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  1. jblo

    The Ranch ?

    Based on other NM restrictions, not surprised...
  2. Have a Magnum Inverter MMS-1012 PSW inverter for sale. Taken out of my DRV when solar was installed. As new, 1000watt. $425 OBO. Picture won't upload. 817/239/0514 Withdrawn. Not sold, but put in storage unit, no access for several months.
  3. Watched a couple utilize the Amazon Locker at a Quik-Trip near Burleson, TX. They walked up, hit the buttons for 4 separate lockers and walked away with their packages. Pretty neat process.
  4. 2017 Ford F450 King Ranch. Platinum Tri-Coat, Caribou Accent/Chrome pkg/FX4 pkg/14000 GVWR/Rapid Heat-Eng Block Htr/Snowplow-camper pkg/Adaptive Cruise Control-Collision Warning/5th wheel prep/Upfitter switches/Dual Alternators/Htd rear seats/KR Ultimate pkg--Power Running Boards-Panoramic Moonroof-Quad LED Headlights, Blind Spot Info System/Adaptive Steering, Lane-Keeping Alert, Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera Additionally, Centramatic permanent wheel balancers; 50gal aux fuel tank w/electric pump; Rancho 9000XL shocks, RetraxPro bed cover. Truck has remainder of 7yr/150000 mile ESP Ford warranty
  5. happyroads...both my DL and CCP have my Livingston, TX Escapees address on them.
  6. jblo

    heated area

    Glenn, Seems you are never 'out of the planning mode' 🙂 The MH we got used 6 months ago has the wet bay heated w/thermostat. Not sure about rest of the storage areas, but believe they are also. The is an all-electric unit, with diesel Aqua-Hot for heat source when needed. As to the battery sections, don't think they are heated and have some openings to outside for venting. If on shore power, would not be hard to have a small space heater in compartment, since no fumes present? Also, don't some Li batteries come with a heat source built in, or am I confusing that with a BMS that precl
  7. jblo

    Enough Power

    ejm, Having just changed from a 6.7 450/Suites @ 21000, you will find any MH a way different animal at acceleration--have a 380hp now that that only slowly gathers speed from a dead stop. However, it cruises easily at 60-65, just doesn't get to that speed as fast. I am a fan of HP (more the better) but 380 does ok. Personally would look for 375-400 model if possible. As
  8. I took the tests about a year ago in Livingston, TX...the DMV is pretty familiar with the process due to the Escapees HQ nearby. Decently easy written, and not much to the driving part. The link above is right on. Having talked to several in the Austin DMV, either an A or a B will work for a heavy MH or truck/trailer, not sure they know which is which.
  9. Just check out the website on her profile--lifepartnership.com-- see if there is any substance there. Seems to be a following on FB and Pinterest? At any rate, thinking I'd look for 6% some other way...
  10. I would think only going to a lesser capacity tire than was specced by the mfg would be a problem, not upsizing.
  11. Should have said Schwintek not a leveling system? Only a slide system?
  12. Don't believe a Schwintek slide mechanism has any relationship to either the LCI or HWH leveling systems. We have had both manual and auto LCI hydraulic systems and both worked fine if I operated them correctly.
  13. We are scheduled in CO SP for 3 months, just waiting for opening. Possibly they will be letting the hosts arrive before CG is open, not too sure yet. But then CO just extended the opening date to 'indefinite.' So, don't know where we'll go when space rent is up late May. If we do get to host, not really worried about risks--made it so far and been working at "essential job" that doesn't allow for 'social distancing'
  14. Colaw in Carthage, MO, another place to try.
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