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  1. You need to edit your ad and say it is sold. Then people will get the hint.
  2. Jobs have been filled, thanks for you interest.
  3. Job has been filled.
  4. Kirk, we are now living in the park, just take off in the summer if possible. We are just wanting to retire, so we can do other things. JoAnn needs to train the new Activity Director. It is a very busy job during the winter season. I have two co-workers and a seasonal workamper who are doing fine in the office, so I plan to retire after next season, if all works out.
  5. I know what NADA valve is. But since people need a price I did that. See above.
  6. We stayed at Miners Camp RV Park and Rock Shop near Murfreesboro April 2008. I remember the place, shady and very quiet. Only complain was campfires. Couldn't have the windows open.
  7. Same here. Wish more people would post on it.
  8. Sold both our motorcycles and our truck on Craigslist. Have our trailer for sale on it. Just have to be careful like others say, lots of scammers. Be ready for people who say they will show up and don't. But it's free and it worked on selling everything so far.
  9. Was a full-time RVer for over twelve years. Have sold our truck and trailer is for sale. But when we owned the truck, 98% of the people were great. Would ask questions about the truck and when we had the motorcycles would come out to watch them unloaded or loaded up. Thought it was an great set up. Lots of videos and photos taken. Would get this a lot "Think that is enough truck to pull that trailer?" to "I bet that truck doesn't even know that trailer is back there." But they were still interested and would ask lots of questions. Did have the ones who thought it was overkill or stupid to have that big of a truck, that their three quarter ton pickup or one ton pickup pulled their 18,000 plus pound trailer just fine. They got 18 to 25 mpg pulling their 18,000 plus pound trailer, etc., etc., etc. Campgrounds. Only had one where the owner told us to leave because the truck would crack the concrete pad. Did tell him it weighed less then the class A diesel pusher I pointed out, but didn't matter. Sometimes would get the "Oh, you didn't say it was a semi truck." Even when the wife had told them what we had when she made the reservation. Otherwise never a problem. Once in a while the truck had to be parked in a different location, but always in the campground. Sometimes we got a better site because of our size. Did have at one campground a guy complained to me that the truck blocked their view and I should put it in storage. We were ignored in truck stops. I think maybe three truck drivers talked to me in all the years of ownership. I never owned a pickup truck. We went straight with the HDT because we wanted to take two 800 pound motorcycles with us and didn't like any of the toyhaulers out in 2003/2004. Didn't like the location of the TV in motorhomes, but did in regular 5th wheel trailers. It worked for us.
  10. We never had any problems finding a dentist as a one time visit. In Casa Grande, Arizona area can go to a different dentist each fall that have coupons for first time cheap visit. Cheaper then driving to Algodones, which we have done in the past. Even this summer while in Lapeer, MI. when I had a cracked tooth and ended up with having to have a crown put in. Was a first time visit and wasn't a problem with them. They knew we were just in the area for a short time and took care of me.
  11. Nolan

    Roadside assistance

    Good Sam uses Allstate. Found that out when the truck had auto-shift problems December of 2015. Gene, might want to have the truck checked over once a year at a shop. They might be able to find some of the problems instead of having problems on the road. Trailer for sale. http://trucktrailerforsale.blogspot.com/2016/08/for-sale-2004-nuwa-hitchhiker-33lktg_1.html
  12. Continue on down or click on this link. http://trucktrailerforsale.blogspot.com/2016/08/for-sale-2004-nuwa-hitchhiker-33lktg_1.html
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