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  1. What? You can buy furniture that fits the rig. What to revive a thread that is 6 years old. 👍🏻
  2. Just pulled in today. What a nice park.
  3. They don’t care and believe miss information that is out there. There is no changing their minds. It’s their life to gamble with, but it looks like it might start effecting me.
  4. We need to wear a mask because the unvaccinated are getting infected by the truck load allowing Covid to continue to mutate. And because of that, I will need to get a booster. And it will keep getting more deadly and killing the non vaccinated. Why roll the dice and not listen to science?
  5. Well as adults we make our decisions and pay the conciseness for them. And I agree, it is to late for a lot of them.
  6. I will miss you as we are only staying for 4 days and pulling out EARLY on the 27th to catch a ferry. Looking forward to checking off another SKP park. Getting close to have visited them all.
  7. I also looked at a Redwood and went with a DRV. The structure of the DRV is much stronger. My Ram 3500 CTD DRW tows it fine. The benefit to DRV is that custom changes can be made. I would try to stay at 40’ or below as it will give you many more options of places to stay.
  8. Funny you posted this now. I will be there in 3 days.
  9. Move onto another campground and be happy to give your money to them. Some let you jump through hoops and like sending current pictures and even having them inspected on your dime. Screw them and move on.
  10. You would need to get a slider hitch. Even with them they can hit the cab. Plus I think your towing with to little truck.
  11. WOW, that is steep. It might be because of the cost of new and used cars increases. As well as RVs have been going up. So the cost of replacement is going up.
  12. Why put it out there? People can always PM you.
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