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  1. The wheel liners of my F350 are a plastic material and they do not shatter from road debris. I think this is an ingenious idea and look forward to seeing how it all comes together.
  2. I think it does. Like airbags and shocks smooth the ride on a truck so does the hitch and it is very similar to that description as it does have an airbag and a shock.
  3. We too are in Texas and I had considered the RGV for part of the winter. Not now. After seeing that Hidalgo County has some of the highest deaths and death rate to COVID in the US we will be avoiding that area. Nueces County (Corpus Christi) is also far higher in both categories than where we are just north of Austin. So now we are thinking that this winter at least we may just stay in place. If COVID numbers are going to enter into planning then heritage.org has an interactive map with up to date numbers which can be found here.
  4. Which is why I back up as I do before I lower the tailgate. I use the lock on the center of the front bay as the centering point in the backup camera. I am seriously all about aids. I saw a friend that made a stop block so that when he was unhooked he could back right up and never worry about hitting his rig. I made one and have carried ever since. I don't always need it but when I need it I have it. I just don't see one here, but, hey, whatever works for each person is the best solution for them.
  5. But the OP says they do have a camera.
  6. At first blush, this looks like a solution searching for a problem. Perhaps I am missing something. When I get ready to hookup, I back the truck up using the rearview camera to be centered on the rig. The DW then opens the tailgate and I back closer. I can see both the hitch and the kingpin in the rearview mirror and when I am a few inches out the DW adjusts the height of the trailer as needed and I complete backing and hooking. If I need to I can follow all these steps by myself but it involves more in and out of the truck.
  7. Chalkie

    Spice Holder

    No idea how well they work, but it would seem that it would take an awful lot of them unless you do not use many spices. We have a couple of these and spices do not jump out. IKEA Spice Rack
  8. Chalkie

    Water hose help!

    You are correct, and that was point I was going for. NSF certification is not that big of a deal for a water hose if one is satisfied with the nature of the components. And as to the NSF certification of RV water systems, why would there be and more than a standard house or apartment? 😃
  9. Chalkie

    Water hose help!

    Which leads back around to the NSF certification. One component certified does not certify the whole product. NSF certification is not an inexpensive certification as it examines not only the materials but the manufacturing process as well. Believe it or not, inexpensive Camco water hose has NSF certification. I still won't use a Camco hose because I don't need the aggravation of handling a hose that is uncooperative.
  10. Chalkie

    Water hose help!

    I would say that unless something is NSF certified you have no way of knowing for sure. As you noted there are some materials that are unsafe so doing your homework on the hose construction would be the other way.
  11. Just going to throw another one out there. I have had accounts at Security Service, Navy Federal and other over the years. Since you are going to open an account for where you live, I would look at Ent Credit Union. They are the largest in Colorado and have more locations so would likely be more convenient. Oh, yes, and I have an Ent account as well.
  12. Indeed! In the pic I posted I'd swear that one guy is in a Lowes vest. Anyhow, I find it hard to believe that a Prius would have a roof strong enough for half that load. I think it would be worth the delivery fee. LOL
  13. Price reduction!! $400! I want to get this out of my daughters yard.
  14. That's where I see them too. Renology makes a flexible solar panel and that is what first came to mind but I could not see how it could be flexible enough to roll up like an awning.
  15. Can you grab a screen shot? I am not sure how that would even work.
  16. I know that but thanks anyhow. I just prefer to clear almost all cookies. Most of my logins are saved in Last Pass so it is easy enough to relog in.
  17. Go into settings and then Privacy and Security. From there go into Cookies and other site data. Look for the setting Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome. Make sure that setting is turned OFF.
  18. Another thought comes to mind. Do you have a program or automated browser function that is clearing cookies every day? I know I need to relog in every time I run CCleaner as all the cookies are deleted.
  19. Well, nuts! My bad! LOL. I hate it when the ghosts of past threads come back to haunt.
  20. The savings is only $20 now. Nothing says that circumstances might require another adjustment next year. Hopefully they won't but ...
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