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  1. I read that article this morning too. Makes us wonder if the lending institution was in some way involved along with General RV. But in today's world so many folks only want to know "What are the monthly payments"? It is up to the individual to do their homework and math. I remember years ago when we would be in Michigan I swore every RV had a General RV sticker on it. Then in the last number of years they are showing up in many areas.
  2. Rich and Sylvia, we look after a fifth wheel and a park model here in Yuma for some friends. Everything turned off, water, electric, drain water heater. Put several five gallon buckets on the floor with about 3/4 full of water and they have a about a 2" hole cut in the lids. The buckets sit in drain pans. Put water in the bowl of the pottie and seal across it with Saran Wrap. If a residential pottie also make sure there is water in the tank and Saran Wrap that also. Put zip lock bags full of water over the kitchen and vanity sink drains. Close all vents. windows etc. Good to go! Being you have
  3. bruce t, an unfortunate situation. Most media has the mauling happening in Yellowstone National Park. It didn't. It happened in the Forest Service's Bakers Hole Campground just north of the town of West Yellowstone. We have camped in "the Hole" for the last 12 summers. I guess you could say "it is our favorite".
  4. Check with the folks on the HDT forum on this site. They may be able to help as they do a lot of fabricating.
  5. The April SKP Get-Together will be Wednesday, April 14 at 10 AM. As always, it will be at Foothills Eatery, exit off I-8, Foothills Blvd. You may order breakfast or lunch. last Get-Together for the season.
  6. Sounds like "sound bites" from Barrett Jackson auction at Scottsdale, AZ.
  7. One question that we have is there anything to protect the secondary ticket marketing from becoming a major player in this operation.
  8. https://flatheadbeacon.com/2021/03/31/glacier-national-park-unveils-ticketed-entry-system-for-sun-road/ I'm sure there are going to be a lot of questions and some local pushback.
  9. Thanks everybody for all the input. I picked up 4/0 for the inverter on Friday.
  10. Unfortunately, I can't help out on the trailer, looks like it could be a "special order" trailer built by one of the few companies that build customer requested orders. It is definitely the first new "style" Ford van I've seen. A cutoff behind the second door and built with a deck for a fifth wheel. And the height of the front of the trailer matches the van's top angle. Very close to the 70/80"s Ford cutoff F-350 vans with dual wheels. The name of them escapes me at the moment. I think one of the posters on the HDT forum that now lives in Florida(Henry Szmyt) at times post pictures of one he h
  11. What gauge of cable do you guys use for wiring between a 2000 Magnum inverter and a battery bank of 4 golf cart batteries? It is approximately 8 feet between the two. Unfortunately I can't get the set-up any closer.
  12. Wednesday, March 10, 10 AM at Foothills Food and Spirits, exit I-8 at Foothills Blvd. All SKP's welcome. As always, you can order breakfast or lunch. Come on out!
  13. BARBARAOK, I remember Three Mile Island very well. We lived about 55 miles from it. Working for the telephone company, I had the most overtime for several weeks in my 34 year career.
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