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  1. So you are noticing a cooling difference inside?
  2. The report right now is that someone was in the backseat and the passenger seat.
  3. If you are just using it for grilling, why is there a need to tap it into the existing system? My Weber Q came with a regulator, which I had to remove as I have a quick disconnect under the rig, which is regulated.
  4. I agree completely. My boss when I was young said, locks keep honest people honest.
  5. I just bought an adapter, Apple Lightning to Digital AV HDMI Adapter for iPhone iPad MD826AM/A. I tested it out and it works. But some apps make is so your can’t watch it on anything but where the app is. Maybe you can get a Firestick and load the app on there?
  6. For what? You can not enter the park unless you have a timed entrance ticket.
  7. And I would think the shortage un supplies and the ports back up.
  8. Nothing wrong with a dealer making money. They have rent, payroll, insurance ect..... Unless it says United Way dealer, they are there to make $$. The word profit should not be a dirty word. Can you imagine if you had to buy from the manufacture and had to back there for any service? That’s when a dealer network comes in handy.
  9. The market is hot right now and supply is low.
  10. rynosback


    Most everything is shut down still. I can play Pickle-ball as they have an outside court. The drive seems really far into the park. Am I mapping that wrong or missing something? Going to be there in a month. Should be Spring time in the park then.
  11. rynosback


    Looking to stay at the SKP Park Sierra to visit Yosemite. How is this location? How is AT&T or Verizon cell service? Routing says it is 1:50 minutes to Yosemite falls. Thanks for any hints or advice.
  12. Great entry point for NIO now. And BABA looks great at this price.

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