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Has Anyone gone to Vegas with our rigs?

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Just Curious if anyone here has gone to stay in Vegas or surrounding suburbs for a short visit?
DW has expressed interest in visiting there for a couple of days on our way back home from
Arizona...We are open to suggestions...We have the smart with us and can also tootle around
with it, although dw was hoping to stay within walking distance of the Strip...if that's possible?

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Stayed at the KOA for one night when passing thru in early January. Place was fine, pool, good facilities. Oranges for the picking on the trees. They have covered parking if you want it. OK for Big Rigs, bar, restaurant, store.....full meal deal. No complaints here.


Casinos within walking distance....Google it up.



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Don't know of any RV Parks within close walking distance of the Strip but there is a KOA at Circus Circus, I'm unfamiliar with this park. Also, there is the "Clark County Shooting Complex" at the extreme NW Las Vegas. Pull Thrus & Rates are reasonable, 20-30 minute drive to the Strip

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At only 65 feet overall we might not be quite as big as some of your rigs but had no trouble fitting into one of the pull throughs at Main Street Station Casino. We were traveling with one of our German Shepherd dogs. They had a dog walk area not far from our site. Good luck finding space.



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We stayed at the Circus Circus around 3 years ago, it was a KOA at that time if memory serves.


It was a big parking lot, but a reasonably well organized one, rates not to expensive and definitely within walking distance to the Strip (we did walk there and back the night we arrived).





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We have stayed here and it worked out well.



Also beware the KOA is no longer at Circus Circus.

They moved to another location!


I've stayed there also. Can be a little tight turning into some of the sites if you're worried about driving on the manicured grass, but was a really nice place to stay. Like most establishments in Vegas, you could randomly part with your money and/or get married without leaving. Easy access to I-15, and closer to the buffet (which includes alcohol) at the M at the south end of Las Vegas Blvd.

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I would also add that KOA will fwd book your stay for the next night with your rig. If you're pulling long days on the road this will take the guessing out of where you will or can stay or fit.

Call re pet policy, it may be on line also....probably not an issue.


Some have an axe to grind re KOA but I'm not one of them. Older parks may have size constraints.

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For sure the KOA was closed at Circus Circus, they ended the lease. They are re-purposing the land. Its now at Sams Town which we stayed at a few years ago as their own park. Nice facilities easy in and out and at 65' we fit on the site with Smart parked on pad as well. Dogs were no issue.


Walk next door to big Casino food, movies etc. There is a free shuttle to Strip.


We also stayed a month at the Oasis on Vegas Blvd Its about 10 min from main strip by car. Not walking dist to anywhere. Not sure about shuttles. It is close by car to 3 casinos 5 min or so. No issues with 4 large dogs. They do req you to use the dog parks for business and they have many. For sites you have to use the big Super sites pull thrus or whatever they call the. They take two sites and use them as one for big rigs. They are very nice. Highest cost sites though.

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The RV Park at Main Street Station is quite good for anyone who wants to be downtown, you are only two blocks from Freemont Street and there are busses going down Main Street that go up and down the strip.


Thier spaces should accommodate most of the bigger rigs on this board.


Sam's Town would not be bad, though not as favorable if you want to walk around.


On Blue Diamond Road and I-15, there is a very nice upscale RV Resort that caters to the high end Motorhomes.


Anyone who would like further info, feel free to private message and I would be happy to help out.



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We booked the big rig type site.....basically two pull throughs together. We are 72 ft and had room to spare site was 90ft. See below.




Thank you for your reservation request for the Oasis Las Vegas Rv Resort. Your reservation has been processed and, will be held until 5:00pm(PST) of your arrival date.
NOTE: Specific sites are not guaranteed, you may put in a request for a certain area but we only guarantee SiteType.

Site Type: Big Rig Pull Thru

Note: The above nightly rate includes the 10% AAA discount.

The GPS often gets confused near our entrance. Ending directions are as follows:
If you are traveling....
*I-15 North... Take Exit 33/Blue Diamond, Turn Right at the light, We are then your 1st Right hand turn.
*I-15 South... Take Exit 33/Blue Diamond, The exit will split- Veer Left, Turn Left at the light, We are then your 1st Right hand turn.
*Through the Hoover Dam Area, 93/95 to the 215 West, Take the Windmill Exit, Turn Left at the light, Follow about 2 miles, Cross over Las Vegas Blvd., We are then your immediate Left.
*Through Pahrump on Hwy 160... Hwy 160 BECOMES Blue Diamond in Las Vegas! Remain on this road! Once you pass the I-15 Highway on ramps, we are then your 1st right hand turn.

CAR RENTAL: If you are interested in renting a vehicle,please feel free to email me and I will send you information.
CANCELLATION - REGULAR RATE: No call within 24 hours of arrival date or no show will result in your credit card being charged for one (1) full night.
INSPECTION POLICY: Oasis policy states that any RV 10 years or older is subject to inspection before/upon entering the park. You may be limited to certain areas in the park.

Thank you,
Front Desk Associate
Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort
2711 W. Windmill Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89123

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Well, thanks guys this helps out big time! :) I pass through Vegas fairly often in the summer season when I'm running commercial loads from western canada to southern az! Usually stop at the Loves in N Las Vegas overnight. This pit stop prepares me for my destination delivery location in Phoenix or Yuma the next day! The most I ever get to see of vegas is a view from the bypass hwy 515 heading south through henderson! Come to think of it...Last august when I was there, it was still 107 deg at 9pm, and 119 the next day in Phoenix! It will actually be a pleasant change to go there, find a park and kick back for a few days with a cool one and good cigar while DW gets relieved of our hard earned cash!

Thanks Bill, I figured you guys had gone to FL..Haven't seen the " Dog House" in Az now for a couple of years! We had a very strange and cool start to the winter here in Yuma (El Nino) I guess..but Feb came in 80's to 90's and saved the day! I almost stopped by last summer when I was in your neck of the woods through "The Sault" to visit, but I wasn't sure if your guests would
have been to happy to wake up in the morning to see a "53 foot trailer with Hazmat placards " all over it..I'll wait till I have a full trailer of potato chips and beer! Hope you guys have a great "Camping Season" in northern ontario this year! :)

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Have fun in the "cooler Vegas". Yes Fl was in the cards last few years as well as next. Then west. We hope.


We look Fwd to your calls or visits as you pass through the Soo. If you get a stopover let us know I'll come get ya


Safe travels



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We stayed at Sam's Town in November for the SEMA show. The drive into town or Uber ride in the evenings was more of an inconvenience than I expected. If I can stay closer to the strip this year, I will. The campground was nice and the staff was great as well.

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