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  1. Mis-wiring. Some fool wired the inverter to the receptacle for the air conditioner. However, that connection should have caused the Inverter main fuse/breaker to blow the moment he turned it on.
  2. I don't know how to say it plainer.
  3. Yep, not something a feet-on-the-ground mechanic would buy or use. Lineman's insulated tools must be inspected and tested on a regular basis to insure the insulation has not lost any insulating ability. It does remind me of my FIL when he was working for Indianapolis Power and Light. Time was not a factor when working up high; safety was paramount. Way too big and cumbersome for working in a MH battery compartment IMO.
  4. Her mother posted that many years ago; yes a science project for school. Don't make too much fun of her, she's an adult now.
  5. However that wrench does nothing to prevent shorting battery connections to ground with the opposite end, it merely protects the user from getting an electrical charge or burned by the hot wrench.
  6. I totally agree! The question of which TP brand to use was solved years ago by a girl performing a science project: The great toilet paper debate is solved! Well, unless the black tank is dumped more often than every 20 minutes.
  7. aknavy, Does this mean you can become a farm worker and boondock for the harvest season?
  8. My Boliy 3600 inverter series genset has an 8A DC charger, which IMO is rather puny for battery charging. OTOH my Onan 7.5 kw genset powers my Xantrex RS2000 inverter/charger with a maximum output of 100A.
  9. Well rats_. A few days ago it stated 100.
  10. My local UDWIREMC offers high-speed internet with their electrical service. Dish offers me download service, but upload is dependent on hard phone lines-bummer, i still have copper phone line, fiber optic is not anticipated in my area. I'm hoping tonights 100 Starlink satellite launch will put me in the coverage area.
  11. I have some wrenches kept in the battery compartment that are wrapped with electrical tape except for the box-ends, and I only have FLA batteries. I learned early-on to remove all rings and watches, in a flash things get very hot. Thanks for the education Randy, I didn't know turning off a BMS cut off voltage.
  12. re: what happened to Glenn; How would one install a battery cutoff between the positive cable/post and metal battery case?
  13. Only once have I been asked the age of our MH. He asked if it was new after looking out the window, I replied "it once was". end of discussion. I filled out the card and was assigned a parking spot. I'd be glad to follow pappy yokums lead and mail that RV park a polite letter explaining my views on a 6-yr. rule. Then they will choose their new business model.
  14. A black snake resides in my RV garage, and is longer each time it's spotted (which usually spikes my heat rate). I also keep TomCat mouse bait in the sub-floor of my MH. I occasionally find a dead mouse in the garage with blood in its mouth, so evidently the black snake doesn't eat dead mice or is immune to Warfarin. RV/Derek spoke of the Plague, which is only one disease transmitted by rodents, and perhaps the most serious. Diseases directly and indirectly transmitted by rodents. https://www.cdc.gov/rodents/diseases/direct.html
  15. One or more of these business's will have what your need: windshield wipers DC Electric Motors Wiper Motor A (...) Midwest Bus Parts, Wiper Motors, Wiper Arms, Wiper Systems Online – WiperParts rometruckparts.com School Bus Parts Wiper Assembly - iRV2 Forums RV Replacement Parts Guide — AM Equipment
  16. This is your best hope: https://rvshare.com/blog/old-rv-owners-manuals/ How if you want owners manuals for appliances:https://bryantrv.com/
  17. It should be OK if you treat your tank with 3RPurogene after creek water is passed through a sediment filter. I use Sodium Dichlor, however it is not EPA approved for treating drinking water, only swimming pool water.
  18. That has not been my experience using mouse bait over the last 40 years. Most mouse bait contains warfarin, when they eat it they begin to bleed internally which makes them very thirsty, then they go out looking for water. spindrift; the first thing that must be done is totally remove ALL foodstuffs from the RV. Mice build nests where food is nearby. One female mouse can have up to 8 litters a year, so every day you delay is a missed opportunity to eliminate them.
  19. This thread sounds reminiscent of the Carlisle tire bashing 20 years ago. Turned out most of the problems were from underinflation/overloading.
  20. Dutch, I'm in the same club, so I purchased a set of these to protect my arms: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NSNLXYQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. Katen's post sounds like they have the trailer setup permanently on their land with no tow vehicle. I would be hesitant to fill the black tank JIC it is plugged with solids. I shudder at the thought of a sewage disposal company pulling their 3" hose through the trailer to pump out the tank. The hot water and dawn solution, followed by attempting to back-flush with the adapter Kirk linked to sounds like the most reasonable approach.
  22. I agree with Ken; insufficient air flow caused the condition. Running the fan on the low setting in those weather conditions can cause this to happen too. The thermostat temperature setting has nothing to do with the coils freezing over.
  23. Where are you now that you must travel East to Coos Bay?
  24. K5ERCD that one does not display all the sensors at once like Etyrr requested.
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