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  1. First I make sure the AC tray drain holes are clear . Then I hit the radiator with a garden hose blast of water , inside and out . I spritz the dust of everything else and clean the inside of the cover .
  2. Here ya go . Right from the horses mouth . https://faq.usps.com/s/article/What-is-General-Delivery What is General Delivery? General Delivery is a mail service for those without a permanent address, often used as a temporary mailing address. Oct 25, 2019•FAQ Article Number 000003412 Customer Information General Delivery is a mail service for those without a permanent address, often used as a temporary mailing address. General Delivery is intended to be used for: Post Office™ locations without city carrier delivery service. Non-city delivery offices for those who prefer not to use Post Office Box service and for whom use of Post Office box, Caller Service, or delivery by letter carrier, would be an unreasonable inconvenience. A participating Post Office to serve transients (people who travel extensively) and those without a permanent address. Anyone who wants Post Office box service when Post Office boxes are unavailable. How do I address a mailpiece sent to General Delivery? NAME GENERAL DELIVERY CITY STATE ZIP What are the restrictions on the use of the General Delivery service? General delivery is normally available at only one facility under the administration of a Post Office with multiple facilities. A postmaster may authorize more than one facility to offer general delivery service in accordance with customer and operational needs. A customer may use only one such location. Postmasters may restrict the use of General Delivery if a customer: Cannot present suitable identification Has mail volume or service level (e.g., mail accumulation) that cannot be reasonably accommodated. If you wish to pick your mail up before regular delivery occurs, we suggest that you purchase a Post Office Box for a nominal fee (so that your mail is available for pickup every morning). Additional information regarding General Delivery: No application is required for General Delivery. Persons interested in General Delivery should speak with the postmaster. Limitations on the amount of time you are able to use General Delivery, if any, are determined by the postmaster. Each piece of General Delivery mail is held for no more than 30 days, unless the sender requests a shorter period. General Delivery mail may be held for longer periods if requested by sender or addressee and approved by postmaster. Mail without a specific address or instructions from the sender is held for: 10 days if for General Delivery at an office with letter-carrier service. 15 days if for General Delivery at an office without letter-carrier service. Please Note: General Delivery mail is not delivered on Sunday or Holidays.
  3. That^ is pretty much our story , too . In 10 years , I think 2 or 3 things were bought through Amazon .
  4. I've used a Porter Cable pancake compressor for the last 10 years .
  5. Maybe this is the link that Vern meant to post : https://www.flightsystems.com
  6. 48° in upper mid Michigan , with a high of maybe 54° this afternoon . Coupled with an all day rain /drizzle , it a wonderful day to stay inside . It's been a fairly decent summer here with a few weeks topping in the 90s , but overall acceptable . We plan to head toward Texas about the 24/5th .
  7. Maybe this will help : corona [ kuh-roh-nuh ]SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR corona ON THESAURUS.COM noun, plural co·ro·nas, co·ro·nae [kuh-roh-nee]. a white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, especially around the sun or moon. Meteorology. such a circle or set of circles having a small radius and ranging in color from blue inside to red outside, attributable to the diffraction caused by thin clouds, mist, or sometimes dust (distinguished from halo). Also called au·re·o·la [aw-ree-uh-luh, uh-ree-], aureole. Astronomy. a faintly luminous envelope outside of the sun's chromosphere, the inner part consisting of highly ionized elements. a long, straight, untapered cigar, rounded at the closed end. Botany. a crownlike appendage, especially one on the inner side of a corolla, as in the narcissus. Anatomy. the upper portion or crown of a part, as of the head.
  8. We have a 36' Monaco Monarch . Most of the time the front AC does a good job of cooling the whole MH . Once in a while during 100+° we run both ACs .
  9. Well , I guess they took the easy way out . I don't use CL much for anything anymore anyway . I might look for something once in 6 months or more . Everything is more easily available elsewhere and shipped to my door . I figure if I want 'used' I can just hit a garage/yard sale .
  10. I flag any CL ads that are obvious scams . They don't stay up long .
  11. On the same note^ , simply remove and replace the old battery a few times . That may be enough to clean the contacts enough . That works for us on our old Lenovo laptops .
  12. We use 5 micron carbon filters . There's a definite difference with or without . Ours seem to last about 3 months , give or take , before we notice a difference in volume / pressure . That reminds me that a filter change is due . Thanks , for that .
  13. And , not feeling the least bit guilty about it . Amazing stuff , this life we live .
  14. I'm sorry for your lack of fridge , Bill . If any fridge will not keep things cold enough for hours on end , with it's doors kept shut , it definitely has big problems . If you don't provide power of one sort or another for the fridge to do it's thing past that amount of time , then it's you that has a big problem . Like everything else , it boils down to getting to know just what you have .
  15. why not remove the head unit in question , plug the feed line and try the toilet . If it works , great . I'm wondering if it had something to do with a possible spray feature for cleaning purposes . And , the above linked ABS line vent is meant for drains , not pressurized water lines .
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