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  1. The sky could be falling also. Was just trying to address the posters post.
  2. Yes, it is really more of the local ordinances over Walmart’s policies. I would agree local campgrounds are some of the push. But keep in mind the city is not collecting their taxes when you park at a Walmart.
  3. RV, have you looked into Nio? With a battery subscription looks interesting. As you will keep up with newest battery technology. I have been in it for about a year and cost averaged as it went down.
  4. I’m also full time. When getting insurance I do not hide the fact at all.
  5. Not true, I have a 5th wheel and they farmed me out to Progressive. We get a discounted rate over the regular premium because of the relationship.
  6. He lives in Bethesda, MD and I’m in SD now. I live on the road full time. But when I go back I will. He is also on the waiting list for the Cybertruck.
  7. If they want to know where you are, they will just track your phone. As you have that with you more then your car. The government does not care about where your car is or was. Don’t be fooled, they have been watching us for a while. Heck there are tag readers all over that track you if they wanted to. I could careless as I have nothing to hide and am not doing anything illegal.
  8. Interesting. If that was the case I would only offer one 50 amp connection in the box. If you have a 30 amp rig, your would need to step down. Much easier to do that instead of trying to enforce a rule.
  9. Plus some are even getting tax credits for buying one.
  10. I think a good way instead of a gas tax to maintain the roads, how about a tire tax? If you change your tires a lot, that means that you are driving a lot. They might have to have prorated exceptions for blowouts or non repairable tires. It would be a percentage as bigger and heavier vehicles tires are more expensive. This would level the playing field.
  11. I never said that they are maintenance free. You have to replace tires, brakes (should last longer as you regenerative brakes), wiper blades, cabin air filter. Where as a gas car you need to maintain all of that plus air filter, engine oil, belts & hoses, trans fluid, antifreeze and emission components and do testing on it. Lights are about a wash as a lot of newer cars are using LED lights. EVs more so then it’s counter part.
  12. I knew that you would chime in. It looks like at this time that the logistics for full timing and staying in campgrounds is going to be troublesome at this point in time. On a side note, my best friend just picked up a model Y a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Yes I have been thinking of going full EV. I honestly am not sure that it can be done, but I thought I would start a conversation about it. I wanted to make sure that I was not overlooking a solution. I have not seen this topic come up before, so I thought I would start one up. I think we are heading to an EV world.
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