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  1. I ordered my rig with the MorRyde IS after a lot of reading and research. I’m a firm believer that you invest in your foundation.
  2. Pot stocks will be doing great once the fed legalizes it and unlocks the banking side. I’ve been in like 6 companies for 3 years. I’ve ridden every wave. It a long term investment as timing the market is impossible.
  3. Michelin tires are awesome. I have Bridgestone commercial tires on my Ram and they are awesome. But you are running bigger tires then I am. Look at tire rack and read the reviews.
  4. It’s all about the convenience of not dealing with people (tire kickers and low ballers) trying to buy your rig. Some people are willing to pay, plus they know what the market value is on your rig.
  5. I have know idea if what you have will. And yes you can not hardwire a Mobley to a router. If it does you need to go into the routers control panel and connect to your Mobleys signal. My Mobley connects to my wifi Ranger Go AC perfectly.
  6. Don’t you have to have hard wired to the router? Then your router broadcasts the signal. If it is like my wifi Ranger GO AC, go to the routers control panel and select your Mobley.
  7. Glad to here that you don’t have to move it. I was at a campground for the first time that leaves a space open Incase of emergencies like this. So even if they are booked solid, there is always one site open.
  8. Why not just remove the Anderson adapter on your kingpin? Then it can be traditionally tow it and open up your options of who tows it.
  9. I have never either. PPA works great for me.
  10. I agree. I don’t think they do as the places probably have non members stay there. If everyone is willing to buy something then they are more then happy for you to stay.
  11. You must stay at some REALLY nice campgrounds that charge $79 a night.
  12. Well it looks like they pushed the update this morning. Thanks
  13. I have had this same firmware update for a couple of years. Works fine, but Wifi Ranger states: Support for 5G cellularSoftware improvements now deliver faster internet speedsFaster overall control panel command responseMore intuitive control panel interface (clearer messaging and simplified logic)Simplified access to control panel using automatic redirectEasier control panel access from smartphones (both iOS and Android)Automated login to filtered sitesMore accurate and faster speed testsMultiple “bug fixes” and general enhancements
  14. I got the email a couple of days ago and my GO AC will not update. I have Firmware Phantom 7.0.8
  15. We stayed there a couple of years ago. I enjoyed the park. Depending on the size of your rig, maneuvering can be tight in places. I’m sure I posted a review on there. https://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/arizona/casa-grande/casa-grande-rv-resort-3370 I use the above resource all the time.
  16. rynosback

    Dash Cam wiring

    I tucked, pushed in my wire just under the headliner and pillar cover and then run it to my cigarette lighter. But I manually plug it in when traveling and unplug it when parked.
  17. Yup, about 18 hours a day for me.
  18. I thought that they removed your spare for the extra capacity? If so, where are people relocating the spare?
  19. Unless your the girl that got arrested for going to Hawaii with a fake card she made or bought. She got caught and crying like a baby saying that she is a good person. I think it is awesome that they are trying to keep their members safe and alive.
  20. And think about people dying from simple things because they can not get help from a hospital because it is full of Covid patients. Even though they got vaccinated to help stop the spread, they can die because of it. Makes you wonder if hospitals should turn away people that have Covid that have not been vaccinated? That way people that need procedures to live can get them and live.
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