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  1. I'm going to put vent covers over our roof vents. There are basically two different covers. One that is very common and just covers the vent. There is a longer cover that goes further to the rear of the vent. The shorter cover states on the info, that it is "not recommended" for use over Fantastic fans. The longer cover would probably let more air in when the fan is in use. But is there really a big difference? Has anybody used the shorter version on Fantastic fans? There is quite a price difference between the two. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Try these 2 places. I have never used either but have a friend who has used AZ Salvage with good luck: https://www.azrvsalvage.com/ https://www.azrvsalvage.com/ https://colawrvsalvage.com/
  3. CFerguson, very true or want you to jump thru hoops to get it. Another thing in a snowbird area is to list last seasons prices on their website.
  4. Plattsburgh, NY. https://www.mynbc5.com/article/how-canadian-snowbirds-are-flocking-south-despite-a-border-closure/34705014
  5. redcrzr, sorry you missed, and we would be glad to have you folks. The next Yuma Get Together will be Wed. December 9. Same time and same location. I don't know off hand about other Yuma area doings but of course during January, there are quite a lot of things SKP affiliated in Quartzite. If I can be of more help, just PM us. Have a great and safe day!
  6. There are several things that enter into the mattress size. One poster above mentioned about a king being too long. Will the mattress work so the slide will go closed? Can you get around it because if not, it immediately becomes a PITA? Also will the mattress fit on the bed "super structure?
  7. Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 2020 at 10 AM, Foothills Food and Spirits. Exit Foothills Blvd. I-8 and is on southwest corner of S.Frontage Rd. and Foothills Blvd. As always, breakfast or lunch can be ordered. First Get-Together for the "winter season". All SKPs are welcome. Social Distancing and masks will be followed.
  8. mhs4771, last night we were watching PSU/OSU football game on ABC East. At exactly 8 PM here in Arizona ABC East went dark and also ABC West went bye-bye. Sometime during the night both came back but now are going again. No doubt they could screw up a "one car funeral".
  9. Second Chance, you did the correct thing in my opinion. Here in Yuma, there is a lot of what we call 100 pounders refilled at the pump joints. I watch them slide them out of the pickup bed and after being refilled "lift and shove" them back in the bed. Hopefully they are that "easy" to unload and place the tanks at the residence. Not for me, for sure!
  10. Another thing to keep in mind, is there room for it?
  11. It really doesn't matter to me. I only clicked on it early on and it just wasn't for me. And I just went to the travel log forum and the numbers going on it have been dropping for the most part.
  12. Certainly agree with Ray,IN. and Agesilaus. I've looked at it a few times, more fluff than content in my opinion. That riding down the road and looking into the squirrely camera or in the RV just doesn't work for me.
  13. Like Ray,IN said, the propane alarm will go off if batteries are out gassing. Check your batteries and converter for charging.
  14. remoandiris, if you have an electric landing gear on your rig, what sort of remote did you use?
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