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  1. Bump : Still available . Feel free to make a reasonable offer .
  2. Our Onan has a fuse in line . Bad or No fuse , no start .
  3. $271 for our '00 Monaco Monarch . GVW 20,500 Pounds . GCWR 25,500 Pounds . Arkansas is only 52 bucks , but , there are other considerations to be made .
  4. I use Ace as there's a good chance one will be in most of the small towns we camp in or at least fairly close . I find Ace is usually higher priced , but , generally the convenience makes it worthwhile .
  5. Manards in pretty much only in the northern midwest . Menards location map : I prefer Menards , but , use the others when the need arises .
  6. Of course it's OK . I catch myself 'not seeing' things once or twice in a lifetime . LOL
  7. Maybe this will help : https://www.google.com/search?q=fhu+rv+park+with+heated+pool+ontario+canada&newwindow=1&sxsrf=ALeKk01Q6uSW_YdOIvvncOH4Pqte3wIHsw%3A1630009297775&source=hp&ei=0fcnYeXELMujwAPEub_wAQ&iflsig=AINFCbYAAAAAYSgF4WgWi5iRGheY6EEQ8UHySrQ7rbvL&oq=FHU+RV+park+with+heated+pool+Ontario&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYADIFCCEQoAE6BwgjEOoCECc6BAgjECc6EQguEIAEELEDEIMBEMcBENEDOgUIABCABDoLCAAQgAQQsQMQgwE6DgguEIAEELEDEMcBEKMCOgsILhCABBDHARCjAjoICAAQgAQQsQM6DgguELEDEIMBEMcBEKMCOggIABCxAxCDAToICC4QgAQQkwI6CwguEIAEEMcBEK8BOgcILhCABBAKOg0ILhCxAxDHARCjAhAKOgcIABCABBAKOgcIABCxAxAKOgUILhCABDoGCAAQFhAeOggIABCABBDJAzoJCAAQyQMQFhAeOgUIIRCrAjoHCCEQChCgAToFCCEQkgNQmyBY2KYDYIXLA2gBcAB4AIAB6gKIAf0zkgEJMC4yNC4xMC4ymAEAoAEBsAEK&sclient=gws-wiz
  8. Seems every camp has a host . if they can't solve the problem , then the ranger ... Sorry , but , I think you're barking at the moon .
  9. For sale : Norcold 1200 Replacement Main Control Board & Optical Control Boards Kit # 633299 This kit contains both the lower power board in the rear of the refrigerator as well as a new optical display board. Norcold no longer manufactures the older 1200 optical board that you need if your refrigerator's serial number is between 832172 and 8981138. This means that both boards need to be replaced since they need to communicate with each other. Includes long reach Thermistor . $115 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states .
  10. For Sale : Dinosaur N991 replacement main control board . Fits Norcold 1200LRIM refridgerator . Used for 1 month . $115 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states .
  11. Between Vinyl or Acrylic , Acrylic would be my choice . I'm old school and like canvas . If you're sewing them yourself , here's a source of decent quality acrylic canvas : https://www.bigduckcanvas.com/categories/find-the-best-fabric-for-your-project/fabric-for-awnings.html
  12. You have that the wrong way 'round . Cut the vehicle off the tree . The tree looks to be much more alive and vibrant than what ever the vehicle carcass shows .
  13. I can't say about the Endurance tires , but , There's not a single chance that I'd ever buy Goodyear tires for any of my vehicles . Your quest to find what you're looking for sounds very much like our search for replacement coach tires . There seems to be a shortage , maybe due to Covid , but ???
  14. Our Monaco had Goodyear's mounted when we bought the rig . They were one of the first things to be upgraded to Toyo's . The dealer had told us that they were good tires ( the Goodyears ) . I had a hard time keeping the coach on the straight and narrow on our way home . I didn't need any more convincing that the dealer was full of it .
  15. Looks like the camper is where it's suppose to be , to me . I see light down the front of it .
  16. Maybe we use motorcycles in lieu of watching the boob tube ?
  17. Just try switching the sim card to something like Bill Joyce has . ( Unite Explore 815S ) Or vermilye ^ ( Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 ) That way you won't lose the plan . I'm sure any move like that would more than pay for itself in short order .
  18. Nope . I'm on it right now . Good times , up and down . We unplug it every night and when we leave for a length of time . You might try plugging the sim card in another compatible unit .
  19. I'd think you'd be lucky to find one , after reading all the 'bad' reviews here . Just so happens that DW was in insurance for over 30 years and knows a think about what's what . So she knows a good agent when she sees one .
  20. Guaranteed that you or I couldn't get away with the same type performance . Something smells pretty bad .
  21. That's the same here in Michigan , at least in my doctor's office .
  22. I've heard that it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. I feel sorry for the miscreants . If they would only realize that good begets good and bad simply brings bad .
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