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    Wheel balancing

    Each tire will have a small raised ring near the bead surface. This is for the installer to guide him when mounting the tire on the rim. If that small raised bead is not concentric with the edge of the rim the tire should be deflated, beads seal broken and the tire re-centered on the rim. Then the tire must be re-balanced.
  2. OTOH if you wish to keep this simple purchase a wireless taillight system.
  3. It may be less work and money to buy a 4-pin to 7-pin adapter plug.
  4. We were through Carson City in 2005 but didn't get to spend time there. I remember it as a clean busy place. Everything we saw in Nevada was interesting, especially the lava fields. Everything written by a news writer is biased these days, knowing that fact allows me to skip over what is obviously fluff and form my own opinion. Thanks for posting the link.
  5. Thank you Rich! I'm forwarding that link to all my grandchildren, one of which is studying to become a doctor.
  6. When I'm camping the small campfire is the only outdoor lighting at night. I enjoy the night, I learned it many years ago (1940's&50's). Dad and my Uncles coon-hunted and we boy cousins were taken along. I'm old now and my eyes are not as good at night but I still take walks at night and stop frequently to look at the stars and occasionally see comets and shooting stars or the space station. It does require more time for my eyes to adjust to the night now. One night a meteor was so close I could see my surroundings like it was daylight for a few seconds. Of course those folks raised i
  7. That guy may like that tool, I found it makes re-installing the brake drum/hub difficult. I went back to using my brake adjustment spoon.
  8. There are ways to get around your dilemma as explained in these links. It is better for the trailer to be 1" lower than level in front than 1" high. How to properly setup a Weight Distributing Hitch by Curt MFG. This is a written explanation.
  9. The man who taught me to drive a semi-tractor trailer drove coast-to-coast back in the 1950's. He said it was tough work back then.
  10. A side note to this thread; Some years ago I was talking with a man driving a Bluebird wanderlodge. He said one day an oncoming car honked and swerved away from him. He checked his rearview mirrors and a car was attempting to pass him, then he realized it was his towed. the right bar had broken and his towed was only attached with the left bar. That is the reason my rear camera is always turned on when the MH engine is running. Now back to regular programming.
  11. Yep, like this woman wintering in Michigan. She had her MH underpinned but was unaware of everything else to prevent freezing water lines.
  12. Another facet to the Texas frigid weather catastrophes: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-weather-texas-emissions-idUSKBN2AL0AA
  13. I live in S. Indiana, this winter is the first in about 5 years my neighbor got to use his snowblower he's had for about 15 years. Then he could only use it for 1/2 hr at at time it was so cold outside.
  14. 👍 Having almost enough truck is work for the driver, having more than enough is quite relaxing when driving. Been there done that.
  15. Like Kirk I can feel the locks snap closed. The driver can tell if one arm fails to lock, the towed vehicle will move to one side a bit when braking at slow speed. I watch my towed in the rear camera, which is on constantly.
  16. I agree with Kirk, the heaters could not generate adequate heat to boil the refrigerant properly. One remedy is to block off the air inlet by 1/2 in extremely cold weather. Just be sure to remove the air intake block when outside temperature rises.
  17. I assume that is happening in many states, the unusual cold caught many RV and home owners by surprise. You did the right thing.
  18. Herd immunity, didn't the last administation say that would be the case and was shouted down?
  19. This online towing calculator is accurate and removes all speculation from the decision. You will note it requires actual weights instead of advertised weights.
  20. I agree with Kirk, I pull forward and wiggle the MH steering wheel a bit to insure both locks snap into position.
  21. I seem to remember the HDT members used the location website I mentioned, that was perhaps 10-12 years ago.
  22. GaryCQ, looking at a different aspect of traveling alone is if/when you need assistance. There are devices to allow your sons to keep track of your location if you wish and of course medical devices (as seen on TV) to summon medical assistance if required. That eliminates that concern of traveling alone IMO. In 2012 we drove to AK, we were on a highway headed to TOK when we saw a pickup towing a travel trailer alongside the road. I stopped and asked the single man(appeared mid 60's) if he needed help. He was out of gas, I poured my can of gas into his tank and he made it to TOK before th
  23. What happened to: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" The answer is obvious, no electricity to run the sorting machines.
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