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  1. Pandemic ? Yeah , that must be it . LOL
  2. Amazing . I doubt there's anything in that survey that anyone couldn't find out about anyone on this forum with a bit of reading . It's not like anyone is/would be revealing anything that will cost them a single red cent .
  3. Took less that 5 minutes , unless you're a real slow reader . Seems very general . Nothing you wouldn't tell a complete stranger .
  4. Not surprising . I've read that more than once about Ca MC tests .
  5. Nah . Just be a bit patient . You'll get the gist . I can't say about your heating system , but , it wouldn't surprise me if what you described is the way it is . Maybe someone with knowledge of the system will post .
  6. Brave is chromium based . It's fairly new , with some bugs . This doesn't answer any questions , just a suggestion . Maybe have a look at Vivaldi browser . Also a chromium based browser , but older and seemingly more developed than Brave . I has many of the same features . I find it quick and pretty much faultless , but , I'm not a power user , either . I can have many windows open without any problems . Comes up quickly and shuts down amazing fast .
  7. That was the same as we experienced in Sioux Falls . Only I have a cycle endorsement , which I kept , instead of a CDL . But , they were a bit busier than 5 people . No matter , as the whole thing took about twenty minutes , for both DW and myself , from the time we walked in the door .
  8. Ha . I always thought it was less mistakes . After all , we're suppose to be wiser . But , maybe you are talking about eating steaks . Yea , we do more of that . LOL
  9. I wonder why pasting the URL here works for me and not you ? Did you make someone mad or ??? LOL
  10. Maybe just paste the image URL in the reply box , without any tags .
  11. Please be complete and specific . You are asking folks to solve a riddle with absolutely no clues . An SF-25 , in this forum , is likely a Suburban Furnace model SF-25 . Here's a manual to help you figure out what is making the noise .Probably the fan motor needs replacing . https://www.manualslib.com/products/Suburban-Sf-25-3550350.html
  12. I moderate a couple of different forums and have not heard of secret 'soup' stirrers . We have enough going on with hackers and the daily tour of spammers . But , I suppose there might be sites that have such secrets to hopefully increase traffic .
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