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  1. What do you mean by this? Yellowstone National Park has closed campgrounds?
  2. Geez.... this was first posted on Thursday! Everyone is not on this forum daily like some of us. 😏
  3. I don't understand the question either. Harvest Hosts is not being a farm worker & boondocker. It's a program like Passport America, etc. You stay at a winery, farm or other private properties. No work involved.
  4. A lot easier if unrolled from the top! Since we're back to the toilet paper debate here's a good article with a 'clicky' for their testing. https://inspectapedia.com/septic/Toilet_Paper_Choices.php
  5. We paid a one-time lifetime price about 25 years ago for $325. I guess we're lucky we did. We love it.
  6. Chris and Cherie have a bus, a van camper and a boat. They alternate between all of them.
  7. I think most of us have had small campers or even started out as tenters and we've graduated to larger ones for full-timing. I think that would count as have some experience with a small camper. So far, no one has had one of these exact trailers but we all gave 'opinions' of things to think about. We don't know your daughter so don't know if she has thought out the possible issues. It may work for her but she needs to think it out. Hope this helps!
  8. Since you took I-10 previously you could head up to I-40 stopping at the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff where there's Sunset Crater and Wupatki Nat'l Monument Indian Ruins and Walnut Canyon Nat'l Monument. Continue east on I-40 to Petrified Forest Nat'l Park and on to Albuquerque then head a little north on I-25 to Santa Fe, NM - very nice town with beautiful historic buildings and also good hiking. Taos is nearby. Then I-25 south to I-40 east again and at Amarillo, TX pick any of the highways to San Antonio. Secondary highways in Texas are good.
  9. I agree with others... it's really small for a couple for full-timing and weather would be a factor. It just depends on who uses it; it may work for them if they're minimalists. It has 22 gal fresh tank; 18 gal grey and 12 gal black so not at all good for boondocking. Your daughter and husband are probably much younger but the bed could be an issue. One would have to crawl over the other to get in & out and if one wanted to stay up later or get up earlier it could be an issue. Bedding would be difficult as the mattress is surrounded by 3 walls. In cooler temperatures the bed area would gather a lot of moisture and since the mattress is up against the walls mold could be an issue. There's not much storage for a full-timer but again; perhaps they're big time minimalists. Finally, the wet bath could be an issue for two people. Nothing can be setting out on the counter and the walls would need wiping down after each use. For a weekender or just plain camping trips it would be great. Not so, for a full-timing couple. Just my opinion.
  10. Since it says "per person" I would assume it means a person; not the age of a RV. However, this is really strange. The park doesn't have anything for children and no pool so why charge extra?
  11. That's probably pack rats; not mice. They hoard all kinds of things.
  12. I'm not sure I understand your issue but Harvest Hosts are privately-owned places like wineries, farms, etc. Those types of businesses would have no reason to advertise in a campground directory. They aren't campgrounds. Sometimes they only have room for 1 or 2. They don't typically supply any services like hookups. Harvest Hosts is just a group of like businesses; not campgrounds.
  13. What you want to look into is a Class B (looks like a small cargo van). You don't need to tow a car with it and it can fit in small parking spots. New are expensive but if you can find a used one - great. Perfect for one person. Good luck! Sounds like a great idea for you!! Examples: https://www.rvtrader.com/Used-Class-B/rvs-for-sale?type=Class B|198068&condition=U
  14. Sorry, just my opinion but there's nothing semi-stealth, discreet about it.
  15. There are hundreds of campgrounds and there are various campground internet sites to explore. Just plug in a city and you can see what's around it. Here's one such site: https://www.campgroundreviews.com/
  16. 285 is an OK route for RVers and many drive it. However, you'll have a few passes - Kenosha Pass north of Fairplay southbound will have 2 mi of 6% grade with 50 MPH speed limit. Also north of Fairplay is Red Hill about 1 mi of 6% grade. Then near the 285/24 junction you'll have Trout Creek Pass... southbound descent is 4 mi of 5% then it eases up and the last 1.5 mi into Johnson Village is 5-6% grade.
  17. A mouse can have 5-10 litters per year. Don't know why you'd release them! https://www.batzner.com/resources/blog-posts/the-rapid-reproduction-rate-of-mice/
  18. We've used so many doctors in our travels and never had an issue with them taking Medicare.
  19. Guess you'd have to call. I just did a Google for the one you're interested in & this came up.
  20. Did you try an auto part's store? Here are Coachman/Forest River forums that you may want to try for information: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f254/ https://rvforums.com/forums/coachmen/ https://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/f214/
  21. What's the name of this park? I would bet there are more parks without the age rule than with it. Surely there are other RV parks in the area for you to stay. Public parks? City parks? County parks?
  22. Original Poster: Sorry if we all got off-track but you didn't say if you're Medicare age or not. Here's a good comparison article for all three: Medicare Supplement; Medicare Advantage HMO; Medicare Advantage PPO: https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/medicare/supplement-all/medicare-advantage-vs-medicare-supplement-plans
  23. Here's another: https://mhsrv.com/2006-dynamax-corp-isata-f-series310-w2-slides-0-class-c-tx-i1211864
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