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  1. While the more remote or rural one is located the less covid seems to be present, one concern not mentioned in the suggested considerations is medical facilities, just in case you should contract covid. Small hospitals may not have the ability to care for covid or would be overwhelmed very quickly.
  2. And yet, most of the other users of this website do not have that experience. Do you think that this site is selecting people to give problems and you happen to be one of them?
  3. Actually, most of the authors that I read consider the electronic bulletin board (or open forum) to hav been the first form of internet social media. A Brief History of Social Media Platforms The website inc.com, has an interesting article about the subject. Electronic Bulletin Boards Even though I am probably toward the upper end of the age range of the active membership here, I have come to believe that what seems to be the majority opinion of social media here also reflects the fact that our average age is much higher than is the average age on most Facebook groups. I live in a senior citizens community and while even here the use of Facebook is growing, there are still some who are reluctant to use computers or smartphones, they tend to be the oldest residents. There are Facebook groups that are mostly aimed at the oldest of our citizens.
  4. There have been several attempts to move things into a political arena here as well.
  5. I, along with many others have never had that problem. That really doesn't sound like a problem with the website.
  6. The same for us. We found that the folding bikes, with their small wheels were OK as long as we stayed on pavement and didn't attempt to ride long distances but on any kind of surface that had loose material, such as gravel or sand they were very unstable. Pam gave up riding and I went back to a full size bike.
  7. It is a business and also a club, but the assets do belong to the corporation, except for the co-op parks which are each one owned by the members of that park. They were formed by the Escapees/Petersons, but the entire ownership was turned over to the members once the lots were all sold. The members do have a voice in the operation of the business, via an advisory council. The group did start as mostly a club, but it was the Petersons who put up the money to buy property and to develop the services and in time they began to work full-time at club operations. Cathy Carr was the first fulltime employee and Jo & Kay's daughter. Bud Carr came on the scene as a contractor doing work on Rainbow's End, hired by Joe and managed by Cathy. The story of how Bud became Cathy's husband is one that I have heard only very briefly. Travis Carry is the grandson of Joe & Kay. To me there is no doubt that it is a business but one that is very intermingled with the club side because they depend heavily on volunteers and most of the programs would not be successful without them. But financially, it is a for profit business and must be so since it is also the sole support of the family and their employees. I do not agree with the analogy to Good Sam as the current owner of their parent company has stopped most of the club activities and support, but there is nothing legally to prevent that from happening here, only the goodwill of the Carr family and the many long term bonds that they have developed with many of their club members. It is very easy for any club member to meet any of the family members or of the club management just by attending events within the organization. Many of the members here have known Travis since he was a child. As it happens, I think that I first met his grandmother Kay Peterson about 2003, and that lead to getting to know others. It really doesn't take a lot of effort to meet the family if you really want to.
  8. It is run by Escapees and the admin positions are held by employees. If you consider the prohibition of political or religious posts to be censorship then the answer is yes. The same is true of these forms. Unlike these forms, I believe the Facebook page is restricted to Escapee members
  9. We had two folding bikes from Dahon. They used to be a leader but that was 15 years ago.
  10. Welcome to the Escapee Forums, Donna! We are happy to have you with us. Feel free to start your own new thread with any questions you may have and we will do our best to help. You could continue here but might be better served with a new one.
  11. Just a comment from Mesquite, TX. We have been back to part-time for 8+ years and haven't done a lot of winter travel, but most of what we have done has been to the Rio Grande Valley or AZ and neither of them are looking good now. Same is true for FL and NM. At this time the southern state that is dropping it's covid rate is LA.
  12. I found a very good dog training book when we got a puppy back in the early 90's and used it again with our Muffie, who we lost after 16 years. I have wished that I had read that book before our kids were born, although I am told that crate training for children is not considered PC?
  13. The place to look is in the RVs for sale forum. There is also one from Thor Ind.
  14. I wonder if that will make the moisture issue greater with less outside air exchange? This is going to be an interesting experience for us to observe. I assume that you have a big propane supply?
  15. The thread started by Bruce T got me to thinking about our travels and comparing our experience to those of people we know and some of my relatives. Growing up on a Kansas farm, I had traveled very little when I left home and left with a burning desire to change that. I have been fortunate enough to have spent time in most of the states and at least passed through all 50, but have only visited about a dozen countries and several of those for only a brief stop by cruise ship. I suspect that this group is much better traveled than the average American. The following comes from Forbes Magazine, 2019. How much have you traveled?
  16. I suspect it also depends on the source as I doubt anyone actually knows but the most recent source that I am able to find is 2019, Forbes magazine, which says 10 or fewer. But that really wasn't the original subject.
  17. Our reasons for keeping an RV have changed over the years. We bought our first RV because it had become so difficult to get out tenting with 3 little boys and by changing to a popup we were able to go more often and it was a very light weight trailer with a place to sleep and to store our gear. We towed it with a 4WD. In those years our recreation was hiking, fishing, hunting and similar activities with only occasional short trips to tourist areas. We moved to a fully self-contained RV because we acquired an interest in recreational property to visit even in the winter and that RV was seldom moved. To me, when we moved to the full-time RV life what we wanted was dramatically different because our reason for the RV had also changed a great deal over the intervening years. After our kids left home we began to use the RV for attending square-dance weekends and festivals. With that change we wanted something more on the order of a rolling motel and the step from there to living in an RV was that of getting a very compact home that we could take anywhere we wished to go. In the days that we were going into the backcountry, it would have been nice to have had one of the RVs which are popular in AU and are more off-road capable, but with the budget that we had we could not have afforded to buy one.
  18. Thanks for the complement. Keep in mind though that it is getting to be dated because we left the fulltime lifestyle back in late 2011. Things have been changing and I need to do some serious editing of parts of it.
  19. Yes, to pass on to the one from IT who asked me. Weekend Moderators have no involvement in those decisions, we only remove clear spam. It is the IT department who make decisions on what is or isn't spam if it is in doubt. Go read the first post in the thread, which is what triggered my question. It is my intent to point this thread out to the IT person who asked so they can read what people respond. In addition, weekend moderators do not remove anything, only hide it so that someone from IT can make the call during normal working hours. If they disagree, the put the post back and let us know why.
  20. That was the subject of the discussion since posting spam is against the forum rules and has been at least since the 1990's. The subject of the discussion was that an IT employee who I had occasion to speak with for unrelated reasons asked if I considered it to be spam, mostly because it is an income generating channel and the owner has not posted anything else to the forums. He made two posts prior to starting this run. The IT concern was that he might run off the posts of such things made by active members of these forums and to me that does seem to have been happening. It is an attempt to keep the forums serving the members who participate. That is the only reason to go to the expense of having a forum since it does not run on the owned server but is on one that is dedicated to hosting forums for organizations, for a fee. The question came up because the management does care. If you click on the author's name in the upper left corner it will open a window that shows more about the poster and a list of their recent posts. Anyone can do that. I am not sure what criteria you are speaking of? The only question was if others consider his posts to be spam and detrimental to the forums. I would point out that it was not me or any moderator or IT person who originally brought it up. The only criteria are those of the guidelines listed at the top of each page.
  21. Welcome to the Escapee forums! I did some searching and I found another one from Amazon for about $200. This one is from Mor-ryde so is a quality product but it is not powered but manual. I also found this one from Technology Research for $335. As Bob has suggested, the space for the equipment could also be a problem as it will need to be near if now where the cord is presently stored.
  22. Might it be this one? Electrical Cable Hatch for RVs - 5-1/8" Diameter - Polar White Or this Replacement Access Hatch for RVs 5" Or.......... Valterra Electrical Cable Hatch for RVs - 5-3/16" Diameter - White
  23. That is the reason that all posts to the Escapee Facebook must have approval of one of the moderators before they go up. It must be a big job and they seem to do it very well. Even so, subjects do roll off very quickly and discussions rarely stay visible for more than a few days. And that is the reason that I prefer the bulletin board type forums for most discussions.
  24. Interesting subject to me because I had a conversation with our IT contact about Jessie and his posts only being videos intended to drive people to his Youtube channel. The decision was to let him do this since he seems to get a lot of visitors and for that reason he is still part of the forums. I suspect that if there were a consensus from the forum members to do so we he could be taken down. How about it? Lets hear from everyone what the opinion is. Does Jessie A contribute something worthwhile or would you rather that he were blocked from further postings?
  25. Wow! Until last year our address was Lindale but we were actually closer to Van. We still do some business there and were in Van just last week.
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