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Amazon Lockers

NamMedevac 70

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For those not in the know.  RV campers can receive their small and large packages at very conveniently located Amazon lockers located in most cities nationwide. This is easy to use service and the lockers are located in hotels such as courtyard inn, Homewood Suites, 7-elevens stores, chain department stores like Ross Dress for Less and grocery stores like Safeway and of course Whole Foods.  Very fast delivery if you are Amazon Prime.

At check out time on your amazon order select for shipping address Amazon locker and enter your location zip code then a list and map will popup for local area and you can select the nearest locker.  Amazon will notify by email (in my case) when the package arrives and give you a 5 digit code to enter on key pad at the locker then the door to locker will automatically pop open and woo la you have it.  This easier for me than having to sign for packages and wait in line at my UPS store.

System is like Parcel Pending lockers found in many large apartment complexes.  I have read many complaints of campers not receiving their packages at campgrounds near cities.  USPS does deliver to Amazon Lockers.  By the way I am not a fan of JB.  Happy Trails.

Additionally Amazon will soon start delivery of prescription drugs from their new soon to be online pharmacy or so I hear.

Amazon locker.jpg

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Yes, most Rite Aid's can be used as Amazon pickup sites along with the lockers.  We used the Rite Aid's  in Blaine WA and Warrenton OR this summer.  Unfortunately Rite Aid is not as many states as CVs and Walgreens. 

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18 hours ago, fpmtngal said:

The Rite Aid in Blythe is an Amazon locker location, though they don’t have real lockers. You’ll get an email with a bar code, take your phone to the Rite Aid, they can the bar code and hand you your package. I spent a lot more money last winter once I found out about it...

I did run into a problem with the Blyth Rite-Aid "Locker".  I got a message a couple of times I tried to use it that the locker was full & not available.  Seems a bit strange since it is just a shelf behind the counter, not actual lockers.


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2 hours ago, vermilye said:

I did run into a problem with the Blyth Rite-Aid "Locker".  I got a message a couple of times I tried to use it that the locker was full & not available.  Seems a bit strange since it is just a shelf behind the counter, not actual lockers.

It seems that maybe some of the workers don't comprehend just how the process works .

Took more than a couple phone calls to straighten out picking up a package from one of the 'lockers' in Michigan . 

I still like the overall idea . 

Goes around , comes around .

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FYI: The local (So. CA) BK has the locker/s exactly like the photo in NamMedic's post. Can't say I'm in there regularly - but never noticed anyone using them.

Maybe the locker "supply" has not caught up with demand... IMO-  lockers in rural areas would be more beneficial.

(See Amazon "Prime" vans everywhere - so apparently folks are receiving their orders at home.)

A former Unisis building with a huge parking lot is now a distribution (my term) center.  Was being remodeled / reconfigured for several months. Took a look over the wall.  Several un-loading docks for tractor-trailers, two drive-thru for the Prime vans.   In one side of the building out the other.

Another FYI - the local Kohl's:  Amazon item/s return -   very quick - and popular!




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They are running a survey on RV Magazine and apparently 56% of RVers get their RV supplies from Amazon. I think the locker usage issue is because people don't know where these lockers are located. From the name I just assumed they were banks of boxes somewhere like those postal gang boxes. It never occurred to me that they were located in stores and fast food joints. Or we would have been using them.

Incidentally in that same Sunday issue they mention that Canadian snowbirds are paying about $1000 to get flown over the border while their RV's are trucked across. Their RV's are waiting for them when they get their. So there maybe more Canadian snowbirds than expected.

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