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  1. Many parking garages in the Big Apple have signs just as you are ready to enter "No Vans". Don't ask how I know!
  2. Off hand I don't remember the year but we had 1976 Prowler Travel and a 1984 Dodge window van. We were coming back to our home in Penna. about 1 AM Monday morning from a NASCAR race at Rockingham, NC. on Sunday. My wife was driving, we about a 1000' before the Potomac River in West Virginia on I-81. The Potomac is the state line between Maryland and West Virginia. She had just passed a semi that just happened to be owned by the Rockingham track owner and was still in the passing lane with a slight left hand curve. I was laying on the bench seat just behind the captains chairs, our daughter was on the next seat back along with our dog. All of a sudden all hell broke loose. As i reached between the dog box cover and her seat to hit the brake controller we rolled, did not know we rolled until I found our heads on the roof. All of us crawled out onto the grassy medium, but we were now pointed south as we had been traveling north. The semi driver was the first on the scene and checked us out and helped. Shortly the first state trooper on the scene and he checked to see that we were OK, but he also said that he really couldn't help because he was a Maryland state trooper and the WVA trooper would be there shortly. The van was upside down, the Prowler was right side up, but it looked like a bomb went off inside. After things got settled down, the MD. trooper approached me and very quietly said "if you are in the market for a new trailer see me at a RV dealership" in Hagerstown, MD where he worked part time. That Monday night we went to the salvage yard where they stored it to get some personal stuff. The propane tanks were still in the rack, so I asked them if I could take them. The operator said "take anything you want". For kicks I pulled out our 12 inch AC/DC TV. Later I that week I plugged it in and both voltages worked, now that sucker had to be like a basketball moving around the trailer. Fortunately no one was hurt, just stiff and sore for several days. What we think happened, WVA had just poured new concrete lanes on the northbound side but had not yet built the shoulder up level to the concrete. Since she was still in the passing lane after passing the semi, the tandem wheels dropped down on the shoulder and she over corrected trying to get it back on the concrete. The Prowler of course was totaled. The Dodge van had a new roof and passenger side door replaced, some body work and repaint. At the time the local Ford dealer had a state of the art body shop and that is where insurance took it. Stopped by and said "I will need that January 30 to go to Daytona" Would check every once in a while and it didn't move. So at years end I stopped in again. The wreck happened the last weekend in October. So they finally called it was ready. Our daughter took me out to pick it up. Fortunately she had hung around cars for years. We get home, she says "check the right rear wheel, it wiggles. So I checked the lug tightness first. Nope, they were ok. So then set-up the high tech jack stands and mason cord. Yep, it was wiggling. Pulled that wheel off and put the spare on, wiggle still there. Removed the wheel, re-adjusted the stands and cord. Sure enough, the axle was kinked. Went out to the body shop first thing the next morning and quizzed them. Didn't believe me as they repeated what I did the night before. Next day, we are heading to Daytona. Claimed they couldn't get an axle shaft. I went to a local salvage yard, picked one up, thru it and the floor jack in the back of the van and off we went. Absolutely no problems the whole trip. Finally sold the the old girl with 332,000 on the clock, she was a tough old gal.
  3. Kirk, I'll try to find the paper work, been quite a while. The first one he shipped directly to me, the 2nd, he had a RV repair joint here in Yuma that became a dealer and was bringing a load over to here, so he put my name on it, and I just stopped by and picked it up. I saw him up at Quartzite one time and he had a tandem axle flatbed just loaded full. He had just picked them up from outfits around Q.
  4. I have done two over the years. I got mine out of Tucson, AZ. What we did was pull the refers out of the cabinet, then layed it over the coffee table, (back of refer face up looking at you) that was protected by cardboard and a blanket. All the preliminary work that was inside the freezer box and refer box, that needed to be done was taken care of while still in the cabinet. Then took the screws out on the back that hold the cooling unit to the box. Then came the "scary" part, removing the unit from the box itself. I used a short pry bar with a 2x4 underneath it to provide leverage. While it was separating, "cracking" sounds of it braking loose and just popped out. Be sure to follow the instructions when applying the new mastic which is very important. The second one I did, it probably took me half the time of the first. Not a bad job, but having two people really help. There are some good videos online and the Tucson supplier also had very good instructions.
  5. bigjim, come on, nobody says "automatically" like Broadway Joe!
  6. Another good idea when working on batteries is to remove rings and any other jewelry. A friend of mind was changing batteries in an Airstream Diesel pusher which were a real PITA and darn near lost a finger.
  7. noteven, I don't care if you are a rookie or a veteran RVer, don't get me started on the "I" and "O" deal on switches. Like the old AT&T commercial "I could just reach out and touch someone".
  8. The control box is in the storage bay and has one of the in/out switches on it. The box also contains a switch to turn on or off the wind sensor.
  9. DC area as one poster said, Cherry Hill just off the beltway. Having lived 85 miles out of DC we always used Bull Run County Park just outside Manassas, VA. Short drive to the Metro station with free parking. The easy way to get around DC because of so many parking limitations in the city. Very easy to use and we always found the Metro employees very friendly and helpful. Just a stones throw from Bull Run Battlefield of the Civil War. I have no trouble driving in DC but the parking is so limited.
  10. I never had a problem YET with the 9200. But mine has two in/out switches. One on the control box in bay storage area and another inside the fiver. Might be worth checking for a second switch.
  11. I'm like docj said above. Our fiver is 16 years old. Never have been asked, nor would I want to stay at a joint like that.
  12. Lowes. Unfortunately there is no Mennards in the area of Yuma, AZ. I believe the closest is in Casper, WY.
  13. I don't know how many trucks they have running around Yuma and Quartzite, AZ. in the winter. They also have a kiosk at the Arizona Market Place here in Yuma in the winter.
  14. https://news3lv.com/news/local/school-police-officer-springs-into-action-to-put-out-rv-fire-in-moapa-valley
  15. Well the Bolt situation just got worse. Evidently, a couple of weeks ago, a 2020 Bolt burnt up. So now all 2017- 2020, not sure about the 2021, will be recalled world wide at the tune of 1 billion bucks. If I was a Bolt owner, I'd really like a buy back at fair market value. Or better yet GM buy them back, and crush them.
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