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  1. At this time it is not designed for mobile use...at least not easily.
  2. I'm a musician with a pretty good ear... I don't know what the compression is you're talking about. The music sounds fine to me.
  3. XM/Sirius at home and in truck. You bet.. that's all I listen to.
  4. Drives you nuts, doesn't it? You have the ideal spot, and then a generator moves in, and runs until 10pm so they can watch TV. Champions aren't the quietest around. I carry several Hondas and have been tempted to lend one to the generator-dependent rather than sit and stew about it. Then I have to worry about them leaving with it. I also would consider running an extension cord to their place, given I have a lot of solar and a big inverter.
  5. Seems odd to have a will-call facility but they won't deliver to it. Isn't there a shipping place or mailbox service anywhere in this town?
  6. I've seen that, but nowhere in that vid could I find anything about traveling. I would think DTV may be able to rescue its failing business if they could offer internet service with their existing dishes. I know I'd sign up.
  7. Starlink does not service traveling RVs.
  8. Spring traps are effective, but not infallible. I've found where the critters have eaten the PB but not sprung the trap!
  9. It's a pretty rare occurrence to a) be refused entry for age b) have absolutely nowhere else to go, including blacktop parking. Learn to boondock.
  10. Spring traps with peanut butter
  11. HD has many RV supplies and ships every bit as fast as Amazon.
  12. The interstates in the west all are pretty horrible with the truck traffic beating the hell out of the right lane. I find myself in the left lane quite often until approaching traffic comes. Either that or straddling the white line to stay out of the ruts. I live in NW New Mexico, and the Navajo 'red' roads are some of the worst I've ever been on. It's hard to get to Gallup from the north in one piece.
  13. Boy I'll say. Trusting the PO to get this right is a crap shoot. In my experience they will keep forwarding mail even after you specifically tell them to stop. Whether online or in person.. it doesn't matter. If you want a separate mailing address then change it at the source. Do not trust the post office.
  14. I believe it's working now. I guess the best answer is just waiting it out, because Verizon "help" was no help at all.
  15. I drive a big truck and almost without fail the first question out of anyone's mouth is "what kind of fuel mileage do you get?" I answer politely, but what I really want to say is "I am comfortably retired and don't pay attention to fuel prices. I fuel up where it's convenient, not cheap. If I cared about fuel mileage I wouldn't be driving this, but just the same I am happy you get better mileage."
  16. I've been messing around with the cap on tank 2, and I think things are ok now.
  17. The tanks aren't always equalizing either.
  18. As far as I'm concerned the 'customer service reps' are just salespeople. Been having a problem with Verizon, but trying to get it solved has proven impossible. I love V's service coverage (my T mobile camping neighbors had to go to town for service) but other than that, not real pleased.
  19. It seems to work fine. And they're 2200s. If you need some data, the voltage with a/c running on 2 2200s is 122. With the a/c and micro running with the same 2, the voltage is 116, and the surge is noticeable as they spool up to start the micro. With all 3 gens running, the voltage with both a/c and MW is 118, and there's little if any surge dip.
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