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  1. Jerry Jones’ natural gas company ‘hits jackpot’ as Texas freeze drives up prices Comstock Resources Inc. has been able to sell gas from its Haynesville Shale wells in East Texas and northern Louisiana at premium prices since Thursday. The Frisco-based natural gas producer owned by Dallas billionaire Jerry Jones is cashing in on a surge in prices for the fuel as a brutal freeze grips the central U.S., leaving millions without power. Comstock Resources Inc. has been able to sell gas from its Haynesville Shale wells in East Texas and northern Louisiana at premium prices since Thursda
  2. We are TFL and so far have had to show both my military ID and my Medicare cards. We got our flu shots last year at the local COSTCO pharmacy and same ID requirements there. In the past I've always had to show my military ID for care everywhere. It's the second payer now after Medicare so the providers now want to copy both IDs.
  3. First off it looks a lot like the Elio. A three wheeler, low drag, innovative. And I lost my $100.00 deposit for one when they scammed the City of Shreveport LA our of paying for their non existent factory site, an abandoned GM factory. And scammed me out of $100.00, in exchange for a T-shirt and a bumper sticker. So I am not posting this as something I would Invest in just yet. But if they build them, and they can live up to the specs they submit is yet to be seen. But they say this year. But the design is very intriguing. My Tesla on a 40 Amp outlet in my home gets me 30 miles of range
  4. Here in CO the major health care systems all cooperate on getting us done. My first was a no minute wait as they have us each with a separate appointment. I had to show my military insurance and medicare cards for the first visit. They made an appointment for my second visit and gave me a CDC COVID vaccination card with all my inf from the first shot and my appointment for my second shot at the same place at 6:30 pm. There were plenty of parking spaces as it was in a tiny strip mall on the edge of a Kohl's parking lot. It was the same routine for Lynda, except for the place, when she got
  5. The above article from a Colorado News outlet, and the effect here: Excerpt: "Cost Adjustments We pass changes in fuel costs - up or down - directly on to customers. Energy costs fluctuate, and changes in fuel costs - up or down - are passed directly on to customers. While we monitor fuel costs monthly, we usually ask for any necessary adjustments quarterly.
  6. They and their boards told Texans they were caught unprepared the last time this happened about ten years ago. They identified the fuel delivery systems that failed and needed to have their vulnerable fossil fuel and NG pipelines, valves and the rest ten years ago. Ten years ago they said they would fix it by Texans for Texans. Texans got what they wanted. Only Texans control the Texan independent power grid of their own, where the feds could not regulate things like hardened valves and piplines, producton of all their production and delivery systems of fossil fuels they produce themselve
  7. Where is Greg Abbott?’ Anger grows at Texas governor in deadly storm’s wake Excerpt: "Abbott emerged that evening for a series of television interviews. In short, curt sentences, he told Texans in the Lubbock and Houston areas that he had issued an emergency order and called for an immediate legislative investigation of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the electrical grid. He angrily accused the council of not having a backup power supply and not sharing information with Texans, “even with the governor of Texas.” Then he went on Fox News. “Th
  8. Amen! At least not a believable answer.
  9. Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin | Chimney installed | February 21, 2021 | DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Video Tesla is set for another record Quarter. Furthermore we dive into Giga Berlin News and the Giga Austin construction site. With around 25k cars made in Giga Shanghai Tesla is likely to produce around 75-85 thousand cars in the first quarter. With a rate of 125 thousand coming from Fremont a record of 200k and slightly above of that gets more likely. Especially as we have seen over the last 2 months a increase from 22k towards 25k which could bring a outcome of around 30k in march in Shang
  10. Tesla stock price dip may make another buy opportunity for those who have kept up with it. The Texas Cybertruck Gigafactory is taking shape along with the Berlin factory and the ramping up of production in China. Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K Day 214 - 2/21/21 - Terafactory TX - GIGA TEXAS BRIDGE CRANE BEAM DAY!
  11. Y'all sound like Egyptians, in de Nile! Before you don’t read this Newsweek fact checking article, the facts were from (gasp) Texans! Dan Woodfin, a senior ERCOT director Daniel Cohan, associate professor of environmental engineering at Rice University, Houston The Texas Tribune reported that only 7 percent of ERCOT's forecasted winter capacity was expected to come from wind power sources in the state. Meanwhile, around 80 percent of ERCOT's total winter capacity is generated by natural gas, coal and nuclear power. Joshua Rhodes, a research associate at the Webber Ener
  12. Ray, Thanks that was a good article on the blast of shutting down. Here's business Insider fact checking the news folks stories on the Texas power failure: https://www.businessinsider.com/fact-check-fox-personalities-make-false-claims-about-texas-blackouts-2021-2 More here: https://flipboard.com/@businessinsider/texas-blackouts-explained-mr4tmon3blj7vj8t?utm_medium=10today.media.sun.20210221.436.1&utm_source=email&utm_content=article&utm_campaign=10-for-today---4.0-styling Safe travels!
  13. I just got my invitation to get my Starlink, and for once in my life I am waiting on a new tech toy for about six months to a year this time. Three weeks after I bought my Tesla they dropped the price for my exact model by $3k. I was chagrined when I saw I needed a clear view of the Northern sky. I thought it would be a Southern view needed. So I am waiting because my southern view of the sky is unobstructed for more than 180 degrees. But my backyard faces the last of the hill we are on and trees on each corner east and west. I am hoping later the pricing will be more in line with what I
  14. We liked it too. Saw it on Friday on Hulu. We're big Frances McDermond fans too. We thought it was uplifting because Fern did have a choice, since Dave settled down and invited her to live with him, implying a marriage or other long term relationship. She chose to continue on. solitary but not lonely. Here's a good article about it, and McDermond. That movie was about us, remember the "palatial" Motor Home she commented on at the RV show? We saw the back row RVrs back at the turn of the century when we were full time 18 years ago. The movie was full of old folks like us, and the perennial urge
  15. Gary, You might want to read the article before you criticize.
  16. Nope Chalkie, but if you check out the article I was quoting when you posted, it has an unbiased perspective on the hardening that has occurred over the years here and elsewhere. T Hat Denver Post article was specific to the Texas blackout. That planning since Camp Carson opened in the first half of the last century allowed for future energy needs as a matter of course. Just like SWEPCO has planned for the expansion of Barksdale AFB in the sleepy little town of Bossier City since it opened about the same time as Camp Carson.
  17. Texas' poor planning is costing us here and in the other states around Texas too. From Yesterday's Denver Post: Excerpt: "Colorado residents were spared from the massive power outages last week that left more than 4 million Texas households in the dark and bitter cold, put 14 million under orders to boil their tap water and left an untold number coping with empty store shelves and disrupted lives. Nor did they have to cope with the more localized outages that hit residents of Oregon, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Nor was a powe
  18. Gary, that was for the others reading this. I know you know it. I have had a power outage for about 45 minutes and Lynn when she was here alone had one in summer for a couple of hours. For us, this place is almost bulletproof compared to always shutting down the A/C just before a storm moved in in Louisiana. Gary, no, I never said it changed those facts you brought up. What are you on edge about? Tirade?? LOL, sorry you're having a bad day. I'm not.
  19. Gary, as you know, CSU also has to provide power, gas, water for three of four major military bases, one of which is Cheyenne Mountain which houses NORAD and other top secret tenants/projects, vital to the defense of North America and Canada from attack. What is NORAD? Then Fort Carson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Carson Peterson AFB: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterson_Air_Force_Base The United States Air Force Academy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Air_Force_Academy Schriever AFB: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schriever_Air_Force_Base Space C
  20. Jim, The fossil fuels failed as well! Not because there was no fuel, but because valves, pipelines, and generation plants succumbed to the weather as they were not made to cover extremes. I try to explain the error many make in assuming there was no wind or sun. In a regional grid there is always wind and sun somewhere regionally. There was wind in Texas, but the props were frozen and destroyed. Just like the fossil fuel's hardware failures. The old 5 Ps - "Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance." Like when I was a proponent of hydrogen at the turn of the century, then becaus
  21. Guys, if gas and coal and oil did not fail because of frozen/broken valves there would have been no crisis! I saw the news too. There was no 60% fossil power saving the day with managed rolling blackouts. Neither the fossil or the wind were operating enough to pull through a disaster of gas and other fossil fuels delivery systems freezing up and failing. If they need a scapegoat blame the engineers who designed it only for fair weather, blame the Governors of Texas who did not execute oversight of the suitability of the equipment to continue to operate in the cold. I'm in Colorado and we
  22. I would love to see and read the links to your sources about S. Australia's battery failures???? Links, not hearsay like windmills cause cancer? <wink> Many times here we get quotes without the link to read them in context. Will Rogers, our great American "Cowboy Philosopher" said something to the effect of "It ain't what a man knows that gets him in trouble. It's what he thinks he knows, but just ain't so." The S.Australia battery farm by Tesla actually steps in to stop blackouts and has saved a ton of money doing it. They are for system security integrity. If you would like
  23. Nam, You're right about the flu not giving 100% protection every year. The vaccine makers can only put certain strains in. But like the flu shots, the COVID vaccines should help the immune system to react to variants enough to make us less sick anyway. This short article explains how that happens: Excerpt: "Benefits of the Vaccine Regardless of which flu strains cause an epidemic, there are undeniable benefits to receiving the flu vaccine, especially for those with chronic illness, pregnant women, infants, and the elderly. Even if you are infected by a strain of the flu tha
  24. Hey Jim! I am with you on that feeling of soon reviving that old song from post depression America:
  25. Swharton, I figured that would be the case with most. My two boys, their wives and spouse's families and four grandkids on mine and 20 or so on her side have all had their vaccinations and not a one of them/us on the Autism scale. But those chips Bill Gates put in the vaccines are causing feedback with my VA issued hearing aids. (I'd better qualify that Gates reference as tongue in cheek satire. Some folks believe that kind of fear mongering.)
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