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  1. Spoke with Don today, they are in a TT park in CA now ( seen on their website)
  2. Remember tire thumpers? I''ve seen a lot of truck drivers use one when checking tires. Studies have shown there can be a 40% pressure difference between duals which cannot be detected with this club. https://truckertotrucker.com/blog/tire-thumping/
  3. k4ers, I'm going to switch to a Linux OS when this HP desktop dies, I've already replaced the HD once. I had an old Dell laptop W/ XP I wiped and installed Linux Mint for a grandson. He used it for school at-home.
  4. That is of course assuming the person hired to fold clothes is virus-free and not coughing all over your clothes.
  5. The cutoff date is Dec. 15, 2020. If you belong to a specific group for your RV, I suggest you download and save everything of interest unless the group administrator has made other plans. I know some groups have extensive files of critical components, like Safari owner group for one. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/groups/SLN31010.html
  6. And the elimination of the control panel begins. Microsoft will have to force the update on me, no manual downloads here.
  7. The entire Yahoo owners group content is being eliminated https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/16/20917710/yahoo-groups-deleting-all-content-upload-message-boards-email-communities
  8. W10 will time-out a website that requires a sign-in, for security reasons. Otherwise, your sign-in is valid to anyone who can hack your account,, which is quite easy for some.
  9. MisterX, If you want a place in FL that doesn't break the bank look only at the N-S center of the state. There are RV parks available-or were, for less than $600/month. Of course that means a 2 hr.+ drive to the nearest ocean beach or large city.
  10. Got it! I simply clicked on an interesting thread title, that stops tonight. I'll overcome my compulsion to help or learn-well, perhaps not.
  11. An old man was walking around the neighborhood and stopped to talk with another man. The second man noticed the dog collar around the other mans neck and Inquired why. About that time the old man jerked and said, Oops, I've got to go now my daughter wants me home.
  12. That should fit well with the thread about the National Park asking for comments, it's in a different thread. Deadline is Dec. 4.
  13. We've been in 45 of the lower 48, AK and HI. Five CA provinces + the Maritimes. Mexico; We walked through part of Juarez one time, had a picture of us drawn in pencil, shopped in a plaza, ate lunch. Taxi drive back to bridge, driver took us to the wrong bridge, i would not get out until he took us to the correct bridge. He got loud, I lowered the window and shouted Policia, he changed his mind. That was the only trouble we've had in North America.
  14. Exactly! I initially painted them for 5'2" DW but soon discovered it was an excellent idea for us both.
  15. IMO the largest factor is causing the animal-any animal to do as you wish because it is the easiest and most stress-free thing to do; in other words it is what they prefer to do. That is training. To make any animal do something out of fear of reprisal causes resentment and stubbornness. It has been a several decades since i trained a dog, and about 2 decades since training horses. A dog crate should be their safe place where they wish to relax and spent down time, as well as spend the night IF you leave the door open for them. It should NEVER be used as punishment. I'm not ready to undertake the task now. I'm too old, impatient, and stubborn to follow the rules of training another animal. I have however found my DW has accomplished training me quite well.😉
  16. Installed items on an RV are constantly changing, old styles become obsolete. Hang in there you'll find what you seek.
  17. I had one get a hairline split at the screw-in male hose thread. Next one has the oil-filled gauge, however it will not prevent a re-ocurrance of the brass splitting. Oddly the split did not leak until there was high incoming water pressure.
  18. I do not want to see him blocked, I simply wanted a venue to tell him how I feel about the self-promotion since I cannot reply to his post in that forum. He has just as much right to post on these discussions as I, IF he is upfront concerning his goal, making money from his video channel.
  19. So that's why my buddy kept his 1966 Ford pickup. He lived in Van and operated the oil museum.
  20. OK, I went directly to the pdf and skipped over the comment block.. The comment asks for page # paragraph, etc. That is very unwieldy, have to return when I have much more time.
  21. JesseA is complaining about getting ordered to evacuate from a NF during a fire emergency order. Is that whining or just advertising his video channel? BTW I never click on such a link.
  22. Yes I need my 'stuff". I love the outdoors, but after 21 years in Army Infantry and camping in a 2-man pup tent, sleeping on the ground with 2' of snow around the tent, or in 100° weather with no shade.. Now I want the luxuries.
  23. I missed the link to the comment website, please direct me..
  24. If the gauge freezes the regulator workings are also frozen with water, which expands and cracks the brass housing.
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