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  1. If it was an emergency then federal law requires that that take you no matter if you have insurance or not or what kind of insurance.
  2. I had considered an in the bed tank but I already have a low profile toolbox so replacing the OEM fuel tank seems more practical.
  3. No, and looking at their website the closest would be a Truckfitters in Elmendorf. TX south of San Antonio.
  4. I talked to the local installer and they can place it without touching the spare or the Turn Over hitch. It also uses the OEM fuel pump and sender.
  5. Check out Titan tanks. I have been researching too and have settled on Titan. It replaces the OEM tank and almost doubles the size to 65 gallons for my F350.
  6. His booster shot? Just making sure I understand your response. And where is he located if I might ask.
  7. I heard that only Pfizer would be getting boosters but that has not actually been approved yet despite certain pronouncements. Have ya'll heard something different than what is being reported?
  8. Y'all do know there is a T-Mobile CREDIT card and there is the "credit" you get for a phone purchase. One lets you purchase on credit anywhere, the other is just basically a pay as you plan to purchase a phone. Both appear to effected. Now depending on your plan you may have protection built in via VPN and A/V programs. I would contact my credit rating bureaus no make sure they know, although I suspect they knew before any public announcement. There is nothing secret if it is in anyway connected to or accessible by the internet. Period! All you can do is take precautions ad trust in the insurances you may have.
  9. Several years ago when I was building some fuse blocks for all the extras on an off-road truck I was putting together (winch, road lights, rock lights, bed lights, rear work lights, added back up lights, CB, amateur radio), well, you get the idea I found this conductive lubricant which would let me torque nuts down and let me remove and insert blade type fuses with ease. Might be a solution for you. MG-Chemicals Carbon Conductive Grease
  10. My son did recently and he was not only not pleased with the treatment but they would not take his insurance which is through his employer and should be good just about anywhere.
  11. I truly think it is where in Texas you are. For example, Travis county (Austin) has declared an emergency while Williamson county just to the north is "business as usual" according to two neighbors that are nurses in two different Williamson county medical groups.
  12. We have left our funds to professional money management specialists and over the last 10 years have always made a very good return, averaging over 7% (some years a little better, some worse). We have even taken their advice on major purchases, like the truck or RV, as to whether pay in full or take a loan so as to maximize our income and better our tax position and it has always worked out in our favor. I consider myself to be a fairly smart person, and I would rather take care of things myself, but a professional is IMHO the only way to go. I simply don't have the time or inclination to try play the market better than the experts can. I know there are folks out there that do but I am not one of them and have other things to do with my time.
  13. The health care group we use is all over the place. At the GP's office they don't take temps but only about 30% of the waiting room seats are available. At the specialty clinics all on the same group (Pain Management, Ortho, etc.) they have this gadget that you look at and it verifies you have a mask on and what your temp is. They have NO seats in the waiting areas turned around or blocked off. Makes no sense at all to me as it is all the same organization but what do I know?
  14. Well, I don't have a semi, but I have seen large diesel pushers with toads going over it and commercial trucks use it so I would think you could take your rig over. Just prepare yourself mentally for about 25 miles of pure white knuckle where you will not be able to "safely" enjoy the scenery at the same time.
  15. etrailer usually has some good info but this confused the heck out of me. So how is my F-350 supposed to know if I have a trailer or an RV connected. It does tell me when there is something (it just says trailer) connected. And I have pulled enclosed trailers like CargoPro and large flatbed trailers like Big Tex and never had a problem. I think this may something rather arcane and etrailer went overboard on their research.
  16. Down here in Texas, depending on location, you see Hurricane Evacuation route signs. At least someone is thinking about these things. That's good, right?
  17. Interesting sign. Geologists predict that if Mount St Helens were to erupt again it would be even worse than the last big eruption.
  18. My math says, based on charts you provided which does not include other EVs, that EVs are 1.1 percent of the cars worldwide. Now I have ridden in my SIL's Chevy Bolt and I like it but even he did not trust it to get him from Austin to San Antonio and back when he went for his citizenship test. Amazon (Whole Foods) at least near us is offering "free" charging. TANSTAAFL! I promise Jeff Bezos is not paying for that out of the goodness of his heart, in fact, I'll bet it is paid for by higher Whole Food prices. Until there is enough infrastructure to support an EV majority it is all pie in the sky. California is mandating the sales of nothing but EVs in the future but can't even keep up with electricity demands right now. Since California always seems to be the tail wagging the dog I just can't imagine how this would play out nationwide. I know you can come up with all kinds of stuff to tell us how well this going to work but until I see real life proof that it will work call me a major skeptic. P.S. - I am glad you that your Tesla might gain in value.
  19. I read this and did not see how the dolly would help but then the last sentence worked its way to the top as I went along. What a perfect way to jerk the bureaucrats around. Park truck or trailer on some other licensed and acceptable vehicle like a trailer. I wonder much of a spin factor that would create.
  20. Black Bear Pass gets it reputation due a very short bit of it, the steps above the falls, yet it only has a moderate difficultly rating overall. Years ago, before it was tamed with a bulldozer, the western side of Tincup Pass nearly rivaled Black Bear. There may indeed be thousands more like it in Colorado alone. The worst trail and it is not a pass I have tackled was Blanca Peak. I did it with my son who at the time had a very well fixed and fitted Toyota Pickup. It was lifted and locked and the group we were with with were all very experienced. I have to admit there were sections of that trail that terrified me. Anyhow, I don't really think these are the roads the thread was talking about. The absolute worst road we have been on with the RV was US285 between Carlsbad, NM and Pecos, TX. Never again!! I-25 through Colorado is bad at the bridges, for some reason they can't seem to get the bridges and roads at the same level. I-70 from Limon to the Kansas border is very similar although not quite as bad. I don't think we have run into any truly bad highways in Texas (US285 aside) what has been bad is the miles and miles of "construction" narrowing the roads to a single lane without any actual construction in sight.
  21. I called my sister yesterday to tell her that her weathermen were wusses. Our "feels like" temps were a few degrees higher than hers yet we she had a heat warning where she lives in north-central Kansas and yet here in the Austin area it was business as normal - ho-hum. At the same time I was giving down the road to a friend in Colorado that was complaining they had to light their fire place because it was 60! We haven't had a drainage problem on our slides (yes, we are getting some occasional rain from thunderstorms) and the cakes and oil in the pans has been the greatest annoyance. I will get it fixed where we are and hopefully when we travel I will have it dialed in.
  22. Truthfully, we would not have noticed aside from grease running to one side of the pan or the cakes not raising level. Truth being if we are going to be slightly off I would rather it be nose high than low, that way water would run at the back instead of the front where we walk to the cars. I'll mess with it as much as the wife will allow without be closing everything up and doing a full on level up.
  23. There's something to that. While we lived in Spain the English were second only to the French in crowding the beaches in summer. My son-in-law's Irish family after our daughter and he got married in Monterey, CA wanted to and actually did visit Death Valley on the way to Vegas...... in AUGUST! I think there must be something about sun and heat that draws in those folks that live in cooler, rainier climes.
  24. So I got an angle finder, specifically this one from Lowes, and found that the RV is perfect side to side and yet is 1.5 degrees high at the front. So know I have found directions to recalibrate the auto leveling system. The small amount indicated by the angle finder is not enough to show up on the other methods of leveling I had, so now I have a new tool.
  25. My son always used to complain that the union he belongs to had rules for working in heat but not in the cold.
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