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  1. I'm going out on a trip for the first time that's of any real distance, with my two dogs. Thank you for these great tips! A couple of things I added to my to-do list is update their microchip and get them new dog tags, be sure they're both current on kennel cough in case they had to board for some reason.
  2. Thank you. Duracell is available at Batteries Plus. I see what they have.
  3. Hello -- Looking for recommendations for one of these to replace my current flooded lead acid battery group 24 for my 15ft teardrop with solar panels on the roof. It doesn't have to be group 24 (not sure 100ah comes in group 24). I boondock often. I have limited knowledge of batteries! Applications I need to run when boondocking include a couple of laptops, phone, a couple of interior lights, propane fridge; the electronics for about 8 consecutive hours a few days a week. And I'm on a budget. Looking at Universal, Vmax, Interstate maybe, but totally open to recommendations. My local Interstate distributor is offering me a dual purpose group 31 AGM, but I don't need a starting battery and from what I've read, I should not use one of those anyway, just a regular "house" battery.... yes? Thanks in advance!
  4. According to Waze today the length of time from Nashville to Little Rock is just under 5 hours, about what it was prior to the bridge being out. Is Waze trustworthy for that application? It's the "live" version I'm looking at. I'm going west from Asheville to Little Rock to OK City area then to NM. Planning to slog through on I-40 because I have a work deadline in NM and only have 5 days to drive 😟
  5. There is an app for this I think, but I don't know which one; maybe Waze? I'm headed through there in 3 weeks so just wondering how much time to add to that leg.
  6. People are filling up many gas cans including their cars and this is a big part of the problem. Will be resolved soon hopefully.
  7. If you're headed towards Asheville, be sure to come with your gas cans full. Pipeline issue has caused major log jams at gas stations and many stations are out.
  8. I would have a panic attack! I won't be on that train this trip because I'll have my dogs with me. Thanks for the heads up on that, though. I wondered about it.
  9. It's the drop-offs that I worry about and being so close to the edge of the road without guardrails. Anyway, it's all good, I might end up going all the way on the Million, since I'll be going up to Silverton, who knows. Thanks everyone for replies.
  10. Thank you -- I will choose the Dolores route! And I'll be on the lookout for the Dallas Divide
  11. Thank you for the recommendations. I see that RVTW has now merged with a couple of other apps. It looks like a good one and I'll probably sign up.
  12. I feel ya!!!!!!! There is a medication called propranolol that might help. It's a beta blocker used for hypertension, but it's also used often by people with stage fright or public speaking. It calms the fight or flight awful sensation. I work in psychiatry so am pretty familiar with it. You can talk with your doctor or nurse practitioner about it to see if it's right for you. It won't make you sedated, just calms the jitters. I'm going to be in CO and have fears about driving these roads too, so I might take some along with me.
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