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  1. Why not call the lean holder and ask them what is the best way to proceed? See if you can get the paper work overnighted. This way you can go to the sellers area check out the rig. Ask for a signed title from them and give them the funds minus the Pay Off. When you get the pay off from the lender, ask how much per day in interest it is after a certain $$ date that you ask for. Unless you have a clean title, you will not be able to register it.
  2. Wiring them money does not seem to be the issue. It sounds to me that they want to make sure that they don’t take their $$$$ and do not give a clean title. So I suspect that is why they asked about an escrow company.
  3. I came up in recent posts, someone must have deleted there post.
  4. rynosback

    Bronco Sport

    I would think so, but I was not sure.
  5. Just start calling around. Just make sure that you are getting quotes on the same coverage amounts and deductedables.
  6. rynosback

    Bronco Sport

    I agree, I think it is going to be a good seller for Ford.
  7. I have also been buying Berrick gold and have been in FCX for a little while. And that stock has been on a tear.
  8. Watch out for a bubble, if it pops it is going to do it fast and it is not going to be pretty.
  9. I know what you mean. I sat on the sidelines with cash ready to work.
  10. In that small of a rig, why not put it under the steering wheel between the seat and the pedals. As when you are parked, it is unused space.
  11. Hoping she fights this and kicks it’s arse. Best of luck for a quick sale.
  12. I was not being sarcastic, when I said way to go bring up an older thread, that’s what I meant.
  13. I have a PMD and they said that I could renew by mail if I could document I was in the state with in 6 months of the expiration date of my license. But I had to renew in person every other time.
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