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  1. I have had the full blown flu twice and I never want to have that experience again. One time I was a day away from the Doctor putting me in the hospital. Since then I get the flu vaccination every year without fail. Surer there is still a chance that I can get another strain, but mu odds of not getting a flu is much better than without the vaccination. I love the clowns that claim they get the flu from the shot. They do not understand the the vaccination is developed with a killed strain of the flue. Ken
  2. TXiceman

    Trailer skirting

    RandyA, Hay bales are great insulators, however, they are great homes for vermin in the winter or summer. Ken
  3. The A/C won't do much for smoke, other than keeping the RV closed up. It will help moisture removal. If it is too cool to get the A/C to run much, just use a small space heater set on low to add some heat to force the A/C to run. Ken
  4. All depends on how much you want to spend.....Some consider $75.000 as luxury and other $200,000. Ken
  5. TXiceman

    Trailer skirting

    The stuff is not cheap. Ken
  6. Best solution is to not go anywhere near the fire areas. Stay safe and find other places to visit. Ken
  7. I would go up to 30kBTUH as a minimum for a 35' RV. Ken
  8. it helps to post a link to photos, location and price. Ken
  9. I called Goodyear and they were useless. They did not have a clue. The nitrogen gimmick is exactly that...a gimmick unless you are running a race car or an airplane. air is 78% nitrogen. and 21% oxygen. The remainder is water vapor (which is hydrogen and oxygen) and a mixture of other gases. The amount of water vapor normally introduced into a tire is minimal and will have a very small effect of pressure as temperature increases.
  10. But you add in the unhooking a dinghy and it and the 5er come out equal. 5ers now come with power cord reels, auto levelers, auto satellite antennas, etc. Ken
  11. I put Goodyear G614 LT235/85R16 tires on the trailer last year. HitchHiker Champagne 38RLRSB (3 axles) and we are loaded to a bit over 19,000 lb on the road with 14,700 lb on the axles. I had Escapees Smart Weigh and all is good on the tire loads. We start out with 110 PSIG on a 75 degF morning. After being on the road a couple of hours, the tire pressure is approaching 130 PSIG, especially the side that the sun is on. When we found the trailer in Chanute, it had load range E Chinese tires and we immediately changed them to Hankook load range G tires. The Hankook tires would increase 10 to 15 PSIG for the most part starting out at 105 PSIG. Has anyone else seen such a large increase in tire pressures while on the road? I have checked tire and hub temperatures and see nothing out of the ordinary. Ken
  12. First what area of the country? Even a well built 4 season unit is a chore to full time unit in winter can be a tough. You will do much better on cost and quality with a gently used 5er. I would stay away from anything from Thor or Forest River. That pretty much cuts down the field since they own over 80% of the RV manufacturers in the USA. Used, I'd look at HitchHiker, Excel, Cameo, DRV (Mobile Suites), Lifestyle, Teton, ....Of these, DRV is the only one currently being built and Thor now owns them. VanLeigh and Grand Design get fair reviews for new ones. But if you go new, expect lots of problems the first year or two. A 4 season trailer is heavy, so yo need to really look at what your truck tow and the pin weights can overload many single rear wheel trucks long before you reach the towing capacity. The pinweight on a typical 4 season 5er is 20% of the trailers GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). DO not believe any of the brochure pin weights. These are dry weights and for full time use you will be close to GVWR. Sign up for the Escapees Online RV University and you will learn a lot. Ken
  13. Glenn, good choice to get farther away. My worry with the high winds is power outages for days on end. We have been through hurricanes, ...no power, limited phone service, limited supplies for some for weeks. Ken
  14. Personally, I'd head for Austin rather than Livingston to get away from the storm. Stay safe. Ken
  15. http://www.rvparksupplies.com/p/503020AMPSMPOWER/ Here is a post showing the wiring for a typical RV pedestal. The 30 amp is usually taken from one side of the 50 amp legs. Ig a park is wired properly, they will alternate which side carries the 30 amp plug to help balance the laod. Ken
  16. Three things to check. Two should be under the bathroom sink area. A check valve and an anti-siphon valve. And last is the nozzle in the tank ... It can be plugged. This require getting the under belly loose and pulling the nozzle. It is typically mounted to the tank with a sealant and 2 to 4 screws. Ken
  17. You have to remember that many places are operating on reduced staff and hours of operation. Things are now taking longer than in the past. Just be patient and it will get done. Ken
  18. We have been full time for over 7 years now and have never had an issue wit the Escapees address with any bank, brokerage or credit card company. Ken
  19. TXiceman

    Nine seat in HDT

    Sounds more like you need a bus to haul the crew. Ken
  20. The test for the class A or B class license is not that hard or that inconvenient. Frankly, if you can't pass the test, you need to hang up the keys. Also, the annual inspection is a non issue if you are out of state, you simply mark the box that you are out of state and get the stickers mailed to you. You then have 72 hours once you reach your destination in Texas to get the inspection on your return. Yes, it may be delays in getting the license and tags done due to reduced staffing with the COVID19, but it can get done. But expect delays anywhere in the country. After the bike rally, I don't think SD will be safe now. Ken
  21. Just saw an article the UTMB Galveston was laying off 200 workers due to funding and COVID. Ken
  22. Here are your answers....on an Escapees post from the search function https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125345-texas-class-a-or-b-license-upgrade-faqs/?tab=comments#comment-868304 Ken
  23. We have had two friends try to haul bikes on the ladder carriers. In both cases, the ladder was pulled loose damaging the RV. One of them lost his bike. The ladders were not meant to carry that kind of dynamic loading. I would try the adapter to the 2" receiver. Ken
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