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  1. Thank you everyone. I will take a look at Techomadia's links again and try and sort this all out. I'm hoping I might be able to get by with a slower speed during pandemic times since I think my office managers have been more forgiving with speeds. Maybe once we're through it all there will be a slightly faster product available. There have been a few times recently when I had to use my smart phone instead of my laptop -- seriously my dog TWICE chewed through my laptop power cord when I wasn't looking -- and it did the job! That's got to be pretty slow. Lots of my clients are using their cell phones to meet with me and it's all working pretty well actually. I've had to tap into my phone's hotspot a few times for short non-video reasons and it's great for that, but I have a feeling I'm careening through my allowed monthly data. I'm my area (mountains of NC) Verizon is queen so I'll probably pick up a Verizon mifi. I hope I can get unlimited data. Julia
  2. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of getting a Verizon mifi/wifi thing for internet access on the road. I have no idea what to expect for upload or download speeds with it for video conferencing. If anyone has a suggestion for which product to get I'd be greatly appreciative. And please accept my apology for asking this question because I'm sure it's been answered, but I did a quick search here and couldn't find anything specific to my work needs. Thanks in advance. Julia aka jules2go
  3. Hello Carolyn! I've also just started. Happy travels! Julia
  4. Is Boondockers Welcome something that might be an option? You have a nice rig. I wish you all the best. Things will get better. Maybe campground hosting? This is my first time posting on here and I'm not an experienced RV person, but I feel ya and send you good vibes and a big e-hug.
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