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  1. noteven, I don't care if you are a rookie or a veteran RVer, don't get me started on the "I" and "O" deal on switches. Like the old AT&T commercial "I could just reach out and touch someone".
  2. The control box is in the storage bay and has one of the in/out switches on it. The box also contains a switch to turn on or off the wind sensor.
  3. DC area as one poster said, Cherry Hill just off the beltway. Having lived 85 miles out of DC we always used Bull Run County Park just outside Manassas, VA. Short drive to the Metro station with free parking. The easy way to get around DC because of so many parking limitations in the city. Very easy to use and we always found the Metro employees very friendly and helpful. Just a stones throw from Bull Run Battlefield of the Civil War. I have no trouble driving in DC but the parking is so limited.
  4. I never had a problem YET with the 9200. But mine has two in/out switches. One on the control box in bay storage area and another inside the fiver. Might be worth checking for a second switch.
  5. I'm like docj said above. Our fiver is 16 years old. Never have been asked, nor would I want to stay at a joint like that.
  6. Lowes. Unfortunately there is no Mennards in the area of Yuma, AZ. I believe the closest is in Casper, WY.
  7. I don't know how many trucks they have running around Yuma and Quartzite, AZ. in the winter. They also have a kiosk at the Arizona Market Place here in Yuma in the winter.
  8. https://news3lv.com/news/local/school-police-officer-springs-into-action-to-put-out-rv-fire-in-moapa-valley
  9. Well the Bolt situation just got worse. Evidently, a couple of weeks ago, a 2020 Bolt burnt up. So now all 2017- 2020, not sure about the 2021, will be recalled world wide at the tune of 1 billion bucks. If I was a Bolt owner, I'd really like a buy back at fair market value. Or better yet GM buy them back, and crush them.
  10. Highest priced recall of an American made car in history. 800 million, $11,200 per Bolt. I think they are giving the owners an 100,000 miles and maybe 8 years. Personally, if I owned one I'd like what VW did with their cheating software, buy back or pay me off and they are off the hook. If the warranty becomes an issue that GM is giving, the price would certainly go higher.
  11. The Big Boy 4104 is on it's summer tour. If you are a railroad buff or just like seeing these types of thing, it is a throw back. We saw it in 2019 pass thru Yuma, AZ. We were on straight stretch just outside the city limits after spending the night in Yuma. When it got to us she was really rocking and rolling. This is the schedule for this season. https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm
  12. Brad NSW, are they "reservation only"? We drove thru Mike Harris a couple of years ago and don't remember.
  13. Here is two, Glenn http://www.trailertiresandwheels.com/ https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-Trailer_Tires_and_Wheels.aspx
  14. We used the Indiana State Fairgrounds when we went to the Indy 500 for years. Good Sam, Airstream, and Holiday Rambler also used it for rallys.
  15. The only campground I can think of would be Valley View in Island Park, ID. about 13 miles from the west gate at West Yellowstone. They can handle 80' on some sites. Also Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone lists 80' pull-thrus. If this is a four rig trip, reservations need to be made now. Quite an accomplishment to pull it off in my estimation. We have been in that area 15 times out of the last 18 summers.
  16. Not only is the US going to welcome our northern neighbors, but what restrictions will the Canadian government put on their citizens?
  17. Hey Vegas Teacher, we use to live about 60 miles from Chocolate Town USA. Tell her to bring you back a bunch candy bars and Kisses.
  18. DanZemke, check this out. https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/30258683.cfm
  19. Solo 18, since coming out west from Penna. about 18 years ago, we haven't been back to Michigan. But watching the Indy Car race from Belle Isle last month that sure looks really nice. And of course the Motown Museum, I don't think was up running yet. I would have really been in Hog Heaven. "My Girl, My Girl"!
  20. Try these two places. http://www.parkin-acc.com/page19.html https://www.pellandent.com/RV-WIndows-Instant-Quote-Hehr-Kinro Hope this helps. Have a great day!
  21. We have had to have extra Trimark keys made in the couple of years. Tried Ace, Lowes, and a couple of other places and no go. Went to a local lock shop and locksmith, he took a quick look at what I brought him, "be back in a minute or two", he had them cut and ready.
  22. Another problem is so many prospective employees can't pass the pee test! Several years ago we were in Pendleton, OR and at Walmart were two folks manning a kiosk to hire school bus drivers. Kind of got my attention quickly, not that I was hunting a job. Because bus drivers openings where we were from were easy to fill if there was any turnover. The couple informed me that they would get plenty applications but the greatest percentage, again, couldn't pass the pee test.
  23. What I'd like to see is reciprocal charges. Example: If Idaho charges out of state residents $10.00 a night, then an Idahoan lands in a Pennsylvania State Park, that entrant would be charged a extra 10 bucks.
  24. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2021/06/idahos-busiest-parks-hike-fees-for-non-residents/
  25. gypsydan, the Escapees, Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming may have some info and referrals in the office.
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