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  1. Yes, pinger it is open. Dentistry and meds. Border crossing open 6 AM to 2 PM. No exceptions!
  2. Algodones is open for meds and dental. Be sure to call your dentist and get an early appointment. Border crossing is open 6 AM. to 2 PM. You must be back in the US by 1:59 PM or spend the night. If driving, you will have to go west to Mexicali or east to San Luis to get out.
  3. rynosback, as a 17 year "winter veteran" in Yuma, the number 71 is close. Several years ago the Yuma Sun came up with 73. Now all RV parks are not created equal. Some were built before slides and have never upgraded. My definition of them is, "I can pass a ham sandwich back and forth to the next neighbor or if I have dually, I may have my choice parking it or putting the awning out. Amenities can range anywhere from 0 to more than you want. Big rig friendly depends on the park. Several on N. Frontage RD. are close to the RR tracks. They just vary. My advice is to always come into a park for maybe a week, drive the area and physically scope out parks. Amazing what you will find. Never make a long term reservation with out eyeballing it first. You could spend a miserable winter. Due the border crossing with our northern friends, who knows. They pushed it out again to October 21. If they open it will they come. Many Canadian rigs in parks all set up including park models etc. We now have our own RV lot out in the Foothills. Like a poster said check CL Yuma vacation rentals. They are now starting to really appear. It is really what you need or want. And of course many Canadians own property out here so no one knows for sure what will give. I talked to a park manager a couple of weeks ago and she only had 2 Canadian cancellations but said that they were looking more at the last week of this month or the first week of October for more. They did have quite a few US folks on a waiting list, but will they feel comfortable coming. I'm not into numbers per say, but they are way down here. Games etc. could be cut back for social distancing. A craft show friend of ours told us that most craft shows won't start until 2021. If I can be of anymore help just PM me. More than glad to help.
  4. Jim and Alice, it is no problem crossing at Algodones for meds and dental work. The crossing is only open 6 AM to 2 PM. That may be the reason the parking lot was closed if later in the afternoon. If doing dental work make sure the dentist knows you need to get back across. Walking at this time is no problem other than high temps. But a big warning if driving in, 2 PM means 2 PM, not 2ish. Just like the slammer, your in the cell. If you are in line driving to get out and the 2 PM deadline falls, you have two choices, drive west to Mexicali or east San Luis. Their hours are longer but wait time may be long at San Luis due to it being a huge commercial crossing. If you are caught in the walking line, maybe you can bunk in at the auto body shop or upholstery shop. Best to call your dentist to make sure they are open, most are. Pharmacies and dental are open, trinket shops and restaurants are shut down. Please mask up! Agesilaus, I don't know of a shuttle service that comes into Yuma, although there could be one. Many dentists have a shuttle service that will pick you up at the crossing, take you to the office, then return you to the crossover.
  5. I do all the work on our fiver but A/C other than changing out a thermostat and filter cleaning. When cleaning the coils with a hose, do you shoot in from outside or vise versa? Thanks for any info.
  6. Jim & Alice, did it do what you describe before the kit was put on?
  7. Here is one in Boulder City. Kirk probably knows or remembers of the couple that writes an RV newsletter that was based in Boulder City.
  8. jdarwin, in 17 years we have never had that happen. But have some friends that have run into that situation. Don't let guy hold you hostage. Check out some POs that are close and physically call that PO to verify info.
  9. Funny, but I just posted on Kirk's post from Quartzite last January. The friend that was with me bought a Viar 400 series. Came with several attachments, all in a bag. He is happy with it as he tried it on a mutual friend's 22.5 motorhome tires. Said it worked well. https://www.viaircorp.com/portables
  10. Kirk, last January at the Quartzite show an outfit had the line of Onan portables on display. The first thing I noticed was on the box they came in was something like this "engineered and developed by Cummins/Onan in Indianapolis, IN." Not exactly from my memory but very similar. Below that was "Made in China". My friend and I was looking it over hoping they would start it up. There was another guy there hoping the same thing. We walked on down the row and sure enough we heard it start up. Sounded similar to a Honda/etc. As we were standing there listening some sort of load was put on it. Much louder than a Honda and we just kept walking. The "other" guy that was there when we were had them fire it up and requested they put a load on it. He caught up with us down the aisle and told us the story and said "thanks but no thanks". If I was in the market for one I would have a hard time paying extra for a Honda/Yamaha. Personally, I'd go to the "Big Boys Toy Store" (HF) and get a Predator on sale or coupon.
  11. Jim and Alice, hold the fort down for a couple more weeks. Just had an email from a friend in a park there in the Foothills and said the "California Smoke" moved in. We were going to go over to Twin Falls today but called the host there, and he said the county was there cleaning up limbs and stuff and that it was still blowing there. So since we didn't need to be there we moved 17 miles to Rigby and in the clear areas the wind out of the northeast told us we made the correct move. In the last 1/2 hour 10 rigs came in here, probably thought like we did. Our 50 amp cord acted like a piece of 1 1/2" piece of PVC pipe. Just threw it in the truck bed.
  12. The reason we used nitrogen in race tires on the circuit where I worked the tires was to keep the tires from "growing" and to keep the psi build up down. Crew chiefs wanted to keep the "stagger" as close as possible from the start unless something else dictated a pressure change. A quick example, a right front tire could measure 93 1/2 inches around. You wanted to keep it from getting bigger round and upsetting the chassis. Goodyear would put air in them when they mounted the tires, we would bring them back to the garage stall or pit, remove the Schrader valve to let the air that Goodyear put in and refill with nitrogen. With brake rotors getting extreme high temperatures at certain tracks and just the "planting" of putting the right front tire into a turn is why the nitrogen. Do I use nitrogen in our rigs tires, heck no.
  13. 35 this AM in Ririe, ID. strong winds yesterday afternoon starting about 4 PM. It was 80 before that and at 8 PM it was down to 37. The grass here at the park turned white for about 10 minutes. Definitely time to peddle towards Yuma!
  14. TXiceman, you are 100% correct. Race cars and airplanes!
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