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  1. The Jet boat tour sounds like something to try Kirk. We took 95 all the way up to Bonner's Ferry two years ago. And no we have no special reason to be heading to Lewiston, it's just in the general direction we want to go. We have time to wander tho, about a month to get back to Florida and so we aren't interested in zooming cross country on the Interstates unless we are running short on time. That Lewis and Clark NM sounds interesting. Vladimir your blog is very interesting and I added those sites to my Future Stop map. I wish Blogger allowed the blogs to use RSS. I'll be looking thru your posts. I have Blyton Landing COE on that map as well as Columbia Hills Historical SP which is supposed to have good rockart. As for Hwy 12 we been up it from Missoula years ago and a couple years ago camped at the Idaho end at the Square Dance RV park, no dancing allowed at the time tho...heh.
  2. We are at the Craborang until the last week in September then heading north on the 101. Any suggestions for a couple of two or three day stops, maybe state parks? Is Portland safe to drive thru with the insurrection? Finally I understand there are a lot of camping spots along the Columbia, any suggestions on that? Mt Hood seems to be mostly closed right now.. Thanks for any suggestions. Once we get to Lewistoin we will play it by weather ear, it's predicted to snow at Crater Lake toningt and night temps are heading into the thirties at elevation. Not sure is takeing US 2 east is sensible in October. We need to be back in North Florida by November 1st. Aspens and other trees are changing color in ID and OR right now.
  3. Besides the Escappees the only group that pays for itself is Passport America which gives major discounts on camping and will pay for itself the third or fourth time you use it. It has drawbacks, there aren't as many parks and they tend to be away from major attractions. As for maintenance, RV's are like stick and bricks homes except more so. There is always something to be fixed or DIY projects to improve the unit. I'm a DV and we are full timing, this is our first year out. There are opportunitities to earn money on the road, you can work at private campgrounds, that gives you a salary and a place to park your RV. Public parks are often looking for volunteers to work in their parks but usually don't pay much if anything and only provide a place to park your RV. Both of these are called workcamping and thgere is a forum here that covers it. You can also camp for free on public lands, especially west of the Mississippi. BLM lands are mostly fully open for camping for up to 2 weeks and USFS lands have designated areas that allow free camping for up to 16 days. This is called boondocking and it has a significant learning curve and requires quite a bit of extra gear fso doing it successfully has a start up cost. Whatever you end up doing expect a lot of difficulty and problems as you start. There is a learning curve and learning the hard way from mistakes is the common way to figure it out. Check out the Escapees page for a number of videos on various subjects and YouTube has hundreds of videos on just about any subject, learn to use it. Lastly, unfortunately for you you are looking to jump into RVing at a point in time when there is a shortage of both new and used RVs. It is a sellers market and prices are up.
  4. I have a list of four, the first one is about a mile from redfish lake: 44.1712 -114.4059. I'll add yours to the lsit tho.
  5. You can unfreez it in 20 mins or so by setting the fan at high and leaving it on. When the air is blowing out the vents for 10 minutes or so it is unfrozen and you can restart the a/c.The advice I got was to leave the fan on high at all times and set the thermostat low. High humidity makes this worse. Sometimes the freeze sensor goes bad too. That is an easy fix, unplug the old one, plug in a new one. I bought one for my unit, $18 off Amazon. Look on YouTube, lots of DIY fix it videos up there. Have no ideas about the thermostat.
  6. Heh, we are members of the Escapees and their BOF the Boomers is having a week long event at a park in Coos Bay. Crabbing and Claming, neither of which we have ever done. It's called the Craborang. Starts 9/16 or 17. Right now we are in Arco ID heading for Stanley/Sawtooths in the morning for 4 or 5 days of boondocking. We just finished 6 days of boondocking outside YNP.
  7. We will be at the Sawtooths for 3-4 days and then down near Boise ID. We need to be at Coos Bay by mid September. What route do you Oregonians recomend? Are the north Cali fires making 20 problematic? Should be take I84 up then down 101? Asked some folks here in this cg from OR and they recommended 395 which makes no sense since it goes N-S. We are in no big hurry should have 10 days or so to cross the state and we like to boondock.
  8. Well heck they left me off their mailing list...heh. Butte Field office, Butte is 150 miles away. We were camped there before moving here.
  9. Does anyone read the previous posts?
  10. Yes Gardiner. And it does not sound like the one you found. I see several spots on FreeCampsites. Not sure what you mean by didn't right.
  11. Yeah I don't know how I did that, must has been the spell checker. And no, it is BLM. NFS is all around but this block is BLM.
  12. I suspect the reason was the free for all mess that was going on here last year, there were RV's everywhere and every which way. That was when most of the YNP CG were closed down which made it worse. They have blocked off the central open field maybe 20-30 acres with boulders and only the edge along the river has spots now. There is no one ask here tho, no BLM offices near by that I know about.
  13. We are at our favorite spot north of Gardiner on Hwy 89, outside YNP and when we stayed here a year or so ago it was a wide open field with maybe 40 to 50 RV's in it. Got here this time to find that the BLM had 'improved the place'. There are now fewer than 20 spots, all in numbered sites with gravel pads and a gravel roadway. We got one of the last two spots last Thursday, and the place has been mostly full since then. One spot has power/water so I'm guessing it may be a host tho there is no sign and we have not seen anyone at the TT there. Maybe it is meant for a host but they just lucked out and got the empty spot. So the good: nice level spots with a long distance between sites. The Bad: capacity reduced by at least 70%. It was something of a mob scene last time we were here. If they install a host that may mean they will be charging for spots. Still a premier BD spot for visiting north YNP. 20 miles from Mammoth.
  14. You might get enforcement at a public c/g with a resident host. Our experience is the opposite of yours. We are at a public blm designated cg 16 miles from YNP. Everyone we have met is polite, there are dogs but they aren't barkers. I am running a gen right now but will shut it off at 10PM. The place is very quiet I have a good camping gen witl low noise. If you want heavy handed enforcement them you should stay at private cg or expect to pay rates about the same to pay for a reident enforcer. Rangers have a lot of other items to concern them with the cg low on their list.
  15. Welcome to the Escapees. We are full timers and have been in Butte for the last week+ and plan to head down to Carabella, north of Gardiner for 5 days of boondocking.
  16. You hardly need Campedium to show you a spot, that whole NF area is open to boondocking. Miles and miles of forest. I'm not whining about Campedium or Free-campsites just about Campedium putting out YT videos like The 10 best boondocking spots in XXXX area. Heh. At least someone has to know how to use the sites to find spots those YT videos make it too easy.
  17. No major reason, they demand money as soon as you log on and IIRC they hide most of the site until you pay up. I've only been on that site a few times and not recently. My preferred site is FreeCampSites followed by Campedium which both are free to access tho maybe Campedium has a premium service. They both show the same info for the most part. I just prefer the layout of freecampsites and I voluntarily contributed to the site. Campedium has been bought out by TOGO and they say there will be no changes but they will integrate it with their other services eventually. I have to say that Campedium is more professionally designed and they have an active mailing list where they send out info on sites. And they do videos on YT. FCS is more bare bones. Frankly I'm not all that happy about having good boondocking sites advertized by Campedium, showing up on one of their great campsite videos is the kiss of death. That site will be flooded and destroyed.
  18. Just about everyone on this list is of an age to almost certainly be vaccinated. And thus immune. Almost everyone who is getting it now is unvaccinated. They made their choice and now they pay the piper.
  19. Any Publix supermarket in Florida sells the passes. Publix is the major chain in FL and some other SE states.
  20. Just watch the weather extended forecast. If it snows just stop for a day or so until the road is cleared. From Kissimmee to Homestead take the Florida Turnpike, the fee is well worth the lack of agravation. They will mail you a bill for the fees.
  21. Black Bear Pass And thousands more like it.
  22. I was ordering some better cell phone cable when I noticed Amazon trying to sell me a "Y" connector to connect two antennas. An Omni and a Yagi I assume. Does that work or do they interfere with one another? I assume one of you HAM people would know this.
  23. Different era, different governor. Very Very different governor.
  24. In the last two years we have been on at least 25 states roads, probably a few more. Florida (and yes that is our home) has some of the best roads and the reason is obvious, Florida really tries to lure tourists, good roads = more visitation. Plus they spend the fed money for road repair on repairing roads. The worst we have been in is as always Louisiana, I10 has improved a bit tho. Of course tho we just about never drive on Cali roads the worst spot has to be saved for that state. And Lo and Behold, SKP gave us a 7 day free pass to Coarsegold so now we will be driving in that state. Down to Lassen then across to 395 south as far as possible. But on the otherhand seeing Yosemite once more will be worth it. We thought Oklahoma had bad roads in general. Georgia, Alabama were in the better pots, Mississippi below that. NM, AZ pretty good. ND, SD, ID, MT, WY all in the middle and they have winter damage every year. When someone thought Texas had good roads in the east I was surprised. Actually Texas roads are bad in the east but get better past Austin IMO. One thing that took me aback, MN I90 is marked impassible for RV's by RVTW. I've heard folks complaining about I90 over the years but it is out of our norm tracks.,
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