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  1. I doubt if you will find a dry weight on the vehicle. About the only thing I know is to get the seller to get you a weight ticket on it. Ken
  2. Generating and running electric motors in nowhere near 100% efficient. There are generator losses, power transmicssio0ns losses and finally the electric motor is not 100% efficient. Ken
  3. I will not be considering an EV until we have at least 50% of the electricity being produced by renewable, non-fossil fueled plants. Right now, the carbon footprint on an EV is too high. So, you drive a nice non-polluting EV, but the car is recharged by a fossil fueled power plant. Plus, recharge stations are too far apart and too few in most locations. Currently, I see them as a high-cost, limited range golf cart. I know this does against RV's belief in Tesla, but not now for me. Ken
  4. Yes, Nuwa partnered with Excel/Petersen to build HH named trailers until Excel went under. We saw a few and while nice, they were not true HitchHIkers. We were lucky enough to fine a new 2013 (11/12 build date and one of the last true HitchHikers) Champagne at the plant and bought it in June 2014. We have been full time in it since purchase and had very few problems. It is a very solid trailer and good for a few more years. Ken
  5. Our adventure started as we left Atlanta, GA while towing our 40 foot 5er.. A truck in front of us dropped two 5-gallon buckets on the freeway. I slowed down as people were dodging the things. I did not have one in my lane and started to speed back up and a clown clipped a bucket and it rolled over to my lane and I could not miss it. It hit with a whack and immediately lost oil pressure smoke billowed out from the front of the truck. I was 3 lanes from the right shoulder and naturally, no one will let you over and I could not shut down in the middle of the road. Took about 1/4 mile to get to the shoulder and with luck, the trucker had pulled over right in front of us. I raised the hood and no oil on the dip stick. Looked under the truck and the oil filter was smashed and sprayed oil all over the hot engine. Cops gave him a ticket for failing to secure his load. Took 3 hours to get a wrecked to tow the rig to a campground and the truck to a shop. They put on a new oil filter, refilled it with oil, and started the truck (only had 22,200 miles on it). Told his insurance company, I was not settling until I had put 3,000 miles on it and had two clean oil analysis. We stayed in Atlanta area two more days and put a few miles on the truck. We went to near Knoxville, TN and ran around the Smokies for a week. We left there headed to Ashville, NC and about 20 miles east on Knoxville, the engine started ticking and got louder. By the time I hit the shoulder, it was rattling and running rough. Waited two hours for a tow truck and dropped the trailer at a ratty RV park with a pull-through and the truck to a Ford dealer. While the driver put the drive shaft back in the truck, the shop manager senet a mechanic out to check the truck. It started but was rough and it was pronounced dead. Back to the trucker's insurance and after some arguing and Ford telling the warranty on the truck was voided if it has anything other than a Ford engine and all that was available was a new crate engine. Two weeks later an engine was in the shop. One week later the truck was completed. A total of 3 weeks off the road. The insurance company paid for the engine ($23,800), a rental car for 3 weeks and a campsite for 3 weeks. We stayed in Knoxville a few more days and put some miles on the new engine and finally headed on to Nashville and Memphis for a rerouted trip. The truck now has 104,000 miles and doing fine. People ask me why I was not upset about the ordeal. Other than rearranging out trip, it cost us nothing, and we had a nice NEW rental car to run around the Smokies during peak color season, and I was retired and did not really have to be in any particular place. When you get lemons, make lemonade. Ken
  6. Hate to sound condescending but are you sure that zone is set to cool. Had a neighbor new to RVing that could not get his unit to cool and when I went to help, that zone was not set to cool. Also, did the new unit get or have a different control board that the thermostat is not recognizing? Ken
  7. Barbara sadly, all too many folks depend totally on the internet and only one news source for their information. As an engineer, I am well trained in multiple areas of science and feel your pain. It has always been an issue on how to educate those that are unwilling to be educated. Ken
  8. Yes, the Earth undergoes periodic climatic changes, but people are denying the simple fact that man is accelerating the change. People choose to ignore science at the outpouring of some politicians and environmental people. Oh, I am a retired engineer and worked with science that effected the atmosphere. Some of the evening news is pure manure and some is not. You have to educated enough to sort out the two. Ken
  9. As for seeing if the RV is level, it is pretty cheap to invest in a 3-foot-long carpenters level. Just place it in the center of the floor in the RV and check level front to back and side to side. Like this
  10. I had Kuhmo tires on one dually a few years back and were not impressed with the wear and thread life. I had been running Michelin M/S2 or AT/2 and had good life from them. The last two sets made 35,000 miles which I find unacceptable. I had been getting 60,000 miles from Michelins. This time I went to a Cooper AT Discovery tire and so far wearing well. Ken
  11. Another vote for the Amish Cooling unit. Only problem with replacing the cooling unit is to be very sure you have the new cooling unit well sealed to the old casing. If there is a leak in the sealant, moisture will get into the unit and ir stops cooling so well. Ken
  12. Try disconnecting the power to the awning and controls for a minute and reconnect. Ken
  13. You have to be proactive if you start feeling bad. Even if fully vaccinated, you can still get a break-through infection. Generally, these cases are much less severe, and you recover faster. If you start feeling bad, you should get to a clinic and get tested right away so that you can try to get ahead of the virus. We are fully vaccinated and have the Pfizer booster, yet we are wearing mask and not eating out due to unmasked people. I am so glad to see social media taking positive steps to take down false information that is getting spread. Take care and get well soon. Ken
  14. With all slides in and jacks retracted, check the fluid level. Sounds like you are low on fluid. Ken
  15. let's not evolve this into a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. It could be someone in the office came down with COVID and exposed a bunch of people and they are short staffed. Ken
  16. Time to run away for sure. Ken
  17. Oh, I have been telling the extended warranty people that the owner died last week when the truck caught fire and crashed in the swamp. He drowned and the alligators got him. Ken
  18. One day last year we had a ball watching a guy pull into a pull through site. The sites are nice an wide(16 ft) and long (70 Ft) and a nice angle from the road. Sites and roads are all concrete. It took him 45 minutes to get a 38 foot long 5er and 1 ton truck into the site reasonably straight. He did not swing out and allow room for the trailer and was in the grass, In getting straight, he had the truck in the grass on both side of the drive and had trailer ruts on both side of the drive. Naturally ir was wet and there were ruts everywhere. Then when he left, he cut back against the angle and put ruts in the site across from him as well as the corner of his site. He had zero clue as to where the trailer was going, much less his truck. RV sites and boat ramps are always a source of entertainment. Ken
  19. We have GY G614 on our 5er and no issues. The prior set was Hankook and no issues with them either. One thing that will benefit tire life is keep them at the proper pressure and make sure you are weighed and not overloading the tires or axles. Ken
  20. I for one am all for requiring a special license class for larger vehicles, including RVs. You need a written test as well as skills test. My wife and I both have the Texas Class A license for our rig. I see way too many people pulling into RV parks and they really should not be driving a pedal car with a little red wagon in tow. Ken
  21. Set up an Escapees postal mail box and use one of their states as a domicile. Ken
  22. The sooner we get more people vaccinated, the better off we will all be. My wife and I got out Pfizer boosters this morning. Ken
  23. I have told folks for years to just use a septic safe TP and plenty of paper. About every other dump, I flush the tank. And about twice a year, I put in about 1/4 tank of water and a cup of cheap dish washer powered detergent when we have a short travel day planned. The dump and rinse the tank on arrival. Eight plus years full time and no issues with the tanks, Ken
  24. I remember as a kid and young adult, health insurance was such that you paid for all office visits and medicine up to a preset "deductible" amount. Above this, the insurance kicked in and paid 80% of you cost up to another preset limit. Above this, the insurance picked up 100% of the cost. The insurance was set up to pay on major issues and not so much for routine office visits. But at the same time, an office was a lot cheaper. Since then, medical cost have sky rocketed as have insurance premiums. People now want everything paid for, so policies have gone this direction. For the younger folks that are in good health, there are medical saving plans that make a lot of sense. But for us older folks, we are left with Medicare and high cost supplements so that we can control our money and and not go totally broke due to a high cost medical emergency. Ken
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