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  1. That is the way to do it, for sure!!
  2. Thank you for these ideas for propane tank evaluation. Switching out a tank in the middle of a cold night is not something I'm looking forward to doing, so I'll have to get a plan.
  3. I'm back from my little excursion, was warm at night, no issues. Everything worked as it should. One thing I thought about was how much propane might be left in my tank. Is there a gauge available to help with this and/or what does everyone do? If I were to be out on an extended trip I'd probably bring a second tank with me.
  4. Thank you everyone! My tt is the Nucamp Tab 320S (kitchen inside). It has propane (or electric) heat via an Alde system which works great (so far anyway!). I have solar, will be dry camping so no hoses to deal with. I forgot to mention all of that in my OP, sorry. Looking at the forecast again I think I'll be ok not to winterize for this trip as it will only be below freezing for a few hours one of the nights and then up well above freezing the rest of the time. My climate in western NC def gets cold, but as the planet is warming, it has been less so. Last winter I don't think we had any snow to speak of. It would be so nice not to have to winterize very often, but I did buy several gallons of pink stuff, along with 10 bags of pinon logs from NM that I was THRILLED to have found at Lowes!!
  5. I'm putting together a winter camping checklist (after having winterized the camper and packed the necessary clothing, bedding, and food) and need tips from experienced people. This will be my first year of camping in my trailer in the winter, and I've only had it since May 2020. I'm heading back out this weekend and the temps will be 28-32 for several hours on a couple of the nights. I doubt that I'll be out there if it's much lower than 25 at night, and I live in the southern part of Appalachia if that helps. TIA.
  6. I live in western NC, have a daughter in Charleston, and next weekend am headed down there again to stay at KOA in Mt Pleasant for several nights. There is no lock-down or curfew. Charleston has been a free-for-all during the pandemic, and a party city, which gets to be more so as years go by. Popular restaurants are crowded, with people spilling out onto the sidewalks, no masks, drinks in hand, shoulder to shoulder. What was on lock-down (and remains) was the parking at the beaches because the mayors of the beach towns, primarily the one on Isle of Palms (but Folly quickly joined suit, Sullivan's is on the fence) wanted to capitalize on the pandemic in an effort to change it from a public beach to a private one, and everyone who is part of the 99% who has loved the beaches for generations has been fighting back to "save the beaches" (look up Free Charleston Beaches). It has been ugly. In western NC, at least in my county (in Asheville) the pandemic has been taken seriously by most everyone and lots of business are still closed. Hiking trails are open, most of the campgrounds are open again, lots of takeout at restaurants, some have reopened with limited capacity seating or are seating people outside. I'm happy to make suggestions for places to camp in the Asheville area if you want. We don't have a curfew. Both places have their merits! Charleston feels to me like it's crawling with covid, but maybe it's all in my head.
  7. I love the idea of having a tiny home on piece of land and have my camper to travel in. It's still on my short list of future plans. Hope you find what you're looking for and that it comes together for you soon! Julia
  8. Just emailed, and I'll f/u with a phone call. I'd trade space with someone as well. I have a room available at my home in Asheville, NC with electric hookup for a small camper. My trailer is 15 feet and the space would be best suited for a small camper or class B; it's not very level just a heads up but it works for me. I'll post this in a separate entry; Kirk, is there a page on this forum for such things?
  9. Is this situation still available? I see it is an old post. I'm looking for a landing pad in NM starting around Jan or Feb 2021. I'll call the numbers you've listed as well.
  10. I'm in the early stages of researching, and so was commenting more about ways that I might be able to save because I know I won't have much to live off of and don't have much in "savings". But I'm not even there yet to know what I would want or need to trim. Your volunteer positions sound so lovely. I foresee that I would be doing similar things, work camping, etc. I can't wait. I'm working three days a week and can do all remote work and make enough to live, but it's a hard job and I'm feeling really burned out. Every time I come home from my mini trips (3-4 days) to be back to work it gets harder and harder to do. But having the remote job is part of the equation so that part is solved in some ways. Thank you everyone here for so much great info and support. ...I think I need to find the forum page here for psychological support
  11. That makes a lot of sense and pretty much sums it up. Thank you.
  12. @Technomadia I need to take another look at your video. You guys are definitely knowledgeable. Gracias!
  13. That's a big wowza reality check. Now how can I trim some of this fat...... 🤣
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