. At least the ones that I have worked on had a valve manifold with a valve for each jack and for each slide. To me it sounds like your hydraulic pump is not working as the most likely cause. It is also quite possible that low hydraulic fluid could also cause the problem. If you haven't located the pump yet, here is a picture of one. Yours could be configured differently but should look similar to this. In addition, there will be a valve manifold with 4 valves for the jacks and 1 for each slide. It should look
  21. I suspect that at least part of it is that there are far more Dometic units than other brands. I look on Amazon and there are several others, but the only two that I recall seeing in new RVs are Dometic and Coleman.
  22. As much as I believe that you could do it, I also realize that it may not be fun and enjoyment is an important part of the adventure. My suggestion is that you choose a day that you are feeling good and the weather is great, leave the RV behind and just go for a drive and ease into the more challenging roads. With a little bit of experience you will find the fear begins to subside.
  23. To say that a road is or isn't scary to drive is a very subjective thing. I would not consider Trail Ridge Road to be a particularly scary drive, but I have done a lot of mountain driving and much of that offroad and via 4WD. Having grown up in Kansas where there are no mountains, I do remember when a mountain highway would make my pulse race so I am not without empathy. What many of us consider to be scenic highways, you may be frightened by. While I would encourage you to do more mountain driving when weather is good as I am sure that you will gain confidence with practice, let me also sugge
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